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Another gripping read from the pen of Eva Dolan, who s first novel in this series, Long Way Home, gave a fresh take on Crime fiction and was terrific The follow up Tell No Tales is, if anything, even better as now we know the characters and understand a little of what they are up against.In this instalment a hit and run causes tensions to rise within the community and Ferreira and Zigic are under pressure to get a result before things explode It is not that easy however as political shenanigans and extremist tendencies get in the way.I love how the author paints a picture of a community here troubled yes, but also rich in history and diversity I was particularly taken with Sophia, who has a difficult life, often made worse by her own actions The political landscape is extremely well drawn, echoing the issues we see in our society today and giving them a voice and an authentic background, it is endlessly fascinating and totally addictive.Beautiful flowing prose and a distinct ability to get to the heart of the matter make this a top notch, brilliant crime read and definitely solidifies the author s place on the list of those Crime writers who are only going to get better, classics in the making I, for one, can t wait to find out what is next for DS Ferreira, DI Zigic, their colleagues and the Peterborough community.Highly Recommended. To be released on 8 January 2015, the follow up to Long Way Home In the second book from a rising star of crime fiction, Detectives Zigic and Ferreira must investigate a hit and run that leaves two migrant workers dead and a series of horrific killings, seemingly with a Neo Nazi motivation, captured on CCTV Anyone who s read Long Way home will agree that this is the most original and engaging crime fighting duo in, well, ever We see much less of Zigic s home life this time, which underlines that the Hate Crimes team is overworked and under resourced Their exhaustion and dedication form the backdrop to the investigation of some truly distressing crimes that the reader can t help but become emotionally involved with.I was impressed by the author s depth of research into a topical political scene and events that echo those we see all too regularly on the TV news.Two books into this series I hesitate to describe this as an enjoyable read, but it is certainly gripping, gritty and satisfying Book 3 is already on my unmissable list.Thank you to the author and publisher for the advance reading copy. Published on 8th January 2015This is the follow up to the brilliant debut from Eva Dolan Long Way Home featuring Zigic and Ferreira Long Way Home was one of my favourite crime reads of 2014 And I could not wait to read the next instalment.The story takes us back to the Peterborough Police s Hate Crimes Department and race related crime in contemporary Britain A group of Polish immigrants are involved in a hit and run at a bus stop, when a car smashes into them There have also been violent murders taking place across town, involving Black and Asian young men Zigic is investigating and under pressure to get a quick result from his boss, as ethnic tensions in the city grow.Once again, Eva Dolan brings racial disharmony and bigotry in a divided city into the open This time, there is an organized political element to the race crime The local MP has gained power on a race ticket and has connections to the extremists living in Peterborough The different cultural groups in the city are struggling to live together It all sounds rather familiar Eva Dolan is a genius at tapping into contemporary discourses on race and immigration She reflects what is happening in the here and now, beautifully and uniquely.I was mesmerized by the plot and the sad politics of division I was very drawn to Sofia, a young Polish immigrant, who seemed to have a tough life I felt sorry for the recent immigrants and their dreadful living and working conditions I was completely distracted initially and failed to guess correctly who was responsible for the murders When the identity of the killer was revealed, it made a sad sense Tell No Tales is an excellent follow up to Long Way Home and proves just how talented Eva Dolan is One to read if you like dark crime, with a clever dash of reality.Many thanks to the publishers and Eva Dolan for my review copy Eva Dolan s debut Long Way Home launched to acclaim in 2014 and marked her out as a future name in crime fiction and with her cracking follow up she hasthan delivered on that promise Tell No Tales is once again an insightful and intelligent police procedural told against the backdrop of a Peterborough which has borne witness to drastic levels of immigration Now home to a sizeable migrant population with many employed in the fields and factories of the surrounding Fenlands, it is increasingly one which is recognisable to many in a modern UK DI Dushan Zigic and DS Mel Ferreira head up the Hate Crimes Unit underfunded, overworked and charged with the task of containing the melting pot of ethnic tensions which are festering in the town Tempers in the town are rising and Zigic and Ferreira need