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I ve been reading Cussler books for years and never had one that I really disliked There have been a few in which his co writer got too bogged down in the details, but usually the story won out in the end.This book however I considered rating it a one star for Dislike however I do like the Fargo Characters so I gave it a 2 star out of fan loyalty.I was very disappointed in this book It took me longer to finish than usual and at times reading it felt like a chore.Below are spoilers.The plot seemed very weak at best.The Cuba story line felt like filler material and the trip to Laos was simply a waste of reading time The Kendra red herring felt contrived from the get go and about half way the co writer seemed to be bored with himself.If this was a person s first Fargo book, they d be very confused about Janus and his motivation for everything There was no explanation for how he came to meet up with them in the early part of the story.At the end of the story 2 years into the Future that whole Ark of the Covenant prank that Sam planned to play on Janus yawn.The female who betrayed them in the final chapters after helping them all along That was too obvious and I was not shocked at all It felt like the typical betrayal from the old Doc Savage Pulps Zolton is a great addition to the series, yet he just seems to be filler material, I do wish he d becomeintegral to the story His scenes were boring and felt unnecessary Yeah we get it, they have a dog, pat him on the head, next scene This is an animal with smarts and skills How is he not traveling with them To digress to the Cuba scenes I remember thinking to myself that it just felt like an odd story line and the whole we need to break into a Cuban Fort and take pictures then escape was too weird Too much for what little it really added to the story. OK, this is absolutely my last Clive Cussler book He s going in the pile with Patricia Cornwell, Jeffrey Archer, James Patterson et al who have become so formulaic and obviously for commercial consumption. [Free Pdf] ♣ The Eye of Heaven ♊ Baffin Island Husband And Wife Team Sami And Remi Fargo Are On A Climate Control Expedition In The Arctic, When To Their Astonishment They Discover A Viking Ship In The Ice, Perfectly Preserved And Filled With Pre Columbian Artifacts From MexicoHow Can That Be As They Plunge Into Their Research, Tantalizing Clues About A Link Between The Vikings And The Legendary Toltec Feathered Serpent God Quetzalcoatl And A Fabled Object Known As The Eye Of Heaven Begin To Emerge But So Do Many Dangerous People Soon The Fargos Find Themselves On The Run Through Jungles, Temples, And Secret Tombs, Caught Between Treasure Hunters, Crime Cartels, And Those With A Far Personal Motivation For Stopping Them At The End Of The Road Will Be The Solution To A Thousand Year Old Mystery Or Death I really enjoyed reading this book I loved the archaeological aspect Vikings in Mexico, a viking was actually Quenzalcoatl the Fargo characters which of course mean adventure, treasure, dangerous people pursuing them and life and death moments Unputdownable. Not the best of the Fargo books Seems like several of their actions were un Fargo like view spoiler Starting with going to Cuba, noticing a tail and thinking we must have been sold out by a one of our staff utterly discounting the bureaucratic trail the left just entering Cuba, not to mention the communist gov t just being suspicious of Americans, let alone treasure hunters that are American Then, following that up with breaking into a gov t military museum, thinking all they need to do if caught is get into international water and they are worry free Kinda short sighted since I m sure there is at least one country that the Fargos would want to someday visit would be willing to extradite them back to Cuba Russia and Venezuela come to mind hide spoiler Trite, badly written, too stodgy for an adventure novel. This book was reminiscent of the tv program Hart to Hart, on the ocean The corny dialogue between the lead characters took away some enjoyment and caused my eyes to roll, the plot was intriguing. Sixth in the Fargo Adventure archeology suspense series and revolving around Sam and Remi Fargo The focus is on a Mexican treasure.My TakeI ve been complaining the last couple of Fargo Adventures about the writing This time around, I m complaining about how blah and dull The Eye of Heaven is The writing is okay that prologue really made me feel the cold, the hunger, and the fear but the action is formulaic and boring It s the usual prologue, setting up the Vikings as the treasure leavers It is, however, extremely vague in background information We re introduced to the big bad boy with that initial treasure hijacking attempt, just so we ll know how big and bad he is when we get to the primary storyline.How stupid are Sam and Remi They already know Benedict