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~READ EPUB ⚓ Forsaking Truth (McCullough Mountain, #5) ☩ When Luke McCullough S Athletic Potential Is Diminished By A Field Injury, His Pride Pays The Price Returned To Center County A Broken Man, The Long Road To Recovery Seems Dreary And Overshadowed By Opportunities Lost, Until He Meets Tristan HughesTristan Came To Center County To Escape His Past And Start Anew, But Nothing Prepared Him For Luke Intrigued, Tristan Cautiously Gets To Know This Powerful Man, Only To Fall Head Over Heels For The Vulnerable Soul Hiding Behind All That Intensity And DriveLuke Has Never Been Interested In Men, So When He Can T Get Tristan Out Of His Head He Doubles His Efforts To Fight The Inevitable Stolen Glances Lead To Heated Encounters, Followed By Punishing Regret, But Luke S Inability To Face The Truth Of Who He Really Is May Cost Him The Only Happiness He S Ever Known I had my doubts going into this book Both Luke and Tristan had aggravated me in previous books Luke s interaction or lack of with his family made me angry, and Tristan s mixed signals where Sheilagh was concerned had me seething But I should have known Lydia Michaels would have me loving these men by the time their story ended She s done that to me before Always managing to pull me in, giving me a closer look at characters, and leaving them completely redeemed in my eyes She is a master We ve been given glimpses of Luke and Tristan s story throughout the series I loved that this story went back to the beginning of their relationship rather than just picking up where the last book left off For one thing, I loved that return to the early years and being reminded of each of the siblings stories I also loved that in going back to the beginning, I really understood Luke and Tristan better Theirs was not an easy road While Tristan had dealt with the pain of being outted years ago, it was all new to Luke Tristan had always known he was gay But for Luke, it took him by surprise McCullough men were manly men, not pansies So he fought it by going through women at first And later, whenever he felt the least bit threatened by exposure, he d talk and act crude like he thought a hetero man should I felt for his struggle and when he cried, finally realizing what he d been missing, I cried right along with him But it s one thing to realize you re gay and another to proclaim it to the world Luke wanted to keep their relationship hidden, worried about his family s and friends reaction He decided how everyone would react without giving them the chance to decide for themselves Tristan hung on to the hope that eventually Luke would come clean to his family and they d be able to live openly Yet year after year, they continued to hide their relationship But no secrets stay buried forever When theirs was exposed, Tristan hoped Luke could handle it What a beautiful and moving love story This one particularly reminded me why I love the McCulloughs so much Lydia Michaels takes issues many of us have never dealt with and writes them so exquisitely that readers understand and feel these struggles right along with the characters In this particular story, she delves into the very heart of what it means to be gay, how relationships can change as a result of living authentically, and how disapproval from society can alter ones self esteem Struggles many of us are oblivious to While this may seem like heavy stuff that could be a depressing read, not so Lydia Michaels writes this story with such a perfect blend of heartache, humor, and romance And sexiness Who would ever have thought that cutting tile could be sexy The chemistry between Luke and Tristan is intense and the sex scenes, while steamy, also move the story and character development forward I have loved every minute on McCullough Mountain I can t wait to return and see who s story is next. Lydia Michaels YOU DID IT Tristan and Luke. I ve been waiting for their story ever since I read my first McCullough Mountain book. I m speechless right now It was everything I wanted to read andI had my concerns, I ll admit as I wasn t sure if Lydia could write an M M romance like I was hoping. my expectations were extremely high I m ashamed I had doubts, these are Lydia s McCullough men and she did right by them I feel that it s so muchthan just an M M romance So much .Thank you, thank you, thank you What an amazing gift.P.S my awesome friend JLC has posted one of the best reviews I ve ever read.GO READ IT Personally, I m going to re read the series while I wait for the next book I m hoping I ll get to know Sheilagh better and maybe I ll change how I feel about her.I gave Luke the benefit of the doubt through this book series, I guess because I felt his shame, for me it was so real I could almost taste it He hated who he was and that he loved a man That this series evokes such passionate opinions, in my opinion, shows what a truly gifted story teller Lydia Michaels is I m so thankful that JLC introduced us me and my reading friends to LM books JLC should get a commission LOLOLOL 5 plus stars This is my first ever MM romance, and I am blown away I loved the heroes, and I loved their story The author, once again, did an amazing job I m not one to re read a book, but this one I will. Original Blog Post Truth took almost seven years to tell The fifth installment of the McCullough Mountain Series, this is the story of Luke McCullough and Tristan Hughes The best friends who were reallypartners and lovers The lovers who hid from all for fear of condemnation.Luke is an angry man He is angry for having lost his chance of becoming the athlete he lived for He is angry that his siblings were seemingly getting the chances he thinks he should have had but never will When he meets Tristan, he gets even angrier at having to face himself in the mirror, unwilling to accept who and what he really was Tristan had always known he was gay but his best friend and lover turned on him when they were caught by his father It did not take long before he realized that he was losing everyone As soon as he could, he got out and never looked back Then he meets Luke and things fell into places he never thought they would He meets the love of his life, but he could never publicly claim the man as his.The story of Luke and Tristan was really an affair It was a secret both men strove hard to keep from prying eyes, even from their families Pretending to be someone whom they were not for almost seven years was painful to endure and it was really taking its toll on their relationship What will it take to make both these men realize they were meant to be together I have to be honest, when this was offered up to me for review, I was just shaking my head I knew author Lydia Michaels was a good writer, but to attempt to write an MM novel Out of a character that had been brewing in the background for four series installments I did not know what to expect Let me make something clear I have never read the series before, never even heard of it Is that blunt enough Thing is, what scared me most was having to read an MF author write an MM book That scared me but I should have known to trust this talented writer to not only succeed in her endeavor, but to guarantee that readers such as I would never once get lost within the mystery of the series All I know is that this story encompasses what had already obviously been written about, but with this installment, all those questions left hanging are finally answered We have two angry men and the things they did to get to the HEA of their love affair was quite an eye opener The author did not hold back with this one, in terms of character development Both men were simply and obviously imperfect Both of them had a lot of faults, there were times I just wanted to drop the book and scream at the two then realized that this was the point of the whole read My getting agitated meant that these two men were getting to me My relationship with the two men would best be described as love hate I loved their commitment to each other and yet I hated the way they handled things And their egos Wow, if they could just drop their egos a bit they would have been really lovely, but these two are typical men with matching sky high male egos Not to belittle men s egos Don t shoot me, its just that these two were so typically male.Then again, it was because of that fact that made me love them both They frustrated me no end, but I just loved them to bits Faults and all Sigh.Was this romantic Oh, yes Yes, indeed. 5 Heartbreaking Stars Source eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Author and Secret Cravings Publishing FINALLY Throughout the whole series there has been a build up with Luke and Tristan and here we finally get to see behind their very beautiful and trying relationship As well as this book has two of my favorite themes friends to lovers and straight to gay Luke is a McCullough but he was also the shining star until his knee went out with all his dreams Now back home, he is bitter and resentful and is taking it out on the McCulloughs It was easier to lash out that accept defeat Luke s cousin comes home from college with a best friend named Tristan who also will be the new employee to the logging company. Although this is book 5 in the McCullough Mountain series, Forsaking Truth can be read as a stand alone without any confusion That said, as someone who has read it as a stand alone, I plan to add the previous books in the series to my reading list as the McCulloughs are a rather entertaining and delightful family and I would like to read each of the siblings story In this installment in the series, we are treated to Luke s story and his adjustment to major life changes Destined to be a professional athlete, Luke suffered an injury during his junior year in college that rendered his career path and dream an impossibility As such, it is no surprise that Luke is a sullen and withdrawn man, even with those closest to him his family This is what makes his reaction when meeting Tristan so surprising to him Luke doesn t understand the effect that Tristan has on him until he and Tristan are working together on his house and Tristan kisses him Luke has never been attracted to a man and Tristan s kiss freaks him out, not because he didn t enjoy it, but rather that he did Because of his painful history, Tristan is just as distraught over the kiss because Luke s reaction leads Tristan to believe he misread the situation and made a terrible mistake because he enjoyed hanging out with Luke as friends The tension that mounts as the two deal with their reactions to the kiss come to head and makes for one seriously hot sex scene when Luke admits to himself and Tristan that he enjoyed the kiss and wantsUnfortunately, Center County is not a liberal area, so the two are forced to keep their relationship a secret, which works for Luke as he is still struggling to accept that he isn t straight but Tristan has accepted himself for who he is and as time passes the secrets wear on him, especially when Luke feels he has to play it straight to keep their secret I liked that the author addressed the trials and tribulations that Luke and Tristan endure as their relationship develops and progresses over six years Ms Michaels lets the reader enjoy the highs and endure the lows without getting bogged down in the monotony of day to day activities that I ve experienced with some books Forsaking Truth is a well crafted romance between two men, one who accepted his sexuality as a teenager and one who had never realized that he may have been destined to love a man The fact that Luke accepted some parts of his attraction to Tristan easily, while other parts were problematic for him is what made their story feel so real The fact that the sex scenes were scorching was an added bonus I enjoyed reading Luke and Tristan s story and it is a definite re read for me I look forward to readingof the books in the McCullough Mountain series I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Angela at Crystal s Many Reviewers Forsaking Truth made my heart ache and the tears run down my face It was both beautifully written and heartbreaking Forsaking Truth is an ugly look at the injustice and fear faced by those that find love outside the mainstream of societal norm Even those that are in the relationship can face punishing regret and fear of being outed Love is a private thing, yet a joy you want to share, something that not everyone will find How heartbreaking to find love when it shames you and you need to hide it.Forsaking Truth hits so close to home My best friend in high school was unashamedly, flamingly out there I loved him to pieces and still do Years later we are still friends though now separated by the span of our country I remember being there, holding him as he cried or recovered from being beaten up just for being who he is Forsaking Truth brought back those days to mind.Forsaking Truth shows love, whether between a man and woman or a man and a man, love is the core It is not bound by gender or beliefs and comes when you do not expect it or look for it In Luke s case it came with something he considered taboo and shameful For Tristan and Luke it eventually brings regret and heartache.Love, somehow, will find a way Forsaking Truth is not to be missed Lydia Michaels once again pulls at my heart strings, wringing out emotions as I read I have yet to read one of her books that doesn t make me smile and make me cry A gifted story teller she brings her characters to life by digging your emotions out and exposing them for everyone to see. The first 90% of the book was spent going over the past 7 years repeating what we ve already come to know from previous books in the series Because of that I was never able to fully connect with the character s story and actually believe their love was true When we finally get to the last 10% and learn what happened after the event s that took place in the previous book Faking It, the story is rushed through until the end 2 1 2 star read for me. This was my first Male Male romance I have never been interested in reading same sex romances, despite the fact that I am very liberal when it comes to same sex relationships As a heterosexual female, I just didn t think I would be able to identify with the characters Boy was I wrong I absolutely loved this book It s my favorite out of the series so far Both Tristen and Luke characters intrigued me whenever they were mentioned in books two and four of this series the only books I ve read in this series so far After reading book 4 I couldn t resist giving their story a try and decided to take the plunge and bough the book I was hooked on page 1 Lydia Micheals did it again Each of her books goes beyond romance and sex She always adds real life issues with each couple she writes about and realistic resolutions I have no words to truly described how much I enjoyed this book and how deeply it touched me Thanks Lydia Micheals for yet another AWESOME read