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~FREE BOOK ♂ Floor Four ⚈ An Old Abandoned Hospital Haunted By The Ghost Of A Serial Killer A Group Of Friends Too Curious For Their Own Good An Old Man Hiding A SecretThe Old And Vacant Saint Vincent Hospital Is Said To Be Haunted By The Ghost Of David Henry Coleman, The Notorious Serial Killer Known As The Mangler Coleman Died On The Fourth Floor After Being Shot By Police For Brandon And His Friends, Their Curiosity Gets The Best Of Them As They Explore The Dark Halls Despite Old Man Jake S Warnings No One Knows Of Jake S Past Connection To The Serial Killer And The HospitalNow, On The Anniversary Of The Mangler S Death, A Group Of High School Kids Are Planning A Private Party On The Haunted Fourth Floor Jake Must Keep Everyone Out And Protect Them From The True Evil That Lurks On Floor Four, While Brandon Falls Deeper Into The Mangler S Supernatural WorldIf You Like Your Scares With A Twist Of The Twilight Zone, Then You Ll Love Floor Four S Take On The SupernaturalGrab Your Free Copy And Walk The Haunted Halls Today Not for seasoned horror readers Perhaps a good start for pre teens getting into horror, maybe, but very b grade In fact it reminded me of something that would have been written by primary school kids with that clich d setting and clunky and meandering prose that never really captured the suspense or built any atmosphere Sorry but I didn t enjoy this one at all. This was not a bad short story Kept me interested. I read this book for the Read Your E reader read a thon I have had it for a little while and decided it would be great for this I did not know what to expect since this is a first time read of this author, but knowing it was a horror was a definite plus for me Synopsis A loud bang was heard from above, scaring the boys They shined their lights up the stairwell The sounds of chains rattling on the floor stirred the dust above Something or someone was up there Doug, hiding his fear, took a couple ofsteps up Brandon and Kyle looked at him, their feet locked in place They had no intention of going any further A tale of horror with a twist of the Twilight Zone The old, abandoned Saint Vincent Hospital is said to be haunted by the ghost of David Henry Coleman, the notorious serial killer, known as The Mangler Coleman died on the fourth floor after being shot by police For the three Jr High boys, their curiosity gets the best of them as they explore the old hospital, despite Old Man Jake s warning No one knew of Jake s dark connection to the killer and the hospital And now, on the anniversary of The Mangler s death, a group of high school kids are planning a private party on the haunted fourth floor Jake must keep everyone out and protect them from the true evil that lurks on Floor Four I absolutely loved the plot of this story, mainly because it was a horror story that surrounded the death of a serial killer who was pretty much haunting an old abandoned hospital The writing was not the best I have ever read, but it was doable It had great pacing so it did flow very well so it made it a very quick read For the most part it was an interesting tale There were some creepy parts and also I found it to be somewhat trippy as well, so you did not realize what was actually real and what was not I think that added to the story, but may be annoying to some readers.The characters were ok I guess, I did not really relate to any of them David Henry Coleman otherwise known as The Mangler , our serial killer in question was an interesting character, but I didn t really feel like I found out why he was like he was, so that is a big chunk missing to the story I really wanted to knowabout it and just did not get that.This book is definitely a plot driven book rather than a character driven plot I feel like the author could have done a lotwith the story It is worth the read though since there are plenty of creepy parts to the story along with the trippy parts as well. This is actually closer to a 3.5 than a 4.There are many floors of thought surrounding my take on Floor Four Floor One The author did a wonderful job at establishing the tone of the work The narration feltlike a conversation at times, which made this work easy to read.Floor Two The work did present some characters that were easy to like, such as Jake, and characters you loved to hate, like Doug In addition, it presented some characters you were on the fence about like Kyle and Brandon, and those elements made me want to find outSide Hallway I kept wanting to call this work Fourth Floor Now let s go a bit higher.Floor Three There was a whole lot of repetition of certain situations and phrases that took some of the swipe out of the sickle if you will I picked up that Coleman aka The Mangler was a bad ass from the beginning, and I don t think that element needed to be repeated by characters in the narrative Let the character act let the killing do the work Also, the parts where Doug was desperately seeking truth from Brandon were a bit of overkill.Floor Four I was seeking a bitcohesiveness depth in plot in the connection not only between Jake and the Mangler but also with Brandon s interaction with him For me, just the sight doesn t quite hold full water I was looking for an additional twist to come out, like way back when, Jake and the Mangler