to tread very carefully as the investigation presses on.Tell No Tales sees Zigic and Ferreira attending what appears to be a hit and run incident which leaves two Polish immigrants dead and a third sustaining injuries A jealous and distraught ex boyfriend makes an obvious suspect and the initial concern is ensuring this is portrayed as an isolated incident and that the media do not make the connection with a series of brutal murders of migrants across the town The CCTV which captured the murders and shows the perpetrator giving a Nazi salute to the camera has not yet been released to the public and the Hate Crime Unit are keen to downplay any suggestions of these being racially motivated The resurgent political tensions in the area and the growing influence of the English Patriot Party with a very media friendly leader are setting alarm bells ringing at the Domestic Terrorism Unit and Zigic and Ferreira are not the only ones asking questions.The political commentary is delivered with scathing wit and and Tell No Tales is a stunning statement on the future of the UK with an increasingly diverse society and a vocal and disgruntled marginalised element The parallels with Richard Shotton as the leader of the right wing English Patriot Party EPP hiding under a thin veneer of respectability cannot help but raise comparisons, however fair, to the recent emergence of UKIP on the political spectrum The EPP are seeking to create distance between themselves and the agitators of the English National League, whilst simultaneously paying the same party off to keep a lid on aggression The mix of loose cannons and graduate careerists amongst the EPP contingent is depicted well and the differing personalities and tensions behind the smiling leader sustains the tension throughout.The partnership of third generation Polish DI Dushan Zigic and the acerbic Mel Ferreira is developed wonderfully and the moderate DI really counters well with his feisty DS and Zigic often has to pull hisquick to judge sidekick into line At the first signs of racism the heckles of Mel are raised and Zigic manages her well as the first signs of any discrimination are like a red rag to a bull The tensions within the police force are cleverly drawn and the wry commentary on the politicking skills of DCS Riggott works in well with the storyline The team are stretched to the limit, resources are scarce and two officers from CID are seconded to the investigation The competing demands upon the technical team are well conveyed and a media liaison department keen to reassure the public are harassing DI Zigic however, this is far from plain sailing and the team make mistakes as they work to uncover the truth and discover that things are farcomplicated than they at first appear.Eva Dolan continues her trailblazing form with this second novel and pitches herself alongside some of the finest urban noir authors With her insightful commentary and portrayal of the changes that are affecting so many towns and cities across the country this is a hard hitting read Dolan also recognises that long held tensions are not limited to simply skin colour alone and tension between cultures and nationalities are long ingrained and even the most experienced investigators can be guilty of being rather too quick to judge a situation A firm understanding of just what is achievable within the police remit and the lack of immediacy of forensic information adds to the atmosphere throughout the case and makes for a high stakes rush to uncover the perpetrator of the recent atrocities Tell No Tales also built on the working relationship of Zigic and Ferreira and this is a combination which I expect to see muchof in future novels Tell No Tales deserves to make people sit up attention and recognise just what Eva Dolan s writing has brought to the crime fiction world. [ FREE EBOOK ] ♘ Tell No Tales (DI Zigic and DS Ferreira, #2) ☩ Two Men Are Kicked To Death In Brutal Attacks Caught On CCTV, The Murderer Hides His Face But Raises A Nazi Salute In A Town Riddled With Racial Tension, Detectives Zigic And Ferreira From The Hate Crimes Unit Are Under Pressure To Find The KillerBut When A Car Ploughs Into A Bus Stop Early One Morning, The Detectives Have Another Case On Their Hands, And Soon The Media Are Hounding Them For AnswersRiots Break Out, The Leader Of Right Wing Party Steps Into The Spotlight, And Zigic And Ferreira Must Act Fast Before Violence Erupts A Rising Star Of Crime Fiction BBC RadioFront Row Powerful Sunday TimesBreathlessly Exciting Sunday Mirror Gritty Daily Express Everyone Should Read This Sarah Hilary Frightening In Its Believability Big Issue Two books in and the Zigic and Ferreira is a new much anticipated, favourite series.If you ve read the first book, then as soon as you start TELL NO TALES, you re straight back with characters that you really know, in a place that you re comfortable in, even though there is nothing comfortable about events, or the social climate If you haven t read the first, then it won t matter a bit there is still plenty here for new readers.Tackling the question of immigration, immigrant workers, tensions