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If you want to started with document oriented db this is book covers the most used queries to get you up and running. #Read Pdf ¹ Learn MongoDB in 1 Day: Definitive Guide to Master Mongo DB (English Edition) ¿ MongoDB Gives Flexibility In Compare To RDBMS It Has Features Like Dynamic Schemas, Storage For Large Volume Data, Scaling Database Architecture, Real Time Data Reporting, Data Sharding, And So On It Enables To Develop Application Faster To Address All These Features In A Concise Manner, This E Book Is CreatedThis E Book Has Explained Features Of MongoDB, That Is Important From The Point Of Big Data Analytics It Makes Clear The Confusion Over MySQL And NoSQL Working Pattern It Has Accommodated All The Topics On MongoDB With Examples It Guides You Right Through Setting Up MongoDB Environment To Security Requirements The Book Is Too Small, But All Important Aspect Of MongoDB Is Covered The Examples And Code Are Explained In A Manner That Beginners Can Easily Absorb The Content The Book Has Also Illustrated Various Shell Commands To Access MongoDB Not Only That, But The User Will Also Explore About JSON Document And Creating Queries In MongoDB The Book Can Be Used For Further Reference For Application Build On MongoDB Java Or MongoDB Python Minimum Price Range And Maximum Deliverable Is The Main Plus Point Of This E BookTable Content ChapterIntroductionChapterDownload And Install MongoDB On WindowsDownload Install MongoDB On WindowsInstall Driver Javascript, Python And RubyInstall Robomongo MongoDB Management ToolMongoDB Configuration, Import And ExportConfiguring MongoDB Server With Configuration FileChapterCreate Database Insert DataCreating A DatabaseCreating A CollectionChapterAdd MongoDB Array Using Insert ChapterObjectId ChapterQuery Document Using Find ChapterCursorChapterQuery Modifications Using Limit , Sort ChapterCount Remove FunctionChapterUpdate DocumentChapterIndexing, Monitoring BackupChapterHow To Create User In Mongodb Assign RolesChapterAuthentication With KerberosChapterReplica SetReplica Set Adding The First Member Using Rsitiate Replica Set Adding A Secondary Using Rsd Replica Set Reconfiguring Or Removing Using Rsmove Troubleshooting Replica SetsChapterSharded ClusterChapterIndexing CreateIndex Understanding Impact Of IndexesCreate IndexesFinding IndexesDropping IndexesChapterRegular Expression Regex Using Regex Operator For Pattern MatchingPattern Matching With OptionsPattern Matching Without The Regex OperatorFetching Last N Documents From A Collection Learning the leading NoSQ data such as MongoDB is not an easy feat but this book does a great job in the why and how to use it I highly recommend this book. This book 1 hour reading should be taken as a short introduction It explains clearly basic concepts, but nothing about embbeded single or multiple documents. I bought a book for my little brother He has been studying programming for six months And the other day I visited him He thanked me and said that there are a lot of important and understandable information in this book After reading, he can easily communicate with experienced programmers, and now he understands this topic, like them Most likely, this is a worthy book.