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!Download Book ♁ The Spacetime Pool ♣ From The Kindle Description Of The Book Three Short Works From Catherine Asaro, Author Of The Skolian Empire Series Includes Nebula Award Winning Novella The Spacetime Pool , Novelette Light And Shadow , And An Essay A Poetry Of Angles And Dreams the first story was good looking girl kidnapped by a tall dark handsome barbarian and taken to another universe yuck there were some interesting ideas but the plot line was awful I liked the second story as it was about the skolian empire it was too short the thirst was an essay about math I haven t used my brain that way in a long time most of the essay went right over my head. I loved how Catherine intertwined the math and physics within a beautiful and poignant story about alternative realities for Earth related to the multi universe theory There were times I sat in my car before going inside because I couldn t stop listening. There s a clever mathematical idea here, but the adventure part read almost like a parody The least effective of the Nebula prize winning novellas I ve been sampling. Only Catherine Asaro can meld elements of old school romance and hard core scifi so seamlessly into a modern meets old, unique blend Honestly I ve never enjoyed math so much. I first read this several years ago, and it was just as good to read the second time around Once again Catherine Asaro has created a rich universe full of detail and intrigue Cannot wait to see where she takes this idea, I would love a full length novel 2 stories and one math poem The Spacetime Pool 6 4 2014 I forgot this was included in Aurora in Four Voices, so I started reading it again in July2014 and had to finish it againLight Shadow 6 2 2014 A Poetry of Angles and Dreams