with Nationalist groups, and the explosion in Hate Crimes that has occurred in many communities worldwide can t be an easy undertaking the issues behind everything are complicated and fraught with political and personal implications Setting events within the purview of the Hate Crimes division, and then never creating an easy situation for them to deal with gives the reader the opportunity to connect, see, even understand many of those issues through the investigator s eyes Add to that in TELL NO TALES you have the viewpoint of a survivor and participant , as well as a look at the politics behind many of the tensions, which gives the difficultiesnuance,complications,connections The other element that contributes much to these books is the way that no one here is exactly 100% perfect Zigic is a well meaning, frequently absent husband and father, who worries about the effect that this will have on his family There are such nice glimpses into the things that make you go hmmm the use of very Slavic names for his very English boys and the potential impact that could have The way that their quiet domestic community is being pressed in upon as the suburbs extend, potentially bringing the problems of his work beat closer to home Both of these main characters are the children of immigrant families, so many of the tensions, the problems of acceptance, fitting in are all too obviously understood Ferreira is the child of Portuguese parents, trying to step away from family control, branch out a little, living the hard partying life of a young woman who is feeling the pressure of family obligations.This understanding of the experience of many of the victims, and the perpetrators being perused isn t done in a heavy handed manner however This is a strong police procedural into which these elements are seamlessly introduced, tucked into the narrative in a way that s informative rather than pointed All of which is delivered in a flowing, strong style that effortlessly holds the reader s attention, always promisingin the next chapter TELL NO TALES is great crime fiction It s a tale being told, it s a look into a particularly dark aspect of society and a very current day problem, and it s an exploration of the things that go wrong and right in our world. Long Way Home was one of my top ten reads of 2014 I have no doubt that this follow up will be among my top ten of 2015 There are two different investigations taking place throughout this novel A hit and run and another involving a number of deaths which look racially motivated Pressure is on the team for both cases to be solved quickly.I like the way modern life in towns and cities was described Different cultures living next to each other in difficult times With politics showing its ugly side it all seemed very true.The ending was one that left me aching for the third in the series With this second novel Eva Dolan is going to be regarded as a top British crime writer Thanks to the author and the publisher for the advance copy received. Jag har nog l ngtat efter den h r boken nda sedan jag l ste f rsta delen i serien om Zigic och Ferreira, L ng v g hem, f r drygt ett och ett halvt r sedan Det verkar vara n got med Eva Dolans ber ttarstil som passar mig v ldigt bra L s mer p 4.5 Really strong characters in the small but mighty hate crimes unit Dolan sets the story up and keeps you guessing right up to the end Satisfying ending but you will care enough about the characters to follow them through the series Timely coverage of our political climate Well Done.provided by publisher OMG, these books are hysterically funny I m so glad I found them The first in the series was all about East European immigrants to Peterborough and this one is about Muslim ones and their clashes with the English Defence League EDL So far we ve had a brutal murder of a young Muslim man by a black clad man wearing a balaclava presumably EDL He was discovered actually doing the evil deed by the local Muslim men coming out of the Mosque and subsequently subjected to a citizen s arrest whilst the upstanding Muslim citizens formed a cordon around the crime scene so the police could find it pristine Meanwhile they hold the perpetrator in a local house, keeping him safe and well until the police arrive I kid you not This is the plot so far We have a Nigel Farage esque character a slick politician who has risen from the swamp of EDL fanaticism now wanting to distance himself from his key supports, but who possibly wears a black shirt under his crisp white one and has a shrine to Oswald Mosley We have a local imam, wise, thoughtful, kindly, who is helping the police keep the tensions from boiling over Phew.This is great stuff I ll update when I m done.Finished this one and I m on to the next in the series I highly recommend these books as slow boil crime fiction These aren t the kind of stories where the police have almost magical moments of clarity and everything falls into place, butslowly revealed human weakness that finally gives itself away I m ignoring the daft politics and just enjoying the ride But I ll give you a clue, the EDL don t come out of this one too well.