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As they do in John Oliver s hometown in England, I do my Halloween stuff, well mostly read horror themed books in February as well So keeping up with that impromptu tradition, I picked this up At first I was liking it well enough I was like gimmecontemporary diverse authors, no need to Walter Mosley this up Let s face it, we are not Luke Cage But a quarter of way in, it started to go downhill and I suddenly realized this was rather a bland offering Whenever I read badly written books, I think of Stephen King I know there is no correlation between those two things It is just that King has written so much on how not to write badly, that I can t not think of him or his advice when I chance upon horrendous writing Nicest thing I can say about this novel is that it is properly written and that it s grammatically sound But that s probably by default I was going to give it only one star Then I bumped it up to three, because some of the stories in it were really great From any number of them, a better book could have sprung, but those stories did buttress this mess and it is worth a skim because of that In an odd way, this does remind me of an infinitely better novel Gargoyle by David Andrews I hope Andrews has written another book by now Even though I had loved Gargoyle, for some reason I disliked it immensely too.And I ll admit, there is something to living through the nightmares of others That s scarring in a way that even our own rotten dreams are not Incidentally, I bought this book with a girl who isthan just a friend and yet she is less than what she could be. An athletic kid, who runs to shake off his lingering anxieties, faces a horrific event that marks his life permanantly Kyle, who looks forward to his annual school trip, and another way to escape his monotonous personal life, survives the train wreakage after it is crushed and mangled after the impact Being the only survivor, he adventures through the carriage, desperately searching for anyone else conscious, when he realises he can slip into the minds of the corpses across the train After he is drawn into the minds of his limp classmates, Kyle becomes aware that it is not only him who experiences the consuming terror and fear thats eats on him inside As death approaches his at the darkening end of the train, his worst nightmare become a blood curling reality lonliness and isolation from any human contact A must read, but beware of graphic secenarios of murder accidentally and other horrific mares to send chills down your spine. Malorie Blackman is one of those highly loved authors by the younger readers and from what I can gather this is one of those books that people either adore or they sit on the side about I think the latter is mostly due to people comparing it to her highly acclaimed Noughts Crosses series.Having had only this experience with Malorie Blackman I can say I really enjoyed the book Her writing style is really engaging, managing to pull the reader into the story easily as well as managing to hold their attention well I feel as though the title of the book oversells the horror aspect of the story yet it is full of suspense and I would recommend it as a read so long as people are willing to approach it with an open mind and do not compare it to her Noughts Crosses series which seems to muddy the water somewhat when it comes to this book. At first, I didn t really connect with the characters, and I think the dreams may have been too quick to be able to do that, but I enjoyed reading it Some of the dreams had great endings and were really gripping.Favourite character Rachel [ Read Book ] ⚑ The Stuff of Nightmares ♳ Kyle Has Always Been Afraid Of Things, Especially Dying Whilst On A Train On A School Trip, Kyle Realises That He Isn T The Only One Who Has Buried Fears And, Importantly, He Now Burns With The Desire To Live, And To Live Without Fear But Will Death Release Him Rating clarification 4.5 starsFavourite book of the month Great premise, full review in a few days FULL REVIEW For my pre read thoughts and reasons for reviewing please visit From the Shadows I Review This is my favourite Malorie Blackman book of the month without a shadow of a doubt While I didn t find it scary I did find myself getting drawn into the story and losing hours of my life by just becoming enthralled by the stories Each nightmare has an individual voice to it but still feels like a part of the overall plan of things, I have to say that I feel like a lot of those nightmares could actually happen in our world The premise is an interesting one, the ability to hide from your own worst nightmares by jumping into those of others is something I think I d quite like to do Knowing people s deepest, darkest secrets would help make people seem equal to me we re all scared of something The dark s one of my worst fears What about you The writing is some of Malorie s best in my opinion, the words flowed together painting beautiful pictures of things no one wants to happen Her writing is something that just comes with talent and experience and I m in awe of her.Kyle He s our main character and nightmare jumper He s an interesting character and is difficult for me to pin down I did like him but he was so filled with pain and guilt but as I read his story I came to see why and I felt for him I understood To be honest, if I was him I d have played my cards in exactly the same way I felt like I wanted to stage an intervention for him, but he sintelligent than most people in the world because he figures out what he needs to do to feel better about himself and life in general That s something most people don t manage inthan a lifetime.Rachel Rachel s a bit special, in the sense that she s not what she appears to be That makes it really hard for me to tell you about her without spoilers, but she s the only other main character I always felt a bit weird about her