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I chuckled my way through this little book Although it has many bases in fact, I found some of the manias and phobias incredible Quite a few were couched in thoughts and fears from the past, too The illustrations also offered period direction, as well If you re seeking that perfect book for someone who has everything, this little gem offers a humorous alternative. Questa guida tascabile il formato adorabileha fugato un grande dubbio mentre sono irremediabilmente ipocondriaca con annessa sindrome da Controlla i tuoi sintomi su Google e scopri che stai per morire , non sono cos paranoica. Insomma, tra tutte queste malattie mentali, credo di averne riscontrata giusto una o due DDLe mie preferite, che user in caso dovessi sedurre qualcuno sono la Fregoli Syndrome l idea che qualcuno che conosci sia costantemente vicino a te travestito da passante, nonnina, bambino che gioca o abbia preso possesso delle loro menti , la Mirrored self misidentification non riconoscersi allo specchio e la Micropsia la distorsione della realt che ti fa vedere le cose ora pi grandi, ora pi piccole del normale Vi dico solo che questa malattia si chiama anche Alice in wonderland syndrome o Lilliput sight DD Come gi nell opera precedente, Dennis DiClaudio si dimostra un autore intelligente, simpaticissimo e mooolto paziente tutte queste malattie sono drammaticamente vere.Ogni malattia presentata mediante diverse sezioni Quiz yourself una serie di domande per vedere se soffri di quella malattia e non te l hanno detto P Inner Monologue ovvero come pensa agisce scherzosamente chi soffre del determinato disturbo Diagnosis spiegazione del disturbo Casuality come quando si manifesta Treatment se c o meno speranza di guarire D Of note Casi situazioni particolari legati ai disturbi Consigliatissimo Read Pdf ♧ The Paranoid's Pocket Guide to Mental Disorders You Can Just Feel Coming On ♴ Hot On The Heels Of The Wildly Successful The Hypochondriac S Pocket Guide To Horrible Diseases You Probably Already Have Comes The Paranoid S Pocket Guide To Mental Disorders You Can Just Feel Coming On, Dennis DiClaudio S Hilarious Look At Fifty Disturbingly Familiar Maladies You Just Know Are Buried Deep In Your Psyche This Inspired New Collection Profiles The Most Nerve Wracking, Harebrained, Loopy, Life Threatening And Totally Out There Mental Disorders You Could Imagine And Some You Could Never Imagine With Complete Descriptions Of The Symptoms, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Prevention, And Treatment For Psychosis, This Book Could Convince Even The Most Rational Readers That Something Or Someone Is Out To Get Them From The Slightly Odd Stendhal Syndrome The Fear Of Artwork To The Mentally Debilitating Athazagagoraphobia The Feeling That You Ve Forgotten Something Important And The Downright Bizarre Windigo Psychosis The Belief That You Are A Wild And Ravenous Monster , The Paranoid S Pocket Guide To Mental Illnesses You Can Just Feel Coming On Is A Fascinating Compendium Of Psychological Illnesses For All Of Us To Fret And Agonize Over Dennis DiClaudio Is An Editor In The Infectious Disease Department Of Elsevier, A Renowned Medical Publisher, And A Humor Writer He Is The Author Of The Hypochondriac S Pocket Guide To Horrible Diseases You Probably Already Have His Short Pieces Have Been Published In A Number Of Journals, Including Timothy McSweeney S Internet Tendency He Lives In Philadelphia ses k s mlar bir s re sonra bayd , oralar atlayarak bitirebildim Oturup ba tan sona okumal k bir kitap de ildi a k as lgi ekici psikiyatrik hastal klara dair g zel bir derleme olmu. It s possible to know too much on this subject I m not sure I really wanted to know all the disorders that are out there, which is a first for me since usually I m morbidly fascinated by that sort of thing I mostly skimmed this book since it was hard to read and it s not as fun as the title makes it out I actually found it slightly depressing to read about all the problems that are out there Plus I was a little disturbed by the artwork. This is a great book Talks about some of thewell known mental disorders, but mainly some lesser known ones.The disorders are categorized into the different types of disorder psychotic, sexual, etc Then each is explained through Diagnosis, Causality, and Treatment The best part though, is the Inner Monologue, which gives a first hand point of view of somebody suffering from the disorder.The writting is easy and fun to read, with a slight hint of comedy I ve read this book a few times, and I ve enjoyed it each and every time. A book that is entertaining as hell for those that need a good laugh if they have an insane amount of stress going on in their life Like me I enjoyed the book and annoyed my husband by asking him if he had any of the ones in the back, but I will behave and not post them because that would be naughty LOL Great book. Es un libro MUY interesante y ameno Si te aburres y no sabes qu hacer, este es el libro es una buena elecci n y adem s se lee bastante r pido De hecho, creo que es perfecto para intercalar con una lectura pesada.Pod is leer la rese a completa aqu Aww it was like a trip down memory lane I was a psych major back in the day and my abnormal prof abnormal psych, not the prof herself though she was a trip did a fine job teaching me about disorders of all kinds I must admit that I literally knew or remembered every single disorder in the book I don t really know what that says about me other than abnormal was my favorite class Sadly, my favorite personality disorders were NOT included I wept a little Oh, and the snark sarcasm was greatly appreciated by moi Interesting snapshot of some of the strangest mental disorders recorded There were a few they left out that I felt would ve been good additions to the list, but I guess they had to save some for the next volume, eh