were related or something Or that the Mangler s interest in Brandon went deeper than the whole bargaining chip angle It just seemed as if something was really missing Also, the kills were rather predictable.Final Sweep If you are a person who is looking for very detailed storyline with twists and turns, many instances of blood and gore, great unpredictability and a read that will leave you looking around to see if the killer is in the room with you, I d have to say Pass This work isn t for someone who is seasoned in horror reads or very rich psychological thrillers.However,If you are new to horror, like slight mind benders, and not too much gore, then Floor Four will be a pleasing read to you For me, this work had quite a young adult feel to it, andmild psych than anything horror. Painfully bad writing takes what could have been a fun little ghost story and turns it into a drudgery Written in a very passive voice with a handful of spelling and grammatical errors thrown in for good measure, this book is short but seriously poorly executed Bad Really and truly bad. Floor Four was about an old hospital that is haunted by the Mangler There was a guy named Jake who told kids scary stories about the old hospital and how the Mangler will kill you if you see him He did this for the kids will not go in the old hospital Jake knows a lot about the Mangler because the Mangler is out to kill him Even though the Mangler is dead, his ghost is trying to kill Jake There were three teenage boys who did not believe Jake Doug, Kyle, and Brandon wanted to test Jake and went to a party in the old hospital on the fourth floor The party did not go the way the boys thought it would The Mangler showed himself and kills two people During this Brandon watched it all and saw the Mangler Whoever sees the Mangler must die That was the Manglers saying Brandon saw the Mangler Ever since that night Brandon was haunted by the Mangler The Mangler teased him by leaving blood everywhere, but Brandon was the only one who could see all the things the Mangler was doing The Mangler kept haunting Brandon until one night there was a party and Brandon was possessed Brandon was forced to kill Doug, his best friend, in front of tons of people Brandon was about to kill Doug and then the Mangler was taken over and Brandon was free The ending was good Brandon is still scared of the things that have happened to him Doug is still alive and Kyle is too I would recommend this to ages 14 and up This book is very graphic and will make you feel like you are one of the characters If you are older you will understandof what the book was getting at It gets really confusing This is a really good book and I was very interested in it The book made me want to keep reading and reading The book never got boring You would always get the feeling of what is next What is going to happen to Brandon It sometimes make you think yelling at the book Like a scary movie when the characters do something a normal person would not do Instead of running they open the closet door This book has a lot of that Over all I do recommend this book to all people who like horror. This novel from the Horror Genre was amazing It kept me engaged for all 111 pages David Henry Coleman The Mangler has been in a murder spree for years HIs murder weapons of choice, a sicle and chains He is finally caught in a small Texas Town, and after being mortally shot, dies in the town s oldest hospital, but not before he makes eye contact with Jack a maintenance worker at the hospital From there the story builds and affect the lives of three or four young boys Most directly affecting Brandon This is both the story of Coleman s afterlife and the toll it takes on Brandon I picked up this Kindle Short as a fill in read before biting of a bigger book I m really glad I did. An old man name Jake loved to tell the neighborhood kids scary stories His favorite one was about the old abandoned Saint Vincent Hospital and the serial killer called the mangler The mangler died on the 4th floor after being shot by police It is said that David Henry Coleman the mangler haunts the 4th floor of The Saint Vincent Jake would tell the neighborhood kids to stay away from the hospital They did not take his warning seriously The anniversary of the mangler was coming up and a couple of high school seniors wanted to throw a party in the old abandoned hospital on the 4th floor Kyle, Doug and Brandon found out about the party and want to check it out Kyle and Doug waited for Brandon but he never showed up Brandon had second thoughts and decided that he was going to seek out and find his friends Little did know that this night would turn his life into one hell of a roller coaster ride This was the first book that I read by this author This was a quick enjoyable read I will definitely check outworks by this author. While looking for my next horror book on , I came across this one for free and thought I would give it a try, especially since I have a thing for haunted houses and buildings.The creep factor of this book was really good, but at timeslike a YA horror The way the murderer did his murders in the first place was very interesting and the first couple of pages had me hooked The ending was really good with one of those endings that only happen in horror movies Definitely a good read.