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Oh my goodness I loved this book It was the most impressive indie author book I have ever read The book was full of all the stuff I love, fantasy, adventure, epic war and love I highly recommend it to everyone (((FREE DOWNLOAD))) ⇱ Diaries of a Dwarven Rifleman ☟ Engvyr S Father Gave Up On The Miner S Life To Move The Family Back To Their Ancestral Home In The Far North But The Journey Is Fraught With Perils The Young Dwarf Has Never Imagined, And When Tragedy Casts Him In The Role Of Hero, Well, What S A Dwarf To Do The Events Of That Fateful Journey Have Shaped And Ruled His Life, But Now Engvyr Wants Nothing Than To Make A Place For Himself, Perhaps Settle Down And Raise A Family But When A New Enemy Rises In The North He Finds Himself At The Center Of The Conflict, With Not Merely The Freedom Of His People But The Fate Of All Of Humanity Hanging In The Balance And The Habit Of Heroism Is A Hard One To BreakIn Diaries Of A Dwarven Rifleman Magic, Science And Technology Work Hand In Hand To Create A New Kind Of Fantasy World, Where The Character, Life And Relationships Of An Ordinary Dwarf Can Steer The Course Of History And Save A World The athors start with a Tolkienesque fantasy setting and take it one step further so it reads like an exciting historical saga Definitely very well researched something I wish I could sayoften about fantasy books and gripping From the start I rooted for Engvyr and followed his epic story with compassion and recognition so now I m looking forward tostories about him.Alex I liked this better that the authors previous book, though this was written first It s a well paced little adventure story with likeable relatable characters LOTS of details about weapons, but given that one of the authors is a weapon maker, that s to be expected If I have one complaint, it is that so many of the characters are good and competent a little failure and incompetence might be nice Or at leastrealistic. The best thing about this book is the immersion You feel that the universe is a fully realised place with realistic people and cultures in it For all that it suffers a little bit by flicking between viewpoints which can feel jerky, especially at the start Worth reading and I ll definitely be checking out the sequel. Truthfully, I have no idea why I picked this little jewel of a tale up, but it was a good choice The tale is comprised of many vignettes of Engvyr Gunnarson s life Forced by circumstances to leave their home and return to the dwarven homeland, Engvyr s family embarks on an long and perilous trek The events and losses on that journey shape the adult that the young dwarf becomes, molding him into a reluctant hero.Engvyr never gives in to the casual brutality that characterizes his society, nor does he allow racism to interfere with his understanding of human nature and the basic underlying fact of the races that ALL the races evolved from a common root that of humans, and all share a common humanity Early on he is taught that despite the radical differences in appearance and widely divergent societal differences, all the races of people want the same basic things enough food for their children, and a safe place to raise them Engvyr understands that when a society removes the humanity from an enemy ethnic group, it becomes easy to commit the most extreme atrocities against them, all in the name of whatever cause one is fighting for Because he understands the underlying truth of this, Engvyr brings compassion to his battles, and a desire to do good.There is a great deal of Norse mythology woven into this tale, as well as Nordic s and values These characters are strong people with great capacities for both love and cruelty For those of you who are weapons purists, you will be happy to note that the weapons Engvyr carries are original and scrupulously designed to be both real and fantastic at the same time It is apparent that the authors have a true knowledge of guns and knives, and weaponry in general Indeed, Michael Tinker Pearce is known as the Swordgeek and regularly blogs and gives podcasts on the subject of swords All in all, this is an excellent, well written and well thought out book. There s a very strong western influence here I mean American, cowboys on the frontier style western influence Wagon trains, rangers patrolling territory, cavalry action I would say it s almostof a western than a fantasy novel There are a few fantasy elements A couple brief moments of magic use and monstrous beasties But they re few and far between.It does jump over several decades of the main character s life And it goes from zero to sixty to hit its climax in time to slam on the brakes in an attempt to wrap everything up for the end But it s a very unique read And I really enjoyed it for being so different. Since most people will only read the first part of this revue I will start with what I liked The battles were very well thought out and the author clearly knew his stuff in regards to tactics and weapons I was impressed with the degree of research and detail that went into this.But one thing that kept with me throughout was how abrupt everything felt We have characters falling in love over the corse of paragraphs and huge climactic battles resolving in a few pages At no point did i ever really feel like anything was earned, things just sort of happened And for me that all adds up to a 3 star book. stories of a four foot Sharpe Whilst this is nominally a fantasy novel, the fact it involves dwarves and goblins is really just a minor background setting it could just as easily be Napoleonic riflemen or colonial Africa, and should be as enjoyable to lovers of those era s historical fiction as to fantasy fans The authors have clearly put a lot of thought into getting the technicals underlying the world accurate and consistent and seem to be setting up an interesting world to develop further in later books The first half of this book is promising, but around pg200 a major shift happens All of a sudden we see the main character as an adult where previously he was an adolescent Big time jump of around 50 years The story of freedom is a good one, well written Yet from the moment the war begins it reads so slow I skipped plenty of pages of troop movements and mechanical descriptions of weapons and was still able to follow the story line There could have been SO MUCHemotional pull from this story, but it fell short for me.