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Another book to try to smooth the transition into preschool The thing I appreciate most about AD as the person reading her books aloud is that she never screws up the meter And God bless her for that No trying to rush the line to fit the words in, or having to drag something out to make the line scan I also appreciate that Llama s gnu friend is a girl AD doesn t make a big thing about it, nor should it be a big thing I appreciate that my kid gets to see a boy and girl playing together as a matter of course. I haven t found a Llama Llama book I didn t like and I love this one I have read this to both kindergarten and Pre K classes and the looks on their faces is priceless What a wonderful way to teach a lesson on sharing, even if it is your favorite toy When I turned the page to show the results of not sharing the gasps and hands covering their mouths truly showed that this book related to the listeners. Now this is the Llama Llama I know and love.This adorable story in rhyme is about sharing When Nelly Gnu comes over for a playdate, Llama is forced to share his toys That s all fine, really, until he sees Nelly playing with Fuzzy Llama his little doll that he takes everywhere A tug o war ensues, and poor Fuzzy Llama gets his arm ripped off It s a llama mergency Not to worry Mama fixes Fuzzy Llama, but she sets him aside until Llama Llama is ready to share Eventually, he learns that sharing isn t so bad, and he and Nelly have lots of fun playing together.Unlike the last Llama Llama book I read, the posthumously published Llama Llama Loves to Read, this one captures the soul of the characters through the wonderful illustrations and bouncy rhymes There s a lesson here as there is in most of the Llama Llama storybooks , and I love that it s not preachy It s just there, in the background, waiting to be absorbed as you read the cute story.This is yet another wonderful book about the little llama and his family and friends Highly recommended to fans of the series or to anyone who needs a little encouragement to share. I love how the llama llama books take relevant, important topics and break them down into fun, easy to read messages. Llama Llama gets a visit by his new neighbor Nelly Gnu is the new kid that lives next door She and her mom came over for tea and to play Llama Llama s mom reminded him that he must share They enjoy playing together with blocks until Nelly Gnu gets ahold of Llama s doll Then, Llama gets mad and tries that snatch it from her He ends up pulling and tugging until he breaks his doll His mom fixes the problem and then finds a solution for their playing until he can learn to share I think the pictures in the book were very cute I really didn t get engaged in the book as much as I thought I would I think it was the wording that I didn t really care for However, I feel that kids will like it because of the animals and bright colors I think this book could be used throughout the year as a reminder about sharing Small children often forget that they should share This book also shows them that reacting negatively could result in your item being broken or torn. I like that Dewdney fits in a variety of different reactions to sharing into this short narrative Llama is apprehensive, then interested, then NOT willing to share, then regretful, then game again and there s even a little modeling of negotiation to find something to play that both kids want to do AND there s a natural segue back to the toy that was in time out Plus the great pun on Gnu girl 3 Text to Text ConnectionThe connection between Llama Llama Time to Share and Germs are not For Sharing can be very simple Although we teach our students to share, we have to teach them what to share and what not to share When students have toys or play games with each other we should encourage them to share so no one feels neglected or uncomfortable in their environment We have to explain that once germs are spread to another child, their immune system is different from and how they react to germs may not be as severe as others Sharing properly and thoroughly should be emphasized to make sure they have a clear understanding of why to share and how to share. Llama meets a new friend when visitors come by the house and he has to learn to share his toys and play nicely Llama quickly discovers that playing with a friend can definitely befun. Okay, here s the thing I really love about Anna Dewdney She gets meter She really gets it She doesn t try to leave a syllable out or cram an extra one into a line to make it fit I don t have to stop at various points and think, Waithow do I have to say this so the meter is right That s because Anna Dewdney gets meter She s always faithful to it and I love her for that I would declare her Meter Princess if I could Maybe I ll just print up my own certificate and mail it to her with a crown and a sash.This book is exactly what you d expect from Dewdney s Llama Llama line It s sweet, it s honest, and even though the littles are llamas they are exactly like human littles Llama Llama is wary of the new girl, Nelly Gnu Get it She s the GNU girl Good one He really doesn t mind sharing some of his toys, but his favorite stuffed llama No way, buddy, and let the trouble begin Exactly like a four year old The mamas are wise, though, and soon little llama learns that sharing isn t so bad.This one is great for PreK and Kinder classrooms addressing the issue of sharing. ^Download Ebook ☙ Llama Llama Time to Share ☔ Llama Has A Sharing Drama Build A Tower Make A Moat Nelly S Dolly Sails A Boat What Can Llama Llama Add Maybe Sharing S Not So Bad Llama Llama Has New Neighbors Nelly Gnu And Her Mama Stop By For A Play Date, But Llama S Not So Sure It S Time To Share All His Toys Maybe Just His Blocks It Could Be Fun To Make A Castle With Nelly But Wait Nelly Has Llama S Little Fuzzy Llama The Fun Turns To Tears When Fuzzy Llama Is Ripped In Two, All Because Of Nelly Gnu Mama Comes To The Rescue And Fixes Fuzzy, But She Makes It Clear I Ll Put Fuzzy On The Stairs, Until You Re Sure That You Can Share Fun To Read Aloud And Helpful To Children And Parents Alike, Llama Llama Time To Share Is For Any Child Who Needs A Little Encouragement In Sharing