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Although the backstory is pretty good, everything after that builds one implausible scenario and keeps adding another one. You keep expecting the book to be finished but no wait, another ridiculous plot twist! None of the characters show any realistic emotions and cofrontations are resolved for no real reason. It's a very odd and unsatisfying read. Pretty typical SCiFi Mackay, Scott. The Meek. Roc, 2001.
While exploring Ceres, Cody, a young soldier with some telepathic ability, discovers a community of people genetically modified to survive lowoxygen environments like those on Mars. Conflict between earth and the refugee group ensue. Reading a mediocre book like this makes me appreciate Leviathan Wakes, a good novel with similar themes.
I found the story very compelling. Some of the foreshadowing was heavy handed, and in some places the writing felt stiff and forced, but the main story was quite interesting. If you read for descriptive excellence, this is not the book for youif you ready for compelling story, this is right up your alley. Not a great book, but a decent one. The worldbuilding and back story are well done, and the concept of humans colonizing asteroids is presented in a vivid, believable way. The unpredictable events keep it entertaining…even if it is a little soapoperay and irrelevant. Although, maybe the Meek using the asteroid to colonize the moon would’ve been more believable than a rogue planet that just happens to wander through our solar system. Hey, it isn’t top notch, but it’s at least an interesting read. An interesting but not riveting read. If I could I'd give this book a 3.5 rating.

The story is intriguing and something new happens every other page. But some of it just feels rushed. Something that really bothered me were the silly names given in to places in the book, it sounds dumb but when you read it in the middle of the story it makes you feel like you're reading a book meant for 8 years old. But by no means let that discourage you, if you like SciFi this is going to be a very interesting read! *Download Book ⇺ The Meek ⇹ The Meek An Epic Adventure Webcomic I Ll Also Have Copies Of My Other Two Books, Electrum And The Meek V At These Cons, As Well As Other Merch You Don T Have To Attend A Con To Get Cool Stuff All Of My In Stock Products Are Now Available At My Store , But Cons Are Nice For Avoiding Shipping Costs And Getting Personalized Signed Books And All That Stuff Look At These Nice Babies Meek English French Dictionary WordReference The Meek Prisoner Quietly Complied Le Prisonnier Docile S Est Excut En Silence Meek Adj Adjective Describes A Noun Or Pronoun For Example, A Tall Girl, An Interesting Book, A Big House The MeekIMDb Directed By Harold Jackson III With Johnny Christos, Wesley Cianchette, Brandi Cohen, Tia Dae Josh, Recently Released From Prison And Struggling With The Death Of His Daughter At The Hands Of A Rival Gangster, Attempts To Start Over In A Small Town His New Found Spirituality Is Tested When His Violent Past Returns With A Vengeance Traduction Meek Franais Dictionnaire Anglais Reverso He Was Meek And Humble In Heart Il Tait Humble Et Doux De C Ur The Meek Never Inherited Nothin L Humble N Hrite Jamais Rien Now He Is As Meek As A Mouse Maintenant, Il Est Docile Comme Une Souris Tomorrow I Shall Not Be So Meek Meek Traduction Franaise Linguee Nghien Was Particularly Critical Of The Meek Policies Of The Vietnamese Government Relating To Territorial And Maritime Disputes With China Viettan Viettan Nghien A T Particulirement Critique Envers La Position De Faiblesse Du Gouvernement Vietnamien En Matire De Litiges Territoriaux Et Maritimes Avec La Chine Viettan Viettan The World Needs WitnessesthanMeek Definition Of Meek By The Free Dictionary Meek Evidencing Little Spirit Or Courage Overly Submissive Or Compliant Compliant And Anxious To Suit His Opinions Of Those Of Others A Fine Fiery Blast Against Meek Conformity Orville Prescott She Looked Meek But Had The Heart Of A Lion Was Submissive And Subservient Meek Definition Of Meek By Merriam Webster Meek Definition Is Enduring Injury With Patience And Without Resentment Mild How To Use Meek In A Sentence Don't bother with this. Read for Locus in 2001. I clearly remember being HIGHLY annoyed at the idea of 290 Degrees Celsius, which is IMPOSSIBLE as that is lower than Absolute Zero.