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Meet Annie Valentine stylish, savvy, multi tasker extraordinaire As a personal shopper in a swanky London fashion store, Annie can re style and re invent her clients from head to toe In fact, this super skilled dresser can be relied on to solve everyone s problemsexcept her own Although she s a busy single mum to stroppy teen Lana and painfully shy Owen, there s a gap in Annie s wardrobe sorry, life for a new man But finding the perfect partner is turning out to be so much trickier than finding the perfect pair of shoes Can she source a genuine classic A life long investment Will she end up with a mistake from the sale rail, who ll have to be returned Or maybe, just maybe, there ll be someone new in this season who could be the one For a while now I ve been collecting Carmen Reid s novels It started when I received a copy of How Not To Shop, the third Annie Valentine book I then picked up the first two books because I hate starting a book mid series, before I then received the fourth book in the series Celebrity Shopper It wasn t until I got the fifth book New York Valentine that I decided it was either now or never I was either going to read all five Annie Valentine novels, or it was never going to happen I took the former route and got stuck into book one The Personal Shopper, hoping I would enjoy it, especially since I have four other novels in the series to read Thankfully, I found the book pleasantly surprising.As you might expect from the title, the book focuses on the life of a personal shopper Annie Valentine is not only a personal shopper, but a budding entrepreneur with her own Ebay shop front , she s brilliant at sourcing bargains and can do up a flat quicker than you can say Bob s your uncle Not only that, but Annie s a single mum with two children fourteen year old stroppy teen Lana, and painfully shy nine year old Owen For the record, I have no idea how she fitted all her endeavors into 24 hour days But the one place which Annie has yet to succeed is in her love life, after her husband Roddy left three years earlier She s desperate to find someone to share her life with, but so far it s just not working, until Gray comes into the picture But is he Annie s Mr Right Obviously, with a book about a personal shopper, there s going to be a lot of fashion mentioned, and there is The beginning of each chapter gives a run down of the clothes a certain person featured in the chapter is wearing, along with the total estimated cost It s a very intriguing feature and despite not being very fashion y myself, I did enjoy those lists and looked forward to the next chapter to see who was featured But something that may surprise readers is that the book isn t only about Annie as a personal shoppper The book explores Annie s relationhip with her kids, as well as the struggles she faces as a single mum, as she desperately tries to keep her kids in the posh school they ve attended since they were three or four I ve no idea what it s like to be a single mother, but I felt Reid did a great job with her portrayal of Annie s struggles.I must admit, I did like Annie Reid has somehow managed to portray Annie in such a real way that I could very clearly hear her Cockney accent every time she spoke She s someone I could easily admire and her super woman capabilities were astounding at times, but that s obviously what most single mums find themselves facing, isn t it I really loved Annie s kids, Lana was a typical teenager at times, but she had some great moments and as for Owen, I just wanted to give him a hug I suppose the only character I didn t particularly warm to was Gray, a man Annie meets at her mother s retirement party He was the only character that didn t seem real to me, he just came across a bit fake Ed, on the other hand, Lana and Owen s teacher, was fantastic I knew already how the book would end, and what Ed s place was going to be, but I enjoyed getting to know him better and I liked how the relationship between him and Annie progressed Finally, I would like to mention Connor, Annie s gay best friend He was such a sweetie.All throughout the book there s an air of mystery about what happened with Annie s husband Roddy Unfortunately for me, I guessed the twist about half way through the book There isn t anything that gives it away, but something was telling me my assumption was spot on Aside from that and Annie s constant use of the word babes they were my only issues with the book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it It s told from the third person narrative, which works really well I can t wait to get stuck into further books in the series, because although the first book can be read as a stand alone as there s no cliffhanger ending to The Personal Shopper, I m quite excited to get back into Annie s world and see where her adventures take her Today s book review is a nice light hearted romp into the magical world of shopping in high fashion London The Personal Shopper is the tale of Annie Valentine, a single mum of two who works at a posh London department store as a duh personal shopper She helps the extremely wealthy and the occasional friend colleague invent and reinvent themselves through clothes and accessories She s a sassy, saucy, sweetheart of a character, which of course means she runs afoul of a horrid boss, well meaning but not quite right men, and the occasional whiny customeroften than she should She is struggling to give her two children everything without the means to do so consistently Which of course brings on drama of both the tearful and laughter full kind of its own She s also struggling to figure out what she wants from and for her own life She loves helping people express themselves through clothes, using wardrobe as weapon to help women and the occasional man realize who they are, and who they want to be and she uses the tricks of her trade on herself as often as on others.The ups and downs of Annie s life are familiar both in this genre of book and to women everywhere From teenage drama with daughter Lana to work challenges due to a snarky boss threatened by her success to man troubles as she struggles to balance what she thinks she wants with what she really needs, Annie is presented as a bit of an Everywoman albeit one with WAY better shoes than most of us She s a likeable enough character, although I must confess I occasionally found myself wanting to hold my hands over her mouth to stop her from calling everyone Babes I must confess that I also occasionally found myself shaking my head at the troubles she got herself into She s a very human character, full of foibles she means well and has the best of intentions, but we all know where that road takes you All in