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I am very stingy with my stars A book has to be pretty awesome to get 4 stars from me This was a solid I liked it It was a cute story At times it was a bit unbelievable, but so many of these romance novels are It made me smile, chuckle, and cringe a bit which makes for a good read.I do have to admit that it could use some editing I don t know anything about the author, but switch from American English to others kind of threw me off sneakers trainers, Do you fancy him At times it felt like the author used a thesaurus to come up with words which made it not flow as smoothly Or maybe it is just I m not used to young adult romance with big words. I like the idea of this book good story line but it just didn t flow right I found myself getting confused I don t know how to explain itbut I did like how it brought muscular dystrophy to the spot light.in my family the males also have it my grandma I think lost two brothers a nephew a son and a great grandson to Duchenne muscular dystrophy which ultimately leads to death by the age of twenty some surpass that but my second cousin was only 18 when he passed so I love the idea of research the idea of finding cures for this disease make me hopeful because I could possibly carry the gene but hope for the best like faith and Brian in this book guess this book kinda rushed it for me one week of knowing each and bam I love you Fight For the Cure Brian Porterhouse is a spoilt playboy millionaire who has a revolving door on his bedroom which young attractive women pass through at an alarming rate, his life is lived out in the public media he s been on reality shows and is a regular in the gossip rags Faith however is a hardworking secretary and volunteer at the local hospital, her twin brother Gabriel suffers from Muscular Dystrophy and in order to raise money for this she finds herself up for auction.The book goes as expected with no real surprises and should have been a nice easy romantic read, it had a few slapstick embarrassing moments which weren t for me but what really annoyed me was Faith, for most of the book she was great then for whatever reason it s like someone else has taken control of her mouth, about 80 to 90% into the book I decided I just couldn t read any I was so annoyed I eventually came back to it and skimmed the rest but the damage was done. First book finished in the year of 2014 Woohoo Too bad this one didn t kick it off quite right Let s jump into this misery.I understand the great meaning behind the story but I didn t enjoy it as much as I thought I would Everything went fast by, rushing development The characters, couldn t connect with them noor really liked them that much since they seemed so clich and and clich EVERYTHING WAS SO CLICH Faith, described as a beauty, like a greek goddess with a personality that is so not found in rich slim divas puking money Yet the guy who comes from a family that is so rich that it s impossible even in fantasy world Brian has to fall for her He has of course the perfect surfer body, six pack, hot, hot, hot and playboy Nuff said. This could have been amazing..the storyline is really good but the execution was a let down..shame really because it wasn t all there in the moment..strong characters..chemistry was not always there..I feel let down but I had to read it even though I wanted to give up..it s a good cause story..I love those.. I started reading this book the other day, and couldn t finish it Which is saying a lot since I ve only ever stopped reading a small handful of books Unfortunately there were way to many errors for me to overlook This is saying a lot since I can usually guess what the author is trying to say Not only were there a lot of grammatical errors, there were random names thrown in when referring to Faith There was an Abby and a Katie, and that was in the first 20% What other mistakes would I have run into if I had finished the book I think if this book was edited, then I would be able to enjoy it That being said I m not interested in finishing the book before then. Great story. There were a few technical glitches where she wrote 2 different female names instead of Faiths but after rereading the sentence and knowing there was no Becky or whatever the other name was it was a great story of Faith s goal in finding a cure for MS and funds by having an auction and finding love in the process It just finished on chapter 18, the story was ok,giving an in site to the disease then actual love with a billionaire (READ EBOOK) ß I Kissed A Playboy é With Financial Cuts At The Local Hospital Directly Effecting Her Twin Brother S Serious Disorder, Young Secretary Faith Spires Finds Herself On A Panel Organizing A Charity Auction She Doesn T Mind Being Auctioned For A Good Cause, Of Course What She Does Mind Is The Drunk And Disheveled Billionaire Who Just Won The Bidding Playboy Billionaire, Brian Porterhouse, Has Become Vilified In The Press As A Result Of His Bad Boy, Womanizing, Arrogant Reputation In An Attempt To Gain Favor With The Public And Reignite His Fading Celebrity Status, His PR Agent Convinces Him To Bid At The Hospital Charity AuctionWith An Abundance Of Sexual Tension And Overwhelming Temptation Lurking With Each Encounter, Will Faith Remain Committed To Her Cause And Change The Bad Boy Or Will The Gorgeous Brian Porterhouse Lure Her Into His Wealthy, Carefree, Luxurious Lifestyle This book is not really finished, isn t it It just ended in the middle of chapter 18.