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Such a good read!

So glad to read about Riley's story! Her story with Marshall is romantic and so compelling that you can't put it down! So Good!

Donna Grant never disappoints! I have read almost all of her books and I love every single one. Wonderful author! "Wild Rapture" by Donna Grant. Book 5 in the Chiasson series. *finale*

I really enjoyed this book about Marshall and Riley. Riley has been in the series from the beginning. Marshall has been introduced but this is the first time we're really getting to see him and know him.

Riley is the only Chiasson female with 4 older brothers trying to protect her. After the tragedy with her parents, her older brother decided to send her away to school for her own safety. Well she's back home now and she's stronger than her brother's think. Only now, Riley doesn't remember having brothers...she's lost her memory after an attack on her by a werewolf. Thank goodness the Voodoo priestess Delphine was there to help her try to get her life back together and protect her.

Marshall is determined to find Riley. Her brothers are frantic in there search for her when she was taken by the evil Voodoo priestess during a fight between her whole family and all the paranormal factions. Delphine's warded off part of the city and only Marshall can enter it. When he finds Riley, he didn't expect her to not remember anything. Now he needs to find a way to break Delphine's magic over Riley and bring her home. He just didn't expect the attraction between them.

I really enjoyed this book. I loved both Marshall and Riley. They were just so right for each other. They had great chemistry together. I really enjoyed the twists and turns in this plot. I really liked it.

This is the last book of the series but I recommend you read this series in conjunction with the LaRue series. Both series are interconnected because the families in them are related. The Chiasson's are cousins to the LaRues. The Delphine story line runs through both series'. So even though this is the last Chiasson book, the story continues with the last LaRue book.

I enjoyed this series and recommend it. Rapturous

As always Ms Grant delivers the goods. Great storyline, great characters and always leaves you wanting more. Can't wait for Moon Bound. Great end to this series

Short and sweet just like the entire series wrapped it up well. Can't wait for Kane's book and what it will be. From the first time Marshall saw Riley he felt a connection between them. When he hears she's been taken by a Voodoo priestess he vows to search for her and return her home. Excellent

I just love all her books. She makes all her characters so very real. You can imagine being friends with them. Great storyline. I love this series. Donna Grant is a favorite author of mine. I love her voice and the color she brings to her books. That, Donna Grant sure can weave a tale! Once again we are invited into the world of the Chiasson's & their cousins the LaRues. I couldn't put this down until finished. Spellbinding, romantic, suspenseful and thrilling! `DOWNLOAD BOOK ☜ Wild Rapture (Chiasson, #5) ⇲ New York Times Bestselling Author Donna Grant Is Back In The Bayous With The Final Story In The Seductive Chiasson Series


Tempestuous, Willful Riley Chiasson Has Been Hunting The Supernatural With Her Family Since She Was Old Enough To Know What It Was But That Puts Her Right In The Sights Of A Voodoo Priestess Who Captures Riley, Putting Her In A Perpetual State Of Amnesia Until Riley Crosses Path With A Handsome Stranger Who Makes Her Feel As If She’s Destined For More, And It’s Not Just The Lifetime She Envisions In The Gorgeous Lawman’s Arms There’s Something She’s Been Made To Forget Something She’s Determined To Remember But That Puts Not Just Herself But Marshall In Danger


Sheriff Marshall Ducet Hasn’t Been Able To Escape The Paranormal Nor Can He Forget The Alluring, Riley From The Moment He Set Eyes On Her, He Felt A Connection, So When Riley Goes Missing, He Returns To His Home Town Of New Orleans To Search For Her When He Finally Finds Riley, He Vows To Do Everything In His Power To Bring Her Back To Herself, Her Family—and Him But Delphine Is A Powerful Foe, And Even With The Help Of Riley’s Brothers, Cousins, And Their Allies, Victory Is Not Guaranteed But One Thing Is Certain, Marshall Will Do Anything To Have Riley By His Side