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This is a lovely fable of how a wise and kind magician managed to outwit a jealous and mean spirited king, not only to save his own life, but to transform the life of the king as well.

Illustrations are interesting. [Read Epub] ☪ The King and the Magician ♃ The KingIMDb Directed By David Michd With Tom Glynn Carney, Gbor Czap, Tom Fisher, Edward Ashley Hal, Wayward Prince And Heir To The English Throne, Is Crowned King Henry V After His Tyrannical Father Dies Now The Young King Must Navigate Palace Politics, The War His Father Left Behind, And The Emotional Strings Of His Past Life The King I Musical UK The King I Musical Official Website Winner OfTony Awards Now On A World Tour Book Your Tickets Today Total War WARHAMMER The King And The The King The Warlord Is The Second Lords Pack For Total War WARHAMMER Bolstering The Forces Of Both The Greenskins And The Dwarfs, It Introduces Famous Rival Characters, New Iconic Units And New Battle Maps The King WikipdiaThe King And Ifilm Wikipedia The King And I Is AAmerican Animated Musical Romantic Drama Film Produced By Morgan Creek, Nest, Rankin Bass, And Rich Animation Studios, And Distributed By Warner Bros Under Their Family Entertainment Unit The Only Morgan Creek Animated Feature Film To Be Made, It The King Fallout Wiki Fandom Timothe Chalamet a lovely fable, with a very true and important life lesson. beautifully told and illustrated. An original and compelling story about what we choose and how it can change our lives and the lives of those around us. I had never heard of this tale till now. It is one I will read over and over again to all the children I watch! Cannot wait to read this to my 4th and 5th graders! Great story and fantastic illustrations. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is true of our story's antagonist–the dreadful and overbearing king. He not only insisted on being obeyed by all the subjects in his vast realm, but also admired by them. This was actually decreed. Soon word of a beloved village magician is spread, and it is said he may even rival the king in power. The king becomes insanely jealous and a murderous rage fills him, prompting him to plot the death of the magician. This all changes after the fateful night arrives and the king confronts the magician with a question to which the answer literally means life or death. The answer, as it happens, is so impacting that it completely reverses the heart of the king. Subsequent events unfold that spin the story in a new and wonderful direction until we are left with a king who is the complete antithesis of the tyrant we first encountered. To say that this is a mesmerizing and timeless tale is to understate the facts. This is one that has to be read carefully in order to be truly appreciated.

The art, painted by an awardwinning Argentinian illustrator, is unconventional yet interesting enough to merit interest. Though not for everyone, many will find it appealing and even befitting of the period in which the story is set. That said, this is one of few picture books that left me feeling the story was superior to the artwork. There once was a powerful king who asked his subjects who the most powerful man in the kingdom was, and they replied that he was, of course. The one day, the King heard about a man who had a different power than he had, a humble magician who had the power to predict the future. Even worse, the King discovered that the magician was well respected and beloved. So the King called the Magician before him after devising an evil plan. He would ask the Magician if he could really tell the future. If the Magician answered “No” then he proved he had no power. If he answered “Yes” then the King would ask him to predict his own death. Either way, the King would immediately kill him. But then a strange thing happened and the Magician declared that he could see the future and that he would die at the same time as the King. Suddenly, the King’s plan meant nothing. He could not kill the Magician without hurting himself. So instead he started protecting the Magician. Still, the Magician had much more to teach him, if the King would listen.

Bucay has created a picture book that has depths to it. It is a fairy tale of a king and a magician but it is also about creating one’s fate, listening to wisdom and being willing to change. It is a book that continues even after some may have ended it with the Magician ensconced in luxury and being protected by the King. Happily, it doesn’t end there, because the more profound part of the story follows when the relationship between the two men burgeons into friendship and deep caring for one another. It is a story of how enemies become friends, how power can be used for good. In a word, it’s exceptional.

Gusti’s illustrations add to that feeling of a very rich and amazing read. Using paint and collage, the illustrations have a still regal bearing. There is a strength and solidity to them that grounds this story, making it more realistic. There are also touches of whimsy, like the teddy bear that accompanies the powerful king everywhere.

Strong, enchanting and profound, this picture book will start discussions about power, enemies and truth. Appropriate for ages 46.