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I really enjoyed the first two books of this trilogy, but The Uncrowned Queen was justboring And repetitive And boring And repetitive Honestly, I m not sure what happened The Innocent The Exiled were both laced with a fair bit of historical background, but adhering to FACTS tm wasn t the ultimate focus of those plots only fitting, given that there wasn t much wiggle room without tossing history to the wind But hey, it s a fictional trilogy Bending history is allowed.Except this book lost the joyful ignorance that made the others fun to read Rather, The Uncrowned Queen was a plodding recount of Edward s quest to regain the throne mostly who was or wasn t interested in supporting him why they took that stand interspersed with random moments featuring Anne or Elizabeth Wydeville, but neglecting other personalities that had hitherto been important to the story arc All the characters were passionless flat nevermind the token sexy times with less than distinctive scenes that gave them absolutely nothing to do Did I mention the short chapters Everything switches to another character scene after 4 6 pages of text which would be irksome enough by itself, but THE OTHER BOOKS ARE NOT WRITTEN THIS WAY Why was this one hammered out with such an unnatural flow It reduced what little plot there was to a scatter shot collage of vignettes.Sorry, but this was a fail even with a couple halfhearted attempts at recapturing the WTFery from those first two books It just wasn t enough spark after being bludgeoned with drab political yapping a love story that had already reached a comfortable conclusion at the end of Book 2 In short, this book is totally unnecessary The Uncrowned Queen is 450 pages of needless paddingwhich I shall henceforth ignore As far as I m concerned, the Anne de Bohun saga is a duology, not a trilogy. The heroine of this series doesn t seem to have existed in history Jane Shore was actually the most famous mistress of Edward IV As a character, Anne De Bohun appears to have nine lives as she escapes again and again from people who wish to be rid of her, mainly Edward IV s wife and Queen Although Anne bears Edward IV s son, she consistently resists becoming his mistress and attempts to lead her own life.Just as Edward succeeds in changing her mind, something happens to make herset in her resolve to live separate from him In spite of her love and her heartbreak, the series does end happily but with Edward and Anne together This series must be read in sequence and I m only sorry it wasn t published as a single book It would have been as thick as Les Miserables and maybe the publishers thought that would scare away readers in our fast busy lives today.On the whole, I liked Posie Graeme Evans fourth book, The Dressmaker better than I liked this series.I am looking forward to her next book. I did not read the first two books of this trilogy and after finishing the uncrowned queen I am glad I didn t.I am not a historian however I do pride myself on my knowledge of English medieval history Especially during the fifteenth century The inaccuracy of the historical points provided were very disappointing Some of these inaccuracies probably wouldn t bother someone who isn t as familiar with English history but for someone like myself the use of your majesty drove me up the wall The term your majesty was not used until Henry VIII several monarchs later I find myself always wondering why people feel the need to fluff history that is already rich in drama and super interesting I love historical fictions and I understand the need to make up some stuff and characters to fill in the blanks, but there is so much to work with during this time period specifically that actually DID happen so why make up so much unnecessary BS I found the main character annoying and the romance between her and Edward predictable and corny Not to mention if you re going to write about one of Edward IV s mistresses wouldn t you consider writing it on his most well known mistress Elizabeth Shore Honestly I felt Edward s little love affair with Anne was distracting from the real events that were taking place and made him seem kind of fickle and easily led I also didn t like the portrayal of Elizabeth Woodville at all.Lastly this book was extremely hard to follow Everything seemed scattered and thoughts and ideas were NOT developed properly It was hard to know who s POV I was reading because it would change from one characters POV to another s without even a paragraph break I would give this book 2.5 stars if I had the option Called The Beloved in the UK, this is the last in the trilogy about Anne de Bohun, a fictional character who is the mistress of King Edward IV The series takes place during the War of the Roses when the crown of England was much contested It was