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Le Fanu ♑ Here AreClassic Ghost Stories Carmilla Perhaps The Classic Vampire Thriller , Green Tea , The Familiar , The Haunted Baronet , Madam Crowl S Ghost , The Dead Sexton , An Authentic Narrative Of A Haunted House Plus Nine Others Half These Stories Never Published Before In US This book would have got a 3.5 except it contains Carmilla which gets a 5 As well as being one of the earliest, its also got to be one of the best vampire stories out there But yes, the other Fanu stories compiled here are good, but the way they re arranged it takes a while to get into them I think the first few stories are quite weak, and it s not until you hit Green Tea that things start to get creepy There s another weird thing about this anthology Fanu s recycled some of his earlier works, lifting the endings and deaths complete with gory details from two of his early stories This happens, but while most authors try to rework the material, Fanu has changed the scenery and names, left pretty much everything else intact The editor of this anthology states at the start of the book that he has omitted others of Fanu s stories, presumably he has a lot of material to choose from Why then include both the original story and the reworked version And do this twice Do you think people aren t going to read your book Seriously. Wonderfully written short stories, but many of them started to seem similar and a bit predictable after an entire book of them A special note for anyone who finds himself stuck in a le Fanu short story never trust the deformed hunchbacks don t make deals with strange people who you meet in the woods and if you had a dream that seemed real, it probably is. I m torn on rating this one While it contains most of LeFanu s best stories, there are some major clunkers in here also Most notably, The Fortunes of Sir Robert Ardagh has the exact same ending as the much better story The Haunted Baronet Stories like Ardagh wouldn t interest any readers except the completionist ones.It s true that LeFanu is one of the masters of gothic horror stories I d recommend starting with the collection In a Glass Darkly if you re new to him. This is a collection of traditional Victorian ghost stories, legands and fairy tales about the good about the mystical people of Ireland who have made a pact with the devil I enjoyed the traditional Victorian tales best but overall an interesting collection of myth, mysteries and legends.Well worth a read if you have an interest in fairy folk and tales of the supernatural. This is a fantastic, delicious, delirious collection of classical ghost stories That is, you may not have heard of these stories unless you re abreast of Irish literature, but they are written in a charming, colorful colloquial vein They re amusing, they re creepy, and they are a delight at every level. Editor Bleiler gives us ghost stories and only ghost stories, no gothic mysteries or natural explanations here, by the first great master of the English ghost story Mostly good, some great, there is one essay and an excerpted chapter from The House by the Churchyard Culled from The Purcell Papers, In a Glass Darkly, and Madame Crowl s Ghost, the bizarre and aimless Haunted Baronet novella is also included.Despite its purported health benefits, one should moderate the consumption of Green Tea. Perhaps it is sacrilegious to mark a work by Le Fanu with anything less than 5 stars, but there were stories in this collection that had compelled me to run away from this book time and again The contents of this collection are Introduction by E.F Bleiler1 Squire Toby s Will2 Schalken the Painter3 Madam Crowl s Ghost4 The Haunted Baronet5 Green Tea6 The Familiar7 Mr Justice Harbottle9 Carmilla10 The Fortunes of Sir Robert Ardagh11 An Account of Some Strange Disturbances in Aungier Street12 The Dead Sexton13 Ghost Stories of the Tiled House14 The White Cat of Drumgunniol15 An Authentic Narrative of a Haunted House non fiction 16 Sir Dominick s Bargain17 Ultor de Lacy SourcesTo be honest, the book earns most of its stars by virtue of Carmilla alone, with strong contributions from Schalken the Painter , Madam Crowl s Ghost , and Green Tea excluding the ramblings of Dr Martin Hesselius, which have been aptly described by competent persons as psudoscientific flummery , and because of its reasonable price, for which Dover Publications deserve heartfelt praise As far as the other stories are concerned, quoting from Billy Wilder s unforgettable Private Life of Sherlock Holmes I have to state that they were not my cup of tea. LeFanu writes a mean ghost story Bear in mind that he wrote during the Victorian era when the ghost story was nearly formulaic in its composition spectral ladies in white, rattling of chains and moaning in the night, churchyard phantoms and haunted estates All the things that we now think of as cliche but which I still secretly enjoy if well done LeFanu partook of some of these same devices, but he broke literary ground in the genre, too Carmilla , one of the earliest vampire stories preceded, I believe by Varney, the Vampire is a brilliant leap forward in the vampire tale and hums with a repressed eroticism that has blossomed and, pardon the pun, been done to death in modern vampire literature The stories that feature the setting of Golden Friars The Haunted Baronet and The Dead Sexton are remarkable and thoroughly enjoyable for their depth of characterization, mainly in the secondary characters of the village folk Golden Friars is a real place to me because of this deft handling I withheld the fifth star because LeFanu recycled some of his plots and the characters with them , a dismal habit some writers fall into when they have a lazy moment It was disappointing to, essentially, read the same story twice under different titles Shame on you, J.S But otherwise, LeFanu is one of my favorite writers of terrifying tales from this era, and he does a masterful job. LeFanu wrote some wonderful ghost stories Green Tea, The Familiar, Madam Crowl s Ghost and others where everyday details observations and psychological insight enhance the reported supernatural events Some of the other tales included here are less successful The Haunted Baronet , repeat key details scenes from other stories and would be ofinterest to a scholar of LeFanu than the casual reader If this collection had omitted those less successful stories, I would have given it 4 or 5 stars.