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I read these in late elementary middle school, and I remember devouring the series It s about a group of girls from different backgrounds who go to an elite boarding school I think, if I remember correctly, that there are some mysteries that happen, but there wasn t one in this one, so who knows.Anyway, I wasn t one of the cool kids reading Sweet Valley High and I never have, thank you very much but this one suited me really well The descriptions of clothing and hair styles are extremely dated, but the content is great I think I might try and get myself the series from an auction site or something. I read this series in high school took me 10 years to get all the books in the series, but I have them now, I just finished reading this little gem from the 80s last night and I was pleasantly surprised I have some strange love of books set in boarding schools, and this one is a nice easy read The girls in the story start off in a bad spot but in the end friendship reigns supreme There were actually a few really poignant moments in this typical teen bit o fluff. It s a really funny book about three different girls named Dana, Shelly, and Faith They are all completely different people, and they all have to learn to accept each other for their differences But, they all run into lots of problems. Nostalgic re reading of a series I loved as a tween. This was one of my favorite series as a teen I had forgotten what it was called and was searching around in Goodreads and finally came upon this Yay This is another of the somewhat older young adult series of books that I like The main characters are going to a boarding school Dana, who is white, is a city girl Faith, who is black, is a girl who is 15 and is a talented photographer Shelley is from a small town type of place.Problems start right off when Faith thinks Shelley doesn t like black people where she comes from there were almost no black people at all It gets worse when Shelley wants to decorate the room a certain way and the other two girls don t like her idea Matters get so bad they divide their room into three parts using masking tape and basically a war of silence goes on among the three.The situation is known by others and they all get called in to their resident assistant and they discuss what is going on Later Faith becomes friends with a girl who is basically a troublemaker and Shelly is absolutely set on leaving the place during Christmas break and never returning.I liked the book and I think it s a good opening to the series. This book, probablythan any other, made me eager for dorm life and taught me how to decorate a dorm room It also taught me how to pursue my interests and how to not let boys get away with ratty behavior Alison is the ultimate in aspirational dorm motherhood I m still looking for that Katie s Klip N Kurl neon sign and am ready and willing to paint my plumbing pipes and heating ducts in bright, primary colors And how about Dana s fashion sense I still envy the scene where, she put on her best pair of designer jeans and a tuxedo shirt, threw a green cotton sweater over her shoulders, sprayed herself with L Air du Temps, and ran out of the dorm before she could lose her courage I think the series rapidly worsened after the first few, but the first one is still a terrific read My recent discussion with Lizz inspired me to re read this We each ordered our copies from Scholastic or Weekly Reader, back in the elementary school day. Thank you to Roxane Gay who, in her bookHungry , reminded me of the Girls of Canby Hall series I read these as a teenager but had forgotten about them Fortunately, I found a reasonable deal on books 1 30 online This first book is not as exciting as I remember when I first read them, they made me want to move to a boarding school but it was a good way to pass the time I was surprised at how they brought up social issues but, since it was written in 1983, it still has the tired trope of girls trying to be skinny. ^READ EBOOK ⇧ Roommates ⇳ Dana Morrison Spirited, Independent, City GirlFaith Thompson Determinted, Talented, And PracticalShelley Hyde Naive Small Town GirlDana, Faith, And Shelley, All New To Canby Hall In Their Sopho Year, End Up As Roommates And Get Off To The Worst Possible Start They Re So Different They Practically Hate Each Other But Slowly They Grow To Understand And Care About One Another And To Help Each Other Through Dana S Disastrous First Love, Faith S Trouble With The Headmistress, And Shelley S Desperate Homesickness