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A good book I really like the premise for this book, Jamie runs away from her life in New York after her sister steals her boyfriend She heads to a small seaside town in North Carolina I think it was North Carolina where she finds herself living in a rundown beach house There she encounters her next door neighbor landlord Nick and as you would expect the sparks fly.This book could have been much better if it focused on the central characters As it turned out, Jamie s mother, niece, sister and her mother s younger boyfriend all show up and muddy the waters While I mostly enjoyed the book I think it s too wordy, the resolution could have been handled in a chapter but was spread it out over 4 or 5 chapters Jacquie D Alessandro also spent a lot of time describing what her characters were thinking It s a personal preference but if you get your characters to do something you know what they are thinking Obviously you need to dive into a characters mind every now and then but it was a little excessive in this book Still it was good enough that I ll read the next in the series. @Free á Summer at Seaside Cove ï After Janie Newman S Half Sister Laurel Steals Her Boyfriend, Jamie Leaves New York And The Humiliation Behind For The Island Of Seaside Cove, North Carolina But The Cozy Cottage She Booked Turns Out To Be A Rundown Bungalow And She S Not Alone Her Drama Prone Mother, Angst Ridden Niece And Newly Dumped Laurel All Follow Her Down With A Cottage This Crowded, Will She Ever Have A Chance At Finding Love Again This is a perfect beach, but also a perfect fall read or living room read or wherever you are read The outcome might be predictable, but the characters who intrude into Jamie s life are anything but predictable, especially the hot man her landlord from next door whom she is prepared to hate Throw in lots of family drama, courtesy of her mother, her mother s boyfriend, her beloved niece, and her detested sister, and you have a page turner well worth giving up sleep for Was reading merrily along and loving every word when suddenly about 2 3 way through I completely lost interest I was trying to put my finger on why and realized it was because the sexual tension was gone and the story meandered along While this isn t necessarily a bad thing, I was expecting something else to come along and it didn t.I ve read other by this author and enjoyed them I m sure I would have enjoyed the heck out of this one if only spoiler the hero and heroine kept banging heads rather than playing lovey dovey I think the best banter between them was when they were at odds with each other. I think I ll just stick with Alessadro s historical romance books rather then her contemporary ones Honestly, this book bored me to death and I read this in the bus en route to my work place It didn t sparkle any interest or whatsoever feelings that I have to feel when reading a romance book Lovely and adorable characters though but still the story plot was too boring and predictable for me I guess it s just me who s apparently not in the mood for a modern romance story after waiting for 3 buses in the morning just to get to work 3 stars for this book only but I would certainly and absolutely recommend you lovelies to read her historical romance books because I totally LOVE them Good day. I got this book years ago I don t know why it s taken me so long to take it off my shelf, but I m so glad I finally did It was excellent The dialogue is funny and incredibly entertaining The story as a whole was emotional and satisfying I ll be readingcontemporaries from Ms D Alessandro as soon as one is published. Wasn t sure what to expect in this book but I m glad I gave it a try Fun, funny, quick read, some depth but not alot Just what I was looking for in a summer read An added bonus was discovering that there s a sequel another in the series. Reviewed for laughed so many times during my reading adventure of this great book, that I lost count, what an amazing story.This is a must read for anyone looking for a feel good contemporary romance, caution Be prepared to laugh out loud with Summer at Seaside Cove Jacquie has a real winner with this book and its sequel coming out in 2012, her writing style is a breath of fresh air, and her story is solid and well told, with outstanding characters and witty dialogue and drama galore A book by Jacquie D Alessandro is a book worth reading and savoring from cover to cover A warm and enchanting story, Jacquie is a treasure among treasures, one to cherish time and again I have never seen an author ignore her own subplots so much.She literally had the heroine move 700 miles away to get away from her crazy family, then had her mother follow her therethen we don t see the mother for over 100 pages The mother s boyfriend shows up and his big lines are do you need help with the luggage and at least your not a red sox fan then her niece shows up At least the niece occasionally shows up on the page.When the hero tells her his big secret she like the rest of us is like, Oh Ok.There is ZERO southern styled comfort going on This book could have taken place anywhere there s a beach I justThis book is a big no for me Took days to get thru.