Something felt off about her and I didn t buy into what she was saying at first She knew way too much I m not sure if I m making sense, I get what I mean though.Favourite nightmare Robby s Robby s nightmare was a highlight, it was a nice edge into dystopia and I think it d make a fabulous novel A lot of the others felt like they were all they needed to be but this one hasdepth to it and a whole back story that I want to explore I do feel like having it in here undersells it I wantAnd just as a coincidence, Robby s nightmare is page 99 So I m going to use it as a sly way to promote this My Page 99 Test of The Stuff of Nightmares.Overall this is a really good set of stories weave into a bigger story arc I love the idea and I love how Malorie presented it The writing was amazing and the pace was incredible I think it s a challenge to make short stories the right length and Ms Blackman does it time and time again in this story The way she d snap back to the present situation to build up tension and anticipation was a stroke of genius as far as I m concerned This review has been taken straight from my blog, The Bookmark Girl jacket flap It begins with a ride on a train. But where it ends is on a precipice of horror dangling on the border between life and death It s a moment with Kyle discovers that he s not the only one in his class who knows about fear Not the only one who has nightmares And now, as Death stalks the carriages, it s a moment when nightmares become real Nightmares of wars, and a world devastated by chemical weapons Of a body being slowly stolen, bit by bit Of monstrous actions and monstrous creatures from old myths Of jealousy, obsession and a stalker outside your window Nightmares of everything imaginable. What will it take for Kyle to finally face his greatest fear Review I enjoyed The Stuff of Nightmares a lotthan I thought I would From the summary, I had assumed this book would be a lot less interesting than it actually turned out to be Judging the book when I shouldn t have, I thought that this book would include silly nightmares like being scared of the dark and ghosts and whatnot and, even though it did include one of those ideas, it was used so, so amazingly that I felt really bad for judging it so early.Malorie Blackman s writing is simple yet wonderful She knows when her writing needs to be fast paced and when not Although she is not the writer who would use flowery language in her writing, it is still gripping and keeps you hooked to the book I think the writing was definitely one of the best points of this book It kept me engaged the whole time, and it was clear so that, unlike a lot of other books, there was no need to reread a single part because I didn t already understand it fully.Next, the plot There wasn t much of a plot to this book but not in a bad way This book is basically thirteen nightmares, that change the main character Kyle and help him conquer his nightmare However, it islike the thirteen nightmares are just surrounded by a plot, rather than the plot including the nightmares, if that makes sense sorry if it doesn t However, you could also say that this book has fourteen plots I m really sorry I m making this sound confusing Basically, the plot of this book is amazing and you should read it Finally, the characters I loved every single character, and reading this book, I think I ve come to believe that you get to know someone much better by their nightmares than by when they re awake I loved each and every character, even though we knew about somethan others I even enjoyed the nightmare of The Stranger Yep, that s it, guys My review of The Stuff of Nightmares I give this book a 5 out of 5 I read this as part of the carnegie longlist 2010 and on balance, having read Noughts Crosses was disappointed as I felt that Malorie Blackman wasn t presenting anything new The title also oversold the horror element However, having said that I am about to recommend it to a colleague to read aloud to disaffected teenagers on lunchtime detentions, so it can t have been so bad if I think it will hold their attention.I think for me personally, I was hoping for something new and startling but that is hard to deliver in a short story Moreover I thought NC was so good it could only go downhill from there Having said that MB is a very strong author If you have a shorter attention span and want to try her out this is a solid collection.If you are a confident reader go straight for Noughts and Crosses if you like dystopia or Boys Don t Cry is you want social realism.Just been to see her at the 2012 Phillipa Pierce lecture in Cambridge A lovely lady This was such an amazing book I am never gonna forget this I loved each and every word of it Malorie Blackman s writing style was so wonderful, the first person thing throughout the story made me feel what the character was feeling, what the people were feeling, the fear, the emotion, everything There was so much raw emotion in this book Amazing No one writes like Malorie Blackman does And the plot was just awesome Loved every bit It s been a while since I ve managed to finish a book with 300 pages, but this one I was able to I know that this isn t considered to be Malorie Blackman s best work, and the reviews were usually alright to negative, but for me, I really enjoyed it.I thought that the nightmares were creative and interesting, and some of them really did scare me I don t usually read horror, and although this isof a collection of short horror stories, with multiple ones having being published previously, I thought that everything went together quite well.Yes, I did predict quite a few things that would happen in the overall story and some of the nightmares but that didn t stop me from freaking out when my suspicions were confirmed.Overall, I really did enjoy this book, and I know in the future I ll be reading some of her other novels right now I m quite interested in Pig Heart Boy