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This fascinating picture book about polar bears would be a great pick to read to your classroom of boys and girls I would recommend this book for children four and up because this book is great for all ages The appeal this book brings with its beautiful pictures of polar bears in their natural habitat and the captivating facts that even I never knew myself, is what makes this book great for all ages This would be a great book for reluctant readers, as well as those who love reading books about animals This book does an excellent job at introducing polar bears to the audience This book is a recommended book from the NCTE Orbis Pictus Award list from 2011. (((FREE PDF))) ☠ Polar Bears ↰ Whose Fur Isn T Really White Who Usually Gives Birth To Twins Who S The Biggest Bear In The World The Polar Bear Full Of Fascinating Information, This Book Explores The World Of The Polar Bear On Land And Under Water Get Ready To Be Wooed By Adorable Baby Cubs And Impressed By Majestic Adult Bears Captured In Stunning Photographs By Renowned Wildlife Photographer Mark Newman The beautiful photographs are the highlight in this informative introduction to polar bears. Large photographs of polar bears up close and from a distance present a visual tribute to these majestic animals whose livelihood is threatened by global warming and the melting of the Arctic ice cap Each double page spread features a photograph and an important fact or characteristic of polar bears for instance, they are twins and they are patient After providing interesting snippets about the animals, the author carefully reminds readers that they are few and they are endangered, bringing awareness of their plight to any readers who don t realize what s happening to them At the time of this book s printing, there were 20,000 to 25,000 polar bears I wonder how much that number has dropped during the last five years This book would fit perfectly in a science classroom library with others focused on polar bears or global warning, a vivid reminder of what may be lost unless we take action to change things now The cubs are simply adorable, and the adults command respect There is just enough text with information to encourage readers to want to learn , and plenty of images to leave them smiling at these amazing animals. Newman use his language to inform the reader of interesting facts about polar bears His language helps the reader better understand polar bears as they become an endangered species Newman explains why polar bears have become endangered and the impact humans have had on them Newman talks about the small number of polar bears left and where they live, along with their survival mechanisms Newman s language and flow of writing helps the reader understand his facts and statistics about polar bears Newman s collection of pictures goes with his selection of words and ideas well His use of real photographs of polar bears allow the reader to become familiar with what polar bears look like in real life Newman s use of pictures gives the reader the ability to see exactly what he is talking about on each page of this informational book The cover photo of the polar bear is pleasing to the eye and catches the readers attention and invites them to read the book Review written by Katie Lick I learned quite a bit from this book One of my favorite parts of the book is when the author explains how the polar bears hunt This book has breath taking photography everywhere you look These photos are good in helping you learn what is happening in the book It s a pretty short read, so I reccomend it to anyone who has the chance to read it. This is a very informative book about polar bears This book talks about how polar bears are the biggest bears in the world This book talks about polar bears when they are cubs and all the way up until they are fully grown The most important thing this book touched on is how polar bears are endangered animals and why. This non fiction picture book is full of photos of adult and cub polar bears Also, it is full of some very interesting facts about them There are many facts in this book that I did not know Polar bears only weigh about one pound when they are born and their fur really isn t white This is a very informative book with photos that will engage the reader. 3rd 6th gradeGenre InformationalThis sweet text was enlightening to me I think this has a lot of valuable information for students and teachers This would be a great resource for a classroom. The United States Department of the Interior declared the polar bear a threatened species the first animal added to the endangered species list because of global warming Mark Newman captures true nature and beauty through his photographs of the amazingly majestic polar bear With every turn of a page there is one large photo along with one or two smaller pictures of these Artic animals Easier to comprehend sentences in a larger print allow for the reader s attention to be drawn to the main concepts of the pages However,information is provided in the following paragraphs in greater detail Some of the categories discussed in this non fiction book are the physical characteristics, life cycle facts, information about their habitat, ways of survival, levels of interest, as well as very important environmental threats towards their survival Newman also supplies additional information and stories at the very end for further reading This book written photographed by Mark Newman is an excellent resource for information and well as entertainment for all children of different ages Newman supplies readers with a great peak into these marvelous creatures lives with photos that can take your breath away.I loved this non fiction book written by Mark Newman The photographs of these beautiful bears amazed me and made me want to learnabout them I know some information about polar bears, but even reading the small paragraphs on each page gave me so muchinformation that I was completely clueless on The second I opened this book my two children, both under the age of 4, came to sit in my lap and wanted me to turn the pages before I could even finish reading the text I know that if my children love the pictures in this book, manychildren of various ages will too I will definitely have this book available in my classroom library for my future students.