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YES Rhiannon Frater put together a collection of three short stories to go along with her As The World Dies trilogy for all her DIE HARD fans ahem that would definitely include me First short story was Lydia s sobs Lydia is totally one of my favorite characters in the As The World Dies series even though she is already dead at the beginning of the first book I know right She is such a HUGE part of Katie s memories, that we care about her as deeply as we do Katie or Jenni When I found out that Lydia s story was in this book I could NOT get to my computer fast enough to download it You will cry You have been warned.Second short Monica Monica is Juan s cousin and we find her making her way across Texas, after the apocalypse trying to get to her family in Ashley Oaks Does she make it before the zombies or a fellow human gets to her If you ve read The First Days then you d know Brunette taunting you Third short Eric Eric promised Brandy a romantic weekend alone no cell phones no TV no computer gasp So when the dead began to rise, it came as no surprise that they knew nothing about it.Eric HAD noticed people around him behaving strangely, a bit apprehensive having strange conversations on the phone, Grandpa attacked the mail man What do you mean he BIT him but Eric ignores these things to appease Brandy.After over hearing a phone call he wasn t supposed to that had confirmed Brandy to be a lying cheater and Brandy finding out her sister had been bitten the night before and was now laying in the hospital Brandy LEAVES Eric stranded at the BB Nothing but him, his dog and you know the zombies God, NO ONE tells a story like Rhiannon Frater I m not usually a fan of short stories, I always end up wantingYeah, I m greedy As The World Dies The Untold Tales is a bit different, because I am already so deeply invested in this series and I feel so connected to the characters that I will devour anything to do with the these books LOVED it hardcore Lydia and Monica s stories are really short, but no less powerful and compelling than Eric s story which makes up the majority of this book. I love this book It brought back all the memories of what I felt when I was first introduced to Jenni and Katie s world and I wanted to go and read the whole trilogy again.This book and the other volumes that follow, give us an insight into the tale that very few authors give to the readers that enter their world A small look into the lives and thoughts of other characters, not central in the plot line but important enough that they made an impact on us Like Lydia, who was always the tragic beauty, who we wish could have been saved Eric and Stacey, who managed to find love in a time where love and hope was scarce I finished it, craving the next Any fan of As the World Dies, should purchase these books They are not a disappointment but just exceed the expectations you didn t even know you had The Untold Tales series is a great companion novella anthology to the As the World Dies series I d advise reading book one in that series before reading these stories I m going to write just a few comments on each story and how good each one is so I don t ruin the plot And how gorgeous is the cover of this book I love the colours and design.1 The Broken HeartAs Katie rushes off to get to court on time, her wife Lydia is at home, getting worried about the strange behaviour of her blood covered neighbour What has he done to his wife Even in this short story I knew that Lydia is a character that I would have loved certainly much nicer than Jenni It is tougher to read this short story because you already know the outcome if you have read The First Days, but it is a great addition to this book.2 Dangerous HighwaysMonica has decided it is time to leave her boyfriend and then the zombie apocalypse hits, leaving her alone on the road, trying to find gas and safety, when zombies are on the prowl.This was a decent background story, telling what dangers Monica faced in the early days of the zombie apocalypse.3 Vacation of the UndeadEric is on vacation with his gold digger girlfriend who he wants to marry and his beloved dog Pepe When Brandy decides she is leaving, Eric is left alone at the property with only internet contact with a survivor at a compound to keep his spirits up But should he try to find other survivors or hide where he is The choice is about to be taken out of his hands.This was a good story, though I wanted to hit Eric for being a doormat, and throttle Brandy for being the bimbo bitch from hell I liked all the levels of the story and the way Eric discovers the fort and the possibility of a new life if he can get there Good story Overall I enjoyed this volume of stories I have bought the other two in the series but don t plan to read them until I finish the As The World Dies trilogy I look forward to reading them all soon. So this is 3 short stories from the first days of the zombie outbreak I wish I d of read it closer to finishing the series It took me a minute to remember who was who Still good and I really liked Eric s POV the best My favorite zombie books are the early days of the ZA Lydia s story This one is the selling point of the book since Lydia is such a presence throughout the series It was just way too short I kinda felt cheated lol Monica s story I d forgotten what a tough cookie Monica is She wasn t afraid to take care of business lol especially in this one Eric s story This one was my favorite and it was the longest Poor guy finds out his I m about to propose to you significant other is cheating on him and has the ZA break out all in one day Eric hadsense than anyone else he was around at the BB Especially his spoiled girlfriend We also get a tie in to the fort where Jenny Katie are. I love me some Rhiannon Frater Once again Ms Frater has hit the nail on the head I loved getting to know what happened to some of the characters from the main story and their friends and loved ones The untold tails of the desperate survivors and the unlucky ones was exciting, scary, sad, disturbing, heart warming and at times darkly humorous The only down side is that the short story on what happens on the first day to Katie s beloved wife Lydia was a bit too short I would ve loved for there to have beenon this story But on the whole, I m very happy with this volume of Untold Tales of the series called As the World Dies I can t to wait to read the rest of the short story volumes. Great follow up stories to the As