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Interest book about a french WW2 submarine commandeered by the British around the time of the fall of Singapore Moving prose. @Free Pdf ë Strike From The Sea ⚡ Indo China Cruising Somewhere Off Saigon Is The World S Largest And Most Dangerous Submarine The French Soufri Re A Rich Prize For The Enemy, The British Navy Must Capture Her Before She Is Used Against ThemFor Commander Robert Ainslie, It Is The Greatest Challenge Of His Career He Must Take The Foreign Submarine And Use Her Against The Enemy In The Defence Of Singapore Fast read Documentary style with embellishments so far. I saw this in a library and couldn t resist the premise Before WWII the French built a giant submarine with an unusual design Instead of the usual 5 deck gun, she had a turret with two 8 guns, plus a floatplane in a waterproof hangar The real sub served the Free French for a while in WWII before being lost in an unlucky collision while en route to the Pacific The book s premise is that a sister ship was taken over by the British in the Far East and used in several desperate missions in support of the the doomed defense of Malaya and Singapore I expected some interesting insights into how such an unusual vessel could be used No such luck Every engagement is contrived so that the big guns get a workout, even though they could be aimed only a close range from such a low platform They carry out a shore bombardment without coordinating with friendly troops ashore, a tactical absurdity The scout plane gets fitted with a Lewis gun on a ring mount and strafes Japanese ships, another absurdity There is no mention of how clumsy such a large boat must have been on a torpedo approach, nor on how vulnerable it must have been to depth charges, with a pressurized turret and hangar outside the pressure hull Nor do the clumsy human interest elements make up for the book s failure as a techno thriller they have all the subtle depth of characterization of a Harlequin romance One is jarred by frequent changes of point of view In short, it s amazing that so dull a book can be written on so interesting a topic. British submariner Commander Robert Ainslie is sent to Singapore in November 1941 to sieze the French submarine Soufriere He and his men are caught up in the Japaanese attacks that draw America into World War II.