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I m not able to think about Laura Ingels Wilder s Little House books objectively because when I hear a title or see one of the covers, I am brought back to my childhood bedroom and I can feel the weight of my mom at the end of my bed while she read aloud those books.A nice enough memory to be sure, butso in light of the fact that things were frequently less than ideal at home I have a friend that can rattle of pleasant memory after pleasant memory of her childhood while mine frequently ended with comments like that was right after our house burned down or I think my grandma was in the mental institute then or I m not sure why the neighbor shot our dog and so on and so on Of course there were plenty of moments of that weren t laced with trauma being involved in local theater, hand making our own Christmas paper, eating snow cones while my dad coached baseball, etc, etc, etc but the memory that can bring back the most thorough and pleasant sensations is that of my mom at the end of my bed.Even when it was happening I could fell that it was a unique time and I didn t want to do anything to interfere with it More than once she sat on my foot unintentionally and I laid as still as possible, ignoring the slight discomfort for fear of undoing any part of what was happening.Now I have my own kids and my own version of a less than ideal home , and I read to them as well The other night was chaotic and I was too occupied with other things to give them the attention they deserved and before I knew it bedtime was there and I was grumpy and yelling at them to get their teeth brushed and get to bed I scolded myself in my mind AGAIN for not being the kind of parent I wanted to be that day and thenI sat in the hall between their rooms and read them the last chapter of Ramona and Her Mother and we laughed so hard at parts that I had to stop reading for us to collect ourselves and when Ramona referred to her mom as , Better than any mother in the world my daughter yelled no and my son explained, when I looked up assuming something had happened outside the book , you re the best mom.And they re wrong I am NOT the best mom in the world and I know that as they get older the juvenile idolization of parents will give way to acynical and frankly accurate perception of who I really am They ll be able to reflect on all my parental short comings and likely find insecurities or imperfections in their personalities that they can blame on me BUT hopefully with that they will remember those moments when we forgot about cleaning rooms and brushing teeth and doing homework and bickering and we laughed really hard and talked about what we were reading and we just felt happy to be connected to each other. [[ Free ]] ✘ Ramona and Her Mother ↡ Ramona Struggles To Understand Her Place In Her Mother S World Now That She Has A Little Sister, In This Republication Of Cleary S Classic Title, Featuring New Art And Cover This Volume Celebrates The AugustRelease Of The First Ramona Book InYears, Ramona S World Once again, Beverly Clearly does it with the character of Ramona, making it easy for readers to connect with this 7 year old girl She manages to capture the struggles of that age Though it was longer ago than I care to think about, I remember being 7, and the struggles I had when I was expected to actmature, but still had to follow the same rules as I did before and chafed at being treated like a baby while dealing with pesky younger siblings and or cousins The struggle is real, you guys P And Beverly Cleary is one of these rare authors that really manages to capture it profoundly. At 7 and a half, with working parents and a sister at a difficult age, Ramona Quimby tries hard to do her part to keep family peace Usually, however, she ends up behind every uproarious incident in the house Whether she s dying herself blue, watching while her young neighbor flings Kleenex around the house, or wearing her soft new pajamas to school one day under her clothes, of course , Ramona s life is never dull Through it all, she is struggling for a place in her mother s heart, worried that she might be unlovable Not a chance Ramona Quimby is nothing if not lovable.Beverly Cleary s gift for understanding the tangle of thoughts and emotions in a child s mind and heart is remarkable Luckily, in addition to being empathic, witty, and astute, Cleary is also prolific She has created over two dozen children s books, and been presented with many awards, including the Newbery Medal for Dear Mr Henshaw, as well as the Newbery Honor for Ramona and Her Father An all time legend, I stan 3 I love how complex we see the family relationships and situations are That a haircut out of the house is such a luxury But the kicker for me was mom coming in and helping Ramona pack to run away Actual LOL. As a farming, homeschooling, radical homemaking Mama, I will happily go on record stating my distate for the likes of Junie B Jones and Judy Moody The modern sisters to Ramona Quimby, Junie and Judy, in my opinion, are simply brats living in a world that I d prefer not to share with my daughters although, I must admit, they rather enjoy them But enter Ramona Quimby, and we are all on the same page We all relate much with Ramona s mishaps and adventures, because they are based on what most naughty behavior is based on misunderstandings and good intentions with bad planning Her character is believable and loveable, and the culture of the family resonates muchwith our own experiences whether it is a night when Mom secretly feeds the girls tongue, or the fact that the family must get by with only one car, or that they confront the hardships of her dad being out of work or disliking his job, the hum of a sewing machine on a rainy Saturday, the smell of a slow cooker simmering away in the background, the unavoidable spats between moms and dads, or older sisters who come across as bossy, but who are truly well meaning Beverly Cleary s characters are believable and loveable, and the humor is timeless, good for full belly laughter during bedtime reading. The fifth book in the Ramona series focuses on Ramona and her mother At the start the family has invited some of their neighbors over to celebrate Mr Quimby finding a job at the supermarket Ramona, of course is expected to entertain Willa Jean I loved the chapter about the parent s argument, and fears that the sister have as they try to sleep that night The great hair argument was very funny, and will appeal to people of all age s My favorite is Ramona wearing her pajamas to school I loved how the parent s deal with Ramona announcement that she is running away Wonderful part of the Ramona Quimby story. We started reading the series of books starring Ramona Quimby, Beezus, Henry and their friends a few years ago, but we never made too much progress We intended to read , but we always chose something else Our youngest was given the book Ramona the Pest Ramona Quimby to read by her second grade teacher to practice her reading comprehension and I thought we d give the series another try.We listened to this book narrated by Stockard Channing on audio CD on a family road trip to Williamsburg Despite my hubby s initial objections, we all enjoyed listening to the story together, and the setting brought back a sense of nostalgia for my hubby and I R O L A I D S spells relief Although these were writtenthan thirty years ago, they are still fun and great for children It s refreshing to see that as time passes, some things still stay the same.I like the Ramona s sincerity and the fact that she experiences real emotions She gets angry at times, but she is also joyous, fearful and proud She is jealous of her older sister, but loves her and looks up to her as well She worries when her parents fight We really enjoyed listening to this book together.