the World Dies series I really enjoyed learning the stories of some of my favorite characters You can never go wrong with a Rhiannon Frater book *Download Book ↳ As the World Dies ☠ THE FIRST DAYS AS THE WORLD DIES Introduced Jenni And Katie And Their Harrowing Journey To The Makeshift Fort In The Texas Hill Country But Theirs Is Not The Only Tale To Be Told In The First Volume Of The AS THE WORLD DIES UNTOLD TALES Experience Three Terrifying Tales Of Those Who Are Forced To Face The Unrelenting And Hungry Walking DeadDeep In The Texas Hill Country, A Man And His Little Dog Takes Refuge In A Bed And Breakfast Located In The Hills Above A Doomed Town Where An Infested Rescue Center Might Unleash The Hungry Undead On A Deserted Highway Slicing Through The Desolation Of West Texas, A Woman Struggles To Survive As She Faces The Horrifying Aftermath Of The Rise Of The Zombies And Finally, Discover What Happens On The First Day To Katie S Beloved Wife, Lydia, As The World Dies Originally posted on Book Chick City 7 10 on the blog.I don t often read short stories Not because I don t think they are good but because I prefer the longer story and character arc that a novel can give But when I found that one of my all time favourite series had a companion volume of short stories, I had to read it I m not sure if readers coming in as a completely new reader will find this small collection of short stories as riveting as I did The first two stories are short and I think were written for readers already familiar with the As The World Dies trilogy Because I had read the first two novels in the series, I was able to read the short stories with a mind already full of the world and the characters and the groundwork and foundations had already been set so to speak However, as a companion to the trilogy they are fab.The Broken Heart Lydia s StoryThis was the story I was most looking forward to reading, as well as dreading Katie, one of the main characters in the full length novels in the As The World Dies trilogy is such a wonderful character Her sorrow and pain she feels about the death of her beloved wife, Lydia, is really poignant and one of the reasons I love Katie so much, so to finally see how Lydia died is sad but a must read all the same It was lovely to see Katie and Lydia together in happier times, good to see Katie smiling and buoyant rather than fighting for her life and tormented by memories of Lydia as a zombie But at the same time the ending to Lydia s story is inevitable, we know what happens, and it s this ending that is so sad and heartbreaking, but very fitting to the trilogy and Katie s ongoing story.Dangerous Highways Monica s StoryIt was nice to see Monica s journey before she arrived at the Fort Not a pleasant journey by any means having been threatened at gun point by a man who had lost his sanity with hungry zombies all around After seeing his wife being bitten and turned into a zombie and then see her kill and turn their children into zombies, you can understand why he s gone a little bit loopy.But this is a different world now and it boils down to survival Monica has to do what she can to stay alive so she can get to her home town and her family in one piece As with all of Frater s work, there s an abundance of tension and suspense that makes this story exciting and heard to put down But because it s very short, you don t have to wait long before it s ended far too short in my opinion, but a great little story.Vacation of the Undead Eric s StoryI didn t find Eric particularly charismatic in Fighting to Survive He was a bit weedy But this short story, which is a much better length, changed all that Eric is actually pretty cool.This short story is Eric s journey to the Fort and what a journey it is After a huge fight with his girlfriend, Brandy, Eric finds himself, and his little dog, Pepe, in a bed and breakfast with zombies shuffling outside the front door Before he enters the Fort we see him fighting off hordes of zombies, saving lives and falling in love.The first half of the story seems to have been influenced by the novel, I Am Legend by Richard Matheson Although Matheson s novel deals with vampires rather than zombies, there are many similarities a male character, who thinks he s all alone in a post apocalyptic world, barricades himself inside a house, drinks himself into a stupor on a daily basis in despair, who owns a dogHowever, despite these similarities, Frater puts her distinct stamp on Eric s Story Her ability to draw you into the action, of which there is plenty, to captivate you with her descriptive prose, to capture your heart with endearing characters, is now a definitive Frater trait, and as with everything I ve read by Frater so far I enjoyed it immensely.I loved the duo of Eric and his dog, Pepe The relationship between them is sweet, and a man who loves animals is a great man indeed in my opinion However, the human facial expressions Frater continually plasters on Pepe does become a bit unrealistic Whether it was intended to be how Eric interprets his dogs behaviour is unclear However, the love Eric has for his little dog is one of the reasons I like him so much, and a love I can totally understand I heart animals.I was surprised at how strong, capable and dynamic Eric became throughout this short story He grew in my estimations and transformed into a sort of unwitting hero Now that I have a better understanding of who he is, I hope he has a larger role to play in, Siege , the third novel in the trilogy.VERDICT I LOVED The First Days and Fighting to Survive they will both go down as two of my all time favourite zombie horror novels I can t wait to read Siege When I began reading this volume of short stories I was instantly pulled back into the zombie infested world Frater had created in her full length novels and I didn t want it to end As this is a self published work there are a few editing issues and some repetition, but Frater s writing talent shines through and these small issues soon became insignificant As The World Dies Untold Tales is a great insight into some of the lesser known characters, but Lydia and Monica s stories were not long enough for my liking, but that s probably just because I love this world so much A wonderful companion to the As The World Dies trilogy I hope there s a volume two. Good Short storiesI enjoyed each of theses short tales I connected with these characters so easily and it left me wantingI m about to get volume 2 right now I will be readingby this author.