an interesting time period not one I knew much about and the book was well researched, but I never generated that much sympathy for the characters I kept thinking, Anne, just get on with your life I wasn t too sure about the series when I read the first book, as I thought it took far too long to get to the main story Much of the first book deals with Anne working at the house of a merchant and there is a huge side story about the son of the house and another of the maids The story doesn t really begin until she begins working at the palace, and the author takes a while to get there.I felt it was a good story, but the author could ve easily condensed it down to one book There were many instances where she took a brief fact or bit of information that could ve come across in a single sentence, and developed an entire chapter around it I do recommend this series if you like saga type books or very detailed stories, but, for me, I got too impatient for it to finish and resolve itself. ( FREE EPUB ) ♶ The Uncrowned Queen: A Novel ♂ The Thrilling Climax To The Trilogy That Began With The Innocent And The Exiled Brings Posie Graeme Evans S Bittersweet Story Of Two Lovers Divided By The Throne Of England To Its Dramatic Conclusion As England Tears Itself Apart In The War Of The Roses, Anne De Bohun Lives Far From The Intrigues Of Cities And Courts Once King Edward IV S Mistress, Anne Has Found Safety With Their Son In Brugge But Now Edward Himself Is A Hunted Fugitive, And Anne S Real Father, King Henry VI, Rules Again From Westminster Summoned By An Enigmatic Message From Her Lover, Anne Is Drawn Once To The Passion, The Excitement, And The Deadly Danger That Edward Brings Into Her Life But Now, The Girl Who Was Once A Penniless Servant Has A Child To Protect And An Inheritance To Defend Can She Let Her Love For Edward Threaten Everything She Has Or Will She Need His Help To Protect Her From The Powerful Enemy Who Means To Destroy Her Boasting An Extraordinary Heroine And Intense, Intersecting Plots, The Uncrowned Queen Is A Dazzling And Satisfying Finale To Anne De Bohun S Incredible Story I was not too fond of the first two in this trilogy however I attempted the third book It was honestly not an enjoyable read and I could not finish it Overall, after 3 books, there was no impact or connection with the characters or plot Anne seemed to be the other woman who kept falling for Edwards crap Yes, he says he loves her, but he also says that to his wife, other women and continues to dally in his own life, only calling on Anne after he lost his throne How is that a love story The portrayal of the Queen also irks me why is she the enemy because she is angry at Anne for sleeping with her husband and bearing his illegitimate child Never in my life did I think something like this could be categorized a romance historical fiction love story There is a lesson here ladies, if you don t appreciate the home wrecker sleeping with your husband and compromising your role as his wife queen, you are an evil woman Yea right.. I really enjoyed the first 2 books in the Anne trilogy but was disappointed with the last installment This book didn t flow like the other 2 and seemed like it was trying too hard to wrap up the story The story veered back and forth on side notes that had absolutely no pertinence to the story itself and could have easily been edited out, everything pertaining to King Louis for instance I was also bothered by the stronger presence of the fantasy elements to the plot They never seemed to blend into the story very well and were not believable to me I found myself rolling my eyes at every mention of the Sword Queen I love fantasy and would have normally been fine with this sort of theme but it just didn t seem to fit in with the story. Read 8 5 07 8 12 07The Uncrowned Queen is the last book in the Anne de Bohun trilogy, following The Innocent and The Exiled Lady Anne assists her lover, Edward IV, in regaining his crown, dodges witch hunts and endlessly flip flops between choosing duty or love, all without mussing her lovely self unduly Ifound this book and it s heroine annoying at a very primal level, I m still surprised I finished it All of which is unfair, because it s perfectly likeable historical fiction, with lovely descriptions and a flair for what if imaginings It s not the book s fault that it sheroine s perfection set my teeth on edge, LOL Recommended, sort of.Genre Historical FictionRating 7Publication 2005Where From the libraryReason stubborness I think this is the weakest of the series It took too long for things to get going and I was bored for much of the first half of the book I ended up liking the ending of the book and series. Five stars goes to the series I loved this last book Sooooo romantic Full of adventure It will not disappoint My friend Renee would love it