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First things first, I won a free copy of this book from the goodreads website drawing contest While I was not required to write a review, or rate this story, I simply enjoyed this romantic, comedy, coming of age tale too much not to say Hey this was a fun, sweet read Let me ask you a question, Did you like the book Bridget Jones s Diary If you said yes, than this story will likely be for you It has the same kind of shed a tear emotionally moving scenes, splashed some laugh out loud moments, throw in some cheesy lines, and finish with a sappy ending And for me. it was enjoyable DWe are introduced to Jane in her current life, reviewing some of her bumpy at times quite sad past, finally into her much delayed entrance into the world of romance, and witness as Jane learns how to move past old hurts and into a bright new future.I found the read to be full of emotions at times angsty and that pulled me into the plight of Jane and BFF neighbor Larry as they explore the world of dating in their search for Ms Mr right As the story concluded I found myself smiling, crying and laughing at these characters.I recommend this story to readers who enjoy emotional romantic stories. I loved the main character who was nicknamed Plain Jane Jane was a late twenty something intelligent woman who had never been in love She was shy and had some fear tendencies What the reader finds out is that this woman had been bullied as a child while her peers did nothing This got my attention because as a child, I too had in the same boat Like the main character, I, too, shied away from life as an early adult.Jane meets up with a mystery woman who she communicates with via Twitter She now becomes Carefree Jane Jane so much wants to meet this woman However, her pains to her past are preventing her from pursuing muchthan an internet relationship Her only saving grace is her best friend, who does his best to try to get her to break out of her shell.As the story goes on, Jane is forced to deal with her insecurities I feel that this story helped me unlock my stuck fears I too was placed in a position where I had to deal with my fears on this issue.The author does a fantastic job of painting these emotional pictures I was in awe of the main character at a certain point in the story.I loved the chasing romance and the sex was HOT The author did a really great job in building up the ambience I could not wait to read what was going to happen next When you read this, you will feel the chemistry explode I thoroughly enjoyed this book It helped me deal with my own past insecurities as well as provide an exciting romance story I am encouraging anyone who has been bullied or knows of anyone close to them who has been bullied to read this book The romance is going to sweep you off of your feet It is the real deal Five Stars. I typically read through books incredibly fast With this book I specifically chose to take my time I let the book stay on simmer for a while so I could thoroughly digest each and every piece for its true value to the whole This book is incredible in subtle ways Everyone could read this and take something from it Granted we may not all take away the same things but that s ok I enjoyed the story that was told and the characters that were created made their way into my heart and there they will stay I loved the main character Jane I did not always agree with her but I enjoyed every emotion she brought out in me And there was alot of emotion She is someone that we could all be My heart bled for this woman I wanted to hold her and tell her it would all be ok She deserved it to be ok, better than that in fact, she deserved things to be great I also loved the secondary characters They were interesting in their own right and brought much needed comic relief and a little spice to the mix.I won t give away the ending here but I want to make a remark about it so a potential Spoiler ahead Some people may not like the ending because of how sugary sweet it seems I saw it differently There was a lot of sour for these people, they deserved their sweet by the end of it I really believe that one person can be the answer for someone The person that will truly love you unconditionally, that understands, makes things better, or just shares the hurt The way we find each other is never the same for everybody but for me the finding each other is the important part. I think other reviewers have given enough details about the romantic portion of this novel I think that Carr went above and beyond in her depiction of bullying It is in depth and accurate information You will have no choice but to fall in love with characters and their stories I would recommend this to all. Anyone else get massive cravings for cheesecake after reading this this is definitely not the most insightful take away from this book especially given the context but I ll leave that for the respectable reviewers out there This is the first time I ve written a review for a book And I really tried to keep it short.First of all, Kudos to Ms Suzie Carr for writing this novel It may not move everyone s heart but it definitely moved mine.I felt really sad while I was reading the dark moments of the heroineIt s because I know how it feels to be disheartened due to a fact that a person cannot even accept his her own words he she have used to enlighten others It s like contradicting your identity or telling a lie because you yourself cannot follow your own advises Yet it felt real Because that is what really happens in real life. And YES..it is possible to get out of such situations..A person can always be redeemed from such tragedies. If I were a critique I might say many things about how the novel was written I ve read some bad reviews..but there are also really great reviews about the book. What s important to me is how the book touched me..I don t really care about the technicality sheezWho am I to judge I know very little about writing and all..that s why I chose a math dominated college course..blah blah blah What s important for me. if after I read a book and I felt happy, then that s a great one for me D..Moving on..the book deserve s a 4 star rating XD Not Perfect..but almost. Imperfect Beauty I suppose The plot was poorly executed, the main character is extremely unlikable, and the writing style is so bad it s distracting I ve now read two books from this author, and that isthan enough to convince me that I don t want to read any others. I ve always wondered how the bullied kids turned out as adults if they carried along the infliction s, teasing, hitting, and name calling into their adult lives Or did they take the hurt and rejection as a child and allowed it to fuel them into becoming the person they secretly wished they were I m sure many people have witnessed or perhaps been the victim of bullying, or maybe you were the bully Whichever role you ve played, Suzie Carr s The Muse answered my dying question by allowing me to take a glimpse into the life of a woman that desires to be set free from her past and her hidden sexuality.While the store is not entirely about bullying, readers will be able to wrap their selves into a Cat Fished tail of Jane Knoll, a woman that lives in her toxic mind and wars with the past as well as the current state of her boring life This deja vu tale is so familiar as if I too had experienced Jane s hidden secrets I found myself speaking to the pages as I tried to counsel and scream at Jane to, Get over it already I was so frustrated with her constant complaining that I felt like I was talking to a friend that was addicted to the feelings connected to her past On the other hand, it was the emotional connection, the information, the life lessons, and the hope that Jane would find healing that made me want to readDoes Jane find love Will she stop playing the victim and downplaying herself Will she become the girl that could stir a person s soul with her words, touching people with viewpoints that changed the world or will she be the same person she has always been Suzie Carr, The Muse is such a needed MUST Read It gives people insight on the world that has a coiled voice and I thank you, Suzie Carr, for the romance, the steamy and mental sexual encounters, and such a great read.Well done Happy reading T s Blogging I love this book Mind you I did just read itor less straight through and it is 3 am now So my brain is not working at full capacity at moment.This is muchthe story of one woman rather than a couple But a lovely little coupling did occur in this book. ^FREE PDF ↚ The Muse ☠ At Twenty Nine, Jane Knoll Is Convinced That She Will Never Experience Her First Kiss Bullied As A Teenager, She Lives Life Under A Veil Of Insecurity And Loneliness Her Social Life Consists Of Television Reruns And A Weekly Laundry Night With Her Neighbor, Larry Then, Hope Rises When Jane Starts Following Her Beautiful, Magnetic Co Worker Eva On Twitter Under The Protective Disguise Of An Alter Ego, Jane Experiences The Joy Of Flirting And The Rush Of Euphoria Eva And Jane Quickly Launch Into An Online Love Affair That Brings Out The Best In Jane Behind The Safety Of Her Laptop Screen, She Becomes Confident And Empowered With Purpose And Talent But Face To Face, Jane Is Nothing Than Eva S Nondescript, Clumsy Co Worker A Social Catastrophe For The First Time In Her Life, Jane Has Discovered True Bliss Happiness In Love, Newfound Success In A Writing Career, And The Chance To Make A Difference In The World But Can She Live The Rest Of Her Life As An Alter Ego Is She Brave Enough To Reveal Her True Identity And Risk Squandering It All