will stop at nothing, that someone on the Bermudez must be a mole, and yet they don t question that necklace Heck, even I could see who was the leak And how Benedict kept finding them, eye roll Then there s that fabulous house of theirs with all the latest security and they don t take into consideration eavesdroppers The joking between Sam and Remi is cute, and a touchbelievable than it was in The Mayan Secrets , 5, although it has a nasty edge to it I keep thinking they ll end up separated, it s so mean.Huh what Remi knows Selma so well Can see she s in a lot of pain And she s surprised to learn that Selma has to go in for hip surgery Where has she been while Selma s been dealing with all this pain Cause I know this pain didn t come up overnight.An interesting take on the origins of Quetzalcoatl.I guess I keep reading this because of the archeology and the Fargos free spending generosity, helping their friends and making it possible for hard pressed academics and scientists to preserve history and I do have a passion for history.This story I m not sure you want to waste the time reading it It s kind of a wanna be James Bond up against a wanna be SMERSHeye rolls.The StoryIt s an unexpected discovery frozen in one of the bays on Baffin Island that sets the Fargos down a path that will lead them to the truth behind Quetzalcoatl and turn Toltec history and the world on its ear.The CharactersSam and Remi Fargo are retired and wealthy with a fascination for archeology They employ a small staff who work out of their fabulous home in La Jolla, California Selma Wondrash as their chief researcher with contacts everywhere while Pete Jeffcoat and Wendy Corden are junior researchers Selma is also going in for a hip replacement surgery Kendra Hollingsworth, Selma s niece with a double major in computer science and history, will be her replacement while she s recovering Zolt n is their alert German shepherd whom they adopted in Tombs , 4 Since The Mayan Secrets , the Fargos have acquired a Gulfstream jet with Brad Sterling and Rex Fender their pilots and Sandra is their flight attendant Mexico Carlos Ramirez is a friend of Selma s, and he s in charge of the Antiquities department in the National Institute of Anthropology and History in Mexico City Dr Maribela and Dr Antonio Casuela are sister and brother and experts on the Toltecs The Los Zetas cartel deals drugs and weapons Ferdinando Guerrero is the Mexico City chief of the cartel.CubaDr Lagarde is one of Selma s friends in Cuba Professor George Milhaupt is at Cal Tech and has an interest in cryptology he believes Lazlo Kemp is the Fargos best bet.Rubin Haywood is with the CIA.Lazlo Kemp got caught and now has to reinvent himself Unfortunately, his predilection for drink is getting in the way.Baffin Island and the Viking shipCommander Wes Hall is heading up a U.S Coast Guard sponsored expedition aboard the Alhambra to explore the island s fjords Lieutenant Ralph Willbanks is Hall s first officer Rick is the pilot who gets them there.Warren Lasch had headed up the recovery of the CSS Hunley back in Lost Empire , 2 Dr Jennings works in Montreal and is one of Canada s top archeologists The expedition off the coast of Cartagena, SpainDominic is the captain of the Bermudez and the leader of the Spanish team of divers Janus Benedict is a wealthy arms dealer with legitimate businesses in banking, insurance, and real estate and has a connection to stolen artifacts Reginald is his dumb thug of a younger brother His conspirators include Pasqual, Andrew, and Sergei Percy is one of Benedict s go to boys for skullduggeryQuetzalcoatl is the feathered serpent god of the Aztecs the Mayans called him Votan.The Vikings in 1085 ADVidar is the captain s first mate on the Sigrun.The Cover and TitleThe cover is green A Viking ship sailing, literally, through an emerald cliffed sea, a flash of lightning in the background The title is in yellow with the authors names in white Cussler s name is WAY larger than life with Blake s name a tiny add on.The title is the focus of this story, The Eye of Heaven. I ve read all the previous Fargo adventures and this is so unlike any of the previous novels I was disappointed to say the least It was trite, disjointed the Fargo characters were so annoying arrogant Too much detail in what they ate the fashion This was the worst Fargo so called adventure by far I was shocked there was very little adventure I doubt Cussler had very little input into this novel leaving the writing to his co author I will not be reading another novel with this partnership again Maybe Cussler should stop churning the books out in such high volume go back to the quality integrity that made us all read him in the first place Worst Fargo adventure yet The dialogue was horribly cheesy and the author s spent a weird amount of time describing what the fargos ate.I normally like this series, but this book was pretty bad.