all this was a cute, fun, light, comic tale of one woman s efforts to hold it all together, all the time We ve all been there trying too hard, pushing ourselves into something we would recognize as not quite right if we only had the time and or perspective to stand back and actually look before we leaped The supporting characters were, to me, the meat and potatoes of this one there are a lot of flamboyantly colorful eccentricities dangled throughout the book, and they kept me reading even in the midst of the occasional Annie eye roll. Dont want to hide this, but there are some light spoilers in the review What I usually expect from a chick lit is to have a quite unlikely story that makes me mostly laugh, and in which is clear from the beginning who will be the prince charming in the end This time I haven t had this impression here Annie, the personal shopper and main character is somehow someone who the writer would like to be a real person Someone who has a family to take care of, and in the meanwhile would like to meet the men of her dreams The result is that the should be real character Annie is set in a world soap opera like, in which she meets the rich dentist, in which her customers are all separate wives whose aim is to spend all their ex husbands money and in which a school teacher turns out to be the landlord of a three storey building in Highgate Not to mention the fact that she keeps on worry about family budget while she manage to send the children in a 2000 per month private school, buys expensive clothes, pays a mortgage and buys awful houses to be refurbished.Terrible the idea to hide the reason why Roddie is not with the family any, I still can t help wondering why the author did it. Simpaticna prica o majci dvoje dece, koja se bori da zaradi za zivot Pored svega toga da ima svoj privatan zivot, nadje muskarca koji ce joj biti oslonac [ FREE BOOK ] ☨ The Personal Shopper ♿ From The British Publisher Of Sophie Kinsella And Kathy Lette Comes A Story Of Love Sprinkled With Fashion A Personal Shopper In A Swish London Store, Annie Valentine Can Solve Everyone S Problems, Except Her Own She S A Busy Single Mother Of Two, But Could There Be A Gap In Her Wardrobe For A Brand New Man Finding The Perfect Partner Turns Out To Be So Much Difficult Than Sourcing The Ideal Shoes If You Love Shopping As Much As You Love A Great Read, Try This Wonderful Katie Fforde I downloaded this book for free I am glad I didn t pay for it I am a bit of shopaholic and I tend to enjoy books about shopping and fashion, but this book was really hard to finish It took me 4 attempts to finally finish.Possible spoilers warning Annie is so unlikeable what a self centered, stuck up person I feel for those poor children being dragged around from one place to another Her insistence and reasons for keeping her children in a private school even though she can t afford it is mind boggling I was in private school from kindergarten till college, and I can tell you from personal experience that it doesn t guarantee your future, and no, it doesn t make one better than others who go to public school That s just one example of the ridiculousness that Annie believes in Not to mention, dating rich guy because she wants to be taken care of, and thinking one is most attractive because he lives on her dream street in the neighborhood Her self righteousness makes it so hard for me to sympathize.The twist about her husband is good, I must admit I didn t see it coming, but again, I couldn t sympathize I just felt sad for the children.This is the first book by this author I ve ever read I am not a fan of the character or the formatting I won t be buying the next books. I ve never read anything by Carmen Reid before, so I decided to check this out.Annie Valentine has the perfect jobshe s a personal shopper and spends all day choosing clothes for people She has two children, Owen and Lana Lana is the typical rebelling teen, but Owen isinteresting She used to be married, but we don t find out what happened to her husband until the end I was genuinely shocked, it was something I never saw coming Never Annie is very lonely and desperate to find a new man And so she begins her search All the characters are lovely, realistic and entertaining From Annie s sister to her awful great aunt and her gay best friend Connor, all the characters are crafted perfectly O.K, so there a few chick lit stereo types Connor , but I hardly noticed I was too busy wondering what could possibly happen next The book is written in third person, but is still mainly from Annie s perspective The plot never slows, using jumps in time from chapter to chapter to keep the book moving It was a relaxing read and definitely a fun one.One of the best chick lits I ve read lately. Unfortunately, I read the sequel to this book before the original, so I had a bit of strange pre knowledge going in Annie Valentine is evenannoying in this book, and this is the one that intros her She is good at her job, and the personal shopping angle is quite interesting as is the dynamic with her children This book explains how Annie and Ed get together Overall, the story was good, as I definitely kept reading, but the one thing I really didn t like was the way the author kept Roddy s departure so ambiguous I know I m also doing that somewhat here, but I don t want to spoil anyone s reading pleasure The reader doesn t find out the true story until page 359 of 425 The same was true of the sequel with the real turn of events deliberately kept from the reader I would readCarmen Reid, based on her light flowing style and the fact that it s easy going chick lit that doesn t require too much brain power. This book was just so funny Right at the start you re lead to believe that Annie Valentine s husband has left her with their rebellious teenage daughter and very shy son Annie s best friend is gay and he really brings a lot of humour to the book I think he was my favourite character She works as a personal shopper in a huge shop called The Store she s very good at her job and has a few other things that she does on the side to support her family All the characters are pretty lovable apart from Gray in my opinion I didn t really like him from the start but I was happy with the ending and things It was also a nice twist to find out what happened between her and her husband.I ll definitely get the rest of the series. Annie Valentine has got to be one of the most vapid wenches ever conceived Nothing remotely likeable about her or her kids and her parenting skills are shameful, fiction or not Boring and predictable, I only finished it because I needed something mindless to do on my son s first day back at school I am regretting that choice, as it s time I will never get back.