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Bobbie Ann Cole wrote a wonderful story about her faith walk in She Does Not Fear the Snow , and in this book, her Disciples Indeed Workbook , her goal is to help others write down and share their own stories This workbook is clearly written, well organized, and easy to use The first module sets the tone by asking the reader aspiring writer to prepare for the course with prayer It also encourages us to articulate our hopes and intentions for the course, which I think is critical to getting the most out of any workshop Bobbie successfully alternates direct teaching e.g why we should share our Jesus stories with others with opportunities for reflecting upon and recording our own thoughts within the context of her material I love her suggestion for a reflective journal Again, it is very important that she has given prompts at the beginning of subsequent modules for prayer In Module 2, Bobbie goes through the five elements of a story For those who see the retelling of his or her story as an overwhelming process, breaking down the whole into manageable parts makes the task easier andenjoyable Bobbie even provides an example based on her own testimony, as well as an exercise with suggested answers to help us apply the technique to a story we all know, before tackling our own story Editing our work is one of the most important steps in the writing process, and Bobbie provides a whole module on pruning our first draft The module on honing your work goes even deeper, giving examples, strategies, and techniques for bringing your writing to a whole new level Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Bobbie includes a section on how to share your story Bobbie is a remarkable author and teacher, with a goal to empower others to tell their Jesus stories I highly recommend this book. The first thing that struck me about the workbook was Bobbie s voice gentle, comforting, encouragingand insistent She knows that I have a story to tell, and that I can learn to tell it well And she knows that my story is important.Her method SEEMS simple and straightforward, but anyone who has tried to write their own story or in this case, an account of single event and its significance probably knows that it isn t simple at all Bobbie certainly knows this, and she gives detailed instructions and examples of her own writing to make the path clear Testimonials at the beginning and sprinkled throughout the workbook give added encouragement When our story is complete, we can go to Bobbie s website and request a free critique, and we can also submit it for possible publication on her blog I can see this resource being used to great advantage by a skilled facilitator in a group setting, and I can also see it used by an individual who wishes to learn how to share his her faith I recommend it for anyone who thinks they might have a faith story to tell. In this workbook, the author shares how writing an episode from your walk with God will remind you of what He has done for you strengthen your faith and focus your attention on what He is doing in your life She teaches readers how to do so in a lively and coherent way, a way that will draw you closer to others, who will be inspired, comforted, and encouraged by your words There are tips for choosing the specific incident the reader wants to focus on, how to draft, prune, hone, and share it It isn t about condensing one s life story into five minutes, just telling a single vignette.Bobbie s conviction is that personal stories cannot be challenged, are entertaining when well crafted , and have the power to stir emotions in our listeners She encourages readers to make their stories authentic, engaging, coherent, lean, and relevant Again, through examples, the author shows readers what that looks like This resource, when used with the others the author has penned or on its own, will help readers recognize what God has done in their lives and zero in on one specific story to share with others, whether how He met them in dark times or just how He reached down and made Himself known in an everyday situation. The American theologian Martin Marty wrote that when two people meet they begin to tell their story If their relationship extends into months and years the story unfolds, develops and deepens It strikes me that there is a parallel to that here in Bobbie Cole s Disciples Indeed Workbook Witnessing for Jesus Through Story The salvation concept is, at heart, a person meeting the divine and building a relationship It is the variables and surprises unique to each person s account of that relationship that constitute their unique story Indeed this is how the Christian faith gained steam the disciples told others of this amazing person named Jesus It was this tell that infused the faith and led to its growth This approach is dearly needed in every generation The life of the faith is correlative to the willingness of Christ s followers to speak of him Those with the desire to tell their Christ story but flummoxed by how can benefit from this book, by Cole s related courses and through the reading of her novel She Does Not Fear The Snow each representing an essential element in the didactic triad Cole has created as a witness to the Messianic passion of her faith. A Deeply Enriching Journey For Crafting Your Own Story We all have something to say and a story to tell The Disciples Indeed Workbook by Bobbie Cole gives the reader a clear and concise step by step process to craft the heart and soul of your testimony for Jesus work in your life Bobbie Cole s well thought out Workbook can help you process the bits and pieces of your journey into a story that can help enrich the lives of others who may have traveled through similar difficulties Bobbie Cole uses her own incredible story as an example to help you craft your own story, and you will find her witness to be quite encouraging.C TurlingtonSend Me Some Love in the Mailbox Whether you are looking to tell your own personal Jesus story, or simply want to learn how to be a better story teller, Disciples Indeed by author Bobbie Cole offers a step by step guide that will enable you to tell and ultimately share your own personal spiritual story of how you connected with God Bobbie starts off by sharing her own story, which in of itself is very inspirational This is followed up by the 5 modules of the Disciples Indeed workbook, which will guide you through writing the very first draft of your own story, and then helps you to further shape and perfect your story using expert storytelling advice Bobbie guides you step by step through the entire process to help give you confidence all along the way Whatever story you want or need to tell, the Disciples Indeed workbook is an excellent guide to help you get there |Download ♫ Disciples Indeed Workbook ♐ Jesus Gift To You Is Your Story He Gave It To You To Boast About He Asked You To Influence Others The Disciples Indeed Workbook Will Empower You To Become A Willing Witness For Jesus By Guiding You Through The Process Of Writing Your Testimony Like A Story You Will Find Peace And Joy In The Holy Spirit, As You Serve Christ In A Way That Is Pleasing To Him How Beautiful Are The Feet Of Those Who Bring Good News By Following Five, Simple Steps To Recreate An Episode From Your Walk With God In A Lively, Engaging Way, You Will Discover And Utilize The Gifts That Are Already Within You To Bless Others This Enjoyable Journey Of Self Discovery Will Leave You Confident That You Have Something To Say And That You Know How To Say It Your Faith Story Can Change The World The Disciples Indeed Workbook Is BookIn The Disciples Indeed Series Of Guides To Evangelizing A personal testimony is a powerful way of introducing others to Jesus Christ Bobbi Ann Cole is passionate about helping others learn to share their personal testimony stories.In the Disciples Indeed Workbook, Bobbi leads believers through progressive steps to prepare and share a story of how God has worked in their lives She explains the process clearly and simply so that even those with no previous writing experience can write a compelling story The lessons include examples, questions, and encouragement.This workbook will be helpful to anyone wanting to learn how to share his or her testimony. Often when you ask someone for their testimony, their eyes start to glaze over They might even stammer with no idea where to begin If only they d gone through Bobbie Ann Cole s Disciples Indeed Workbok Witnessing for Jesus Through Story The author gives clear and easy step by step instructions to help anyone whether they consider themselves writers or not , craft a compelling story that engages the listener or reader and communicates the heart of their experience of encountering the love of God We all should be ready to share our testimony when the opportunity presents itself and this guide will definitely help Highly recommended. The Disicples Indeed Workbook is clear, focused and easy to follow It enables the reader to create their own authentic story and really importantly, helps them fine tune it down to five minutes by filtering out what is not relevant and distracting and really focusing in on the heart of the story Bobbie has provided an important tool for the world many of us want to share our story with others but don t know where to begin or even where to end When we have our story written down, and become confident with our message, we findopportunities to share it This workbook will give you the confidence you need to share your story with others.