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A good short read The background behind Metaxas s National Prayer Breakfast before Obama was really interesting Great to get a little insight into his thoughts and last minute preparation into what he would say. An interesting approach to e books This is essentially a speech with the backstory In some ways this is not really a book but an essay but that is the beauty of technology You can package content that people want and sell it at a price that works.As to the actual content, it was an entertaining and interesting read You learnabout the author of a blockbuster biography, get an inside look at what it might be like to give the keynote speech at a iconic event like the National Prayer Breakfast and you get the actual speech with an inspirational message Worth the price of a fancy coffee drink It was for me Your mileage may vary The best thing in the book is learning about how Eric Metaxas became the speaker at the National Prayer Breakfast The speech itself is pretty standard fare interesting but not memorable He does have a rather quirky sense of humor and some of his humor works and some does not but I am sure the enjoyment of the humor will vary by reader. A small book describing Eric s experience of speaking at the 2012 National Prayer Breakfast He puts together, with humor, the difference between true faith and dead religion Recommended Short e book that costs about 3 It is basically the speech that Eric Metaxas gave at the National Prayer Breakfast this year plus the back story I would recommend it but you can also see the video on youtube The back story added to the message and it is worth the 3. One of the best speeches ever given in my opinion at the National Prayer Breakfast was that of evangelical Christian author and biographer Eric Metaxas Recently, he published an e book detailing the story of his invitation to the event and explaining the genesis of his speech Also included are the text of the speech itself and ample foot notes for nearly every statement in his speech.Metaxas, famous for his biographies of William Wilberforce and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, spoke early this year at the 2012 National Prayer Breakfast, and he put his finger on the moral crisis of our time That crisis is the cyclical one in the West, wherein society swings between hypocritical faith and true, life changing faith in Christ It s difficult to sum up the speech just right without rehashing the entire thing, but just to state that some of the themes of his biographies of Wilberforce and Bonhoeffer were used to put forth the idea that each of us who claims the name of Christ has a choice to make, that of whether to serve God and take His Word seriously, or to embrace what he called dead religion , which is the use of the words of God to do that which God does not want done For those who do truly know Christ as Lord and Savior, one would even conjecture that it may be better to be an honest atheist, than to blasphemously use the Word for evil purposes against God s will.The best way to get the feel of the speech is to listen to it and read it I challenge folks to do just that I ll just close with one tidbit that I have learned from Metaxas in reading this book I think that charismatic faith is full of Doctrinal difficulties However, it IS true that God has a purpose for us and uses us to speak what He wants said to preach His Word and help others That is Biblical, yet we have seemingly lost track of this as such ideas of being used by the Holy Spirit are so associated with the unbiblical practices of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements that we have, I believe, thrown out the proverbial wheat with the chaff We must halt this and come to a proper Biblical understanding of these concepts Please watch the speech and read this short book I was really inspired and edified, and I believe you will be inspired and edified as well Highly Recommended. ^BOOK ☘ Jesus Hates Dead Religion ☈ Jesus Is The Enemy Of Dead Religion That S The Message Eric Metaxas, Author Of The Bestselling Biographical Phenomenon, Bonhoeffer, Brought To The Sixtieth Annual National Prayer Breakfast Now In Jesus Hates Dead Religion, Metaxas Takes Readers Behind The Scenes Into That Electric Moment And Calls Us To Walk The Hard Path Of The Gospel In Our Trying Times