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The story of Ronja and Birk is similar to that of Romeo and Juliet two children from hostile families are friends and thank God, their parents reconcile themselves before the children go to their death, so that everything goes well In the world of robbers and goblins, is well advised with Ronja R ubertochter If you open this book, you will be faced with the fragrance of the forest. [[ FREE E-PUB ]] ⇝ Ronja Rövardotter ☠ In Der Nacht, Als Ronja Geboren Wurde, Rollte Der Donner Ber Die Berge Ja, Es War Eine Gewitternacht, Dass Sich Selbst Alle Unholde, Die Im Mattiswald Hausten, Erschrocken Verkrochen Mitten Im Wald, Zwischen R Ubern, Graugnomen Und Wilddruden, W Chst Ronja, Die Tochter Des R Uberhauptmanns Mattis, Auf Eines Tages Trifft Sie Auf Ihren Streifz Gen Birk, Den R Ubersohn Aus Der Verfeindeten Sippe Von Borka Und Als Die Eltern Den Beiden Verbieten, Freunde Zu Sein, Fliehen Ronja Und Birk In Die W Lder This was probably my favorite book I read in 2011 My friend gave it to me last year or the year before, and I always take a while to get to books that people have given me I have to warm up to the concept of the book and get used to the cover and think about what mood would be the best for a read I m glad I waited so long to read it because the time place for the read was perfect I just enjoyed the hell out of this story A lot of elements of the story hit my favorite things, and I loved its brightness and ease Ronia is a wild harpy of a little girl who runs through the forest, tames wild horses, and lives in a cave when she has a fight with her father Her mother sings the wolf song at bedtime and Ronia teaches herself not to be afraid But, sometimes she still is afraid.I don t have anything deep to say about this book, but for me it had just the right combination of reality and fantasy, sadness and hope It didn t shy away from harshness, but it wasn t trying to beat me over the head with life Maybe in another mood I would have been bothered by the fairy tale quality of it, but I really loved that in this particular mood It is also difficult to say how I would have felt about this as a kid, but I like to think I would have loved it It has an unselfconscious wild girlness that I hope I ve always loved. Koliko je Ronja kul Mnogo i mislim da je direktan potomak one Andersenove male razbojnice iz Sne ne kraljice I nije jedini kul lik u knjizi, naprotiv, Luvis je jedna od najkulijih kuljih majki koje mo ete da zamislite, razbojni kih ili ne A isto kompoziciono, ovo je mo da i najbolja knjiga Astrid Lindgren koju znam I sve je odmereno kako treba da se deca ne zagu e ni lirikom ni sentimentom ni surovo u ivota, ali da svega toga bude taman koliko je neophodno to zna i da e view spoiler romeo i julija situacija sa klincem iz protivni ke bande da se razre i ba kako treba hide spoiler There s this thing that happens to some children s authors who become too successful They realise that every kid grows up reading their books, and they gradually start to feel that they ought to be, you know, telling them something important rather than just entertaining themSo in this case we have Astrid Lindgren, who d already written Pippi L ngstrump, Emil I L nneberga, Karlsson P Taket and several other timeless masterpieces These books are as light as air, and any message they re imparting sneaks in under your radar before you ve even had a chance to figure out what it is And now, here s Ronja, who s the daughter of a robber king that lives in a castle in the forest On the night she s born, the castle is struck by lightning so that it splits down the middle Her family discover, to their consternation, that a second band of robbers have moved into the other half of the divided castle These people are their bitterest enemies But Ronja falls in love with the son of the rival robber king, and, oh well, read it for yourself You ve probably figured out the main points already.If some lesser author had written this clunky piece of allegory, I suppose I might have thought it wasor less acceptable But Astrid Lindgren I felt embarrassed from start to finish. I loved the book all the way through The style really captured my fancy right away and found it beautifully written, authentic and heartfelt I think it really captures the tug of the tween years, when children want to beindependent and begin to form their own ideas and wishes distinct from their parents, but also still yearn for that warmth and comfort and love and protection of being a child and having parents watch over you and assure you everything will be okay And I appreciated that we don t just see the child s perspective in this, but we see how it is a growing process for the parents, too The parents are often voices of wisdom, though also the children sometimes havewisdom than the parents and they all learn from one another It is refreshing to see a book where the children learn that their parents aren t perfect, and that they should protect themselves from negative behaviors, but that even grown ups can change for the better and still be lovable and needed I adored the descriptions of nature and how the children were so connected to nature and the seasons and the animals The children s spirits are free and it s beautiful The few fantastical elements harpies, dwarfs wove seamlessly into the story Wonderful Da muss man erst alt werden um die Geschichte rund um die R ubertochter Ronja lieben zu lernen Der Kinderbuchklassiker ist wirklich niedlich, aber auch ein wenig spannend und auch traurig Die Geschichte lebt nat rlich von Ronja, die k hne, mutige und kluge Tochter eines R uberh uptlings Ihre kleinen Abenteuer sind nicht hochdramatisch, aber f r Kinder perfekt.Interessant wird es dann, als Ronja mit den Sohn des Feindes ihres Vaters Freundschaft schlie t Es ist ein bisschen wie Romeo und Julia f r Kinder D Hieno klassikkosatu, jota en muista aiemmin lukeneeni kuulleeni Silti tarina oli sellaisella ikiaikaisella tavalla jotenkin tuttu Ihana luontokuvaus, vahvat naiset ja sellainen kivan rosoinen maailma Ymm rr n, miksi t m on monelle se lemppari.Lindgrenin sadut ovat vieneet menness n niin, ett jo uusi pino on kirjastosta haettuna. T m se vain jaksaa riemastuttaa yh uudestaan Satu on kest nyt hyvin aikaa ja aikuinen l yt t st aivan uusia tasoja.Kuuntelin nikirjana ja Ritva Veps n luenta on vallan mahtavaa kuunneltavaa El ytymist juuri sopivasti, etenkin m nni iskohdissa, jotka olivat suosikkejani.L mmin suositus ihan kaikille.