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This book was amazing from start to finish Very happy Joe and Tris a couple made on Heaven A Great love story. @DOWNLOAD E-PUB õ The Lost Girl (The Lost Boys #2) ê Joey And The Boys Are Back And On Tour Between Shows, Interviews And Promo Events, Joe Gray And The Lost Boys Will Have To Deal With Yet Another Magical Rumpus And Joey Will Have To Face Some Grown Up Problems As Well Will She Make It, Or It Will Break Her Adoreiiiii I just loved this book I can t wait to read the next one. BEM EU LI O PRIMEIRO E ACHEI TOP DEMAIS Want to read it again Don t want leave the chracters in this story Totally loved it I CANT FIND THIS ANYWHERE UGH Loved this book I discovered the first in the series on Wattpad several years ago, and I have closely followed the release of the following books I enjoy reading these books so much The story is interesting, and though it can be a little dramatic, such as all of the exclamation points and all capital letters, I find these books to be thoroughly entertaining They are a very easy read, which allows one to really get into the book Overall, I love the story There are many plot twists and suspenseful moments and it does have the supernatural spook factor At the end of the day it is still a novel about a love story, which is also nice Definitely a great read Still love this so much 3