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Fernando Sorrentino is a contemporary Argentine writer mainly of short stories, also known for his interviews of Borges and Casares. A genuine descendant of the great Argentine tradition in prose and short story writing, his command of the short story form is simply impeccable.

Although he naturally owes much to the great Argentine masters, predominantly Borges, but also Casares and Cortázar, he emphatically acknowledges his debts to another, relatively unknown, important figure of the Argentine literary landscape, Marco Denevi, whom he admires most among all the other writers of his country.

However, he has deviated from all the aforementioned literary models and has developed a distinctly personal style, which he prefers to denominate as 'de lo insólito' ('of the unusual'), where, as the term implies, reality is in cases severely deformed to the very limits of the believable, soaked to the skin by generous doses of an equally personal as much as witty and delightful humour.

This is the case with 'El conejo de Ushuaia' ('El conejo de Ushuaia'): the narrator, Andrés Bertoldi, a 'Dr in Natural Sciences', has an unexpected encounter with a longthoughtofas extinct species that might resemble a rabbit. He manages to capture it, he brings it home, and from then onwards, he observes it closely, he learns a bit of his daily habbits and way of living, he takes care of it, so that gradually, a peculiar relationship, based on mutual respectif not lovedevelops between them. A delightful, amusing and at the same time thoughtprovoking mustread!

(Recently, I was lucky enough to have an 'unusual' opportunity to translate it in Greek, for the Greek literary magazine 'Clepsydra'. Equally unexpectedly, one day I received an email by Sorrentino, whom by then I hadn't even heard of, inviting me to read one or two stories of his that he had attached to his mail. Gradually, an (electronic) relationship developed between us, based on respect (and admiration on my behalf), until I decided and finally managed to get this specific story published in Greek). [Free Epub] ♂ The Ushuaia Rabbit ♰ Online Fiction

The Narrator Captures A Rare Rabbitlike Creature, Thought To Be Extinct For Over A Century Okay, that was only five pages long. Quite absurd, though. Thanks Glenn. Historia corta pa' terminar mi reto goodreads. La verdad está cotorra, aunque el final me pareció bastante meh. Si volvería a leer algo de ese Sorrentino. Aunque no me caigan tan bien los argentinos.

Y ahora un gif del conejo de Ushuaia

The link to the book can be found here. So far, I find this story just a cute one...But I wonder why I no longer seem to get the objective of Sorrentino's stories? Is that the case with you too?

Personally, I enjoyed the first story I have read from Sorrentino, "there is a man in the habit of hitting me with an umbrella," and I wanted to read more of his books. But I wonder, for instance, what was his intention of writing "The Ushuaia Rabbit"? But still, I enjