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Roller Derby, Girl Power, and FriendshipI was pumped to read this middle grade graphic novel all about recognizing female empowerment within the roller derby community, especially after having read and loved Pamela Ribon s SLAM Vol 1, which is a YA comic bundle set around the same premise Twelve year old Astrid has always done everything with her best friend Nicole So when Astrid signs up for roller derby camp, she assumes Nicole will too But Nicole signs up for dance camp with a new friend instead, and so begins the toughest summer of Astrid s life There are bumps and bruises as Astrid learns who she is without Nicoleand what it takes to be a strong, tough roller girl.Roller Girl tackles a lot of important issues within the story arc, such as the giddy start of a new blossoming friendship, growing apart from childhood friends, standing up for yourself and those in need, the power of positive role models, and channeling your inner TOUGHER, STRONGER, FEARLESS self.Plus, I know I really enjoyed a middle grade book when I can t wait to share it with my little sister She adored Raina Telgemeier s work in the past and has been on the search for anything and everything similar, so she ll be pleased to know that Roller Girl reads like the perfect follow up book.I do have to note that, personally, the story hit a bit of rut when it focused too heavily on supplying all the technical terms in roller derby, but thankfully itthan made up for that with its following character defining moments.So without further ado, here are some of my personal favorite bits from Roller Girl That resilient moment of overcoming adversity is an ever shining star I was all smiles reading the many descriptions and was even pleasantly surprised to see my name, Natalie, included until I read her silly defining characteristic.Another comical moment happens in the following hair coloring scene This brought to mind how Louis C.K has a whole standup bit just around kids names 3 4 weeks got me good Gentle parenting and patience is key.Unrelated I find it funny that this is the second book I ve read that featured both my name as well as my sister s RachelNote I m anAffiliate If you re interested in buyingRoller Girl, just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commissionSupport creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with Ko fi.com bookspoils [[ Pdf ]] ↜ Roller Girl ⇱ For Fans Of Raina Telgemeier S Smile, A Heartwarming Graphic Novel About Friendship And Surviving Junior High Through The Power Of Roller Derby Twelve Year Old Astrid Has Always Done Everything With Her Best Friend Nicole So When Astrid Signs Up For Roller Derby Camp, She Assumes Nicole Will Too But Nicole Signs Up For Dance Camp With A New Friend Instead, And So Begins The Toughest Summer Of Astrid S Life There Are Bumps And Bruises As Astrid Learns Who She Is Without Nicoleand What It Takes To Be A Strong, Tough Roller Girl Last year, my favorite middle grade book was Sisters I think Roller Girl will be this year s favorite because it is AMAZING.Summary Astrid Vasquez, dubbed Ass turd by her nemesis, Rachel, has been best friends with Nicole forever Astrid is the kid who does her own thing, is a little wild and very active, is the tomboy who poses a threat to kids with less confidence But she doesn t know any of that, she just knows that it s always been her and Nicole against the world During one of Ms Vasquez Evenings of Cultural Enlightenment, the girls attend a roller derby match and afterward, Astrid s life changes in so many ways She wants to join derby, she and Nicole are going to have so much fun at Jr derby camp, it s going to be amazing except that Nicole doesn t want to go She plans to go to ballet camp, insteadwith Rachel.So the stage is set for the shift so many girls and maybe boys, though I don t know how this particular piece of boy s life works experience in their transition from elementary school to junior high middle school Losing the best friend while moving out of childhood and into teenagehood, trying to find out who they want to be.It s such a hard time.Astrid is great because she s real She s a bit of a brat but she s also tough She knows how to do the right thing, sometimes she follows through and sometimes she doesn t It s hard to grow up and her character illustrates this point so well.The thing I liked best, though, is this isn t a Becomes The Hero story She doesn t become a champion Jr derby skater SPOILER ALERT She doesn t win the end match, though she does take one for the team She works really hard, she trains hard, she tries hard and she s just regular Not amazing Middle of the line She also has fun.That is AWESOME It is wonderful to see that just because you want it, just because you work your butt off for it, just because you think you deserve itthat doesn t mean you ll get it You ll get a lot of other stuff along the way, though Astrid does reap rewards and hopefully you ll learn to appreciate the journeythan the goal.I might need to get this for my newly 13 year old niece. Roller rific This was amazing I want to go to a real Roller Derby event i think it would be fun I enjoyed the movie that came out a few years ago This is a story about Astrid at age 12 learning to be a tough and cool Roller Girl She joins a summer camp to learn to skate, bump, fall, and jam She has to be tough and she gains and loses friends in the process Going into junior high is not for the faint of heart Astrid s world is being turned upside down Luckily, her mother is amazing and I love her She is so supportive I also like her friend who is into musical theatre That s my kind of people.I would love a sequel to this book I wantIt was a great story and great for kids and it was nominated for a Newberry as a graphic novel That doesn t happen often I would read this again Roll on Roller Girl. Even if I scratch my head particularly hard, I d still be hard pressed to find a topic of less interest to me than women s roller derby.I mean yeah, I lived in roller skates as a girl, but I skated while I was also applying a new layer of lip gloss or while I was daydreaming that Erik Estrada would pull me over for speeding My ideal in roller skating was Olivia Newton John s depiction of it in the horrible wonderful Xanadu Like, you know, a goddess on wheels.And, ironically, that weird movie is referenced here, as a retro inspiration for these young girls in this 2015 graphic novel that I FREAKING LOVED.The writer illustrator is a former book designer and mom who wait for it wait for it skates roller derby in REAL LIFE under the name Winnie the Pow Wow I just fell a little in love.This is a badass, brilliantly illustrated, you ve gotta get a copy for your 10 13 year old daughter, granddaughter or niece graphic novel Trust me They need this book All around Everything great Not a single complaint.Girl power for REAL. This book is super adorable I especially like the girl s relationship with her mom my favorite part is when the girl has to admit that she s been lying and her mom is like, no worries growing older and making good decisions is hard Excellent parental behavior modeling Holy crap, I m so excited that I get to be a kids librarian in a time when the market is nurturing and embracing literature like this Jamieson has a soft spot for the everysoul she doesn t tell stories just about the stars of the world Here, she uses her background playing roller derby to tell a coming of age story about a tween It s subtly set in PDX, which is a nice perk I really liked that Jamieson introduced derby as one activity in a parade of cultural experiences one that catches the character s eye in a truly individual way One of the other activities could have captured her just as easily The plot also addresses interpersonal relationships, persevering through difficulty, and how to know when to let a friendship go Jamieson s work on the craft of this book is exemplary perfect for readers of Raina Telgemeier and El Deafo and Jimmy Gownley s stuff The storytelling is very easy to follow, and the full color illustrations rock.I got to see Victoria Jamieson speak along with Ben Hatke at the Olympia Library a month or so ago She s very articulate, personable, addresses the questions in your head about her work, and happy to pose with adorable children. Here are some of my favorite roller derby player names from this excellent girl empowerment book that will be enjoyable to young people and adults alike, and that you should all go out and buy for your daughters granddaughters nieces etc and read with them immediately Rainbow BiteNapoleon BlownapartSlays MiserablesBraidy PunchHeidi Go SeekMarz RollverDraculolaScream Sodaand perhaps my favorite in her bio, the author, a bona fide roller girl herself, divulges her own alias Winnie the Pow Perplexing, exhilarating, colorful, fast and slow, painful and funny Roller derby is such an apt metaphor for adolescence, and this wonderful graphic novel magnificently and enjoyably illuminates how one might learn to navigate the mysterious worlds of both derby and adolescence It s the summer before junior high, and Astrid, the daughter of a hardworking, worried single parent, finds herself thrust into an identity crisis when longtime and rather traditional best friend Nicole grows increasingly consumed with ballet, boys, and clothes while theiconoclastic Astrid is seduced by the feisty whistling whirlwind of the Rose City Rollers even though she can t even really skate yet On her own for the first time since elementary school, Astrid tackles derby camp head on and learns about friendship, identity, teamwork, determination, and how to jam, block, and fall small in the face of challenges Highly recommended to all This book came to my attention because of the subject matter roller derby , because of the cute cover, and because the blurb compared it to Raina Telgemeier I love Telgemeier, and I m happy to report that the comparison was fitting.I admit that I was kind of expecting the general story arc that you usually find in a kids sport story Think Bad News Bears, Sandlot, Mighty Ducks This is not exactly that story arc Sure, Astrid is enthusiastic but bad at derby at the start, and she works really really hard And at the end, she s better, but still not very good And that s ok She s just getting started, after all, and there s a lot of room for her to grow And she can love something without being fantastic at it right away The one thing this book makes very clear about derby is that it s hard, there s a lot of work involved, it s very physically demanding, and it s deeply rewarding There are far worse ways to look at a sport.But this is not, of course, just about derby It s about friendship, about growing away from old friends and towards new ones Astrid s best friend isn t interested in roller derby She wants to go to ballet camp And it s part of Astrid s journey in this book to realize that she and Nicole don t need to be attached at the hip They can be different people Maybe they won t be friends the way they once were, but that doesn t mean they have to be enemies, either I must talk about Astrid s new friend, Zoey, because I love her She s sweet and friendly and obviously fun to be around, of course But that isn t all, my friends This awesome girl is in love with Hugh Jackman Because of Wolverine Of course not She loves him for his work in musicals She is, in fact, a huge musical fan And her favorite Let me put it this way her derby name is Slay Miserables, and her number is 246 presumably the 01 would not have fit Seriously, she s basically me at her age, butoutgoing and athletic I love her I want a sequel book starring her as she balances roller derby and theater, with evenmusical references I absolutely loved this book I tell you, there s been some seriously amazing middle grade graphic novels released over the last few years, and this one is right up there with fantastic books like El Deafo, Smile, Zita the Spacegirl, and How Mirka Got Her Sword. Pop Sugar Reading Challenge 2018Un libro acerca de o relacionado con un deporteIt takes a real hero to take a hit for the team, and to let the spotlight shine on someone else Este libro se lo regale en Navidad a mi hija Y en medio de las festividades nos tomo casi dos semanas leerlo Excelente novela Gr fica, una de las mejores que he le do La historia esta exquisitamente estructurada, para que cualquiera que la lea se sienta identificado Llena de mensajes, algunos simples, otros muy muy complejos Como madre siempre animo a mi hija y le repito hasta el cansancio que ella puede lograr cualquier cosa que se proponga Pero llega un punto en el que adem s de hacer que nuestras ni as crean ese mensaje de empoderamiento, tambi n debemos ense arles como hacerlo, como es que se cumple un sue o Y ese es el mensaje principal de este libro, ver como una ni a se esfuerza para cumplir su meta de jugar en el Roller Derby, nos muestran sus ca das y golpes, y al final nos ense a, que quiz lo que cre amos querer no era lo que realmente necesitamos.Bravo a la autora, por tan hermosa historia, gracias por darnos una protagonista de descendencia latina, por darnos una protagonista que es hija nica, hija de una madre soltera Los gr ficos son de primer nivel, coloridos, y llenos de diversidad MIS PRIMERAS 5 ESTRELLAS DEL 2018, y muy bien merecidasEverything used to be simple black and white Happy Sad Best friends Worst enemies Now everything seemed, so Complex I was in a No man s Land of unchartered territories Maybe I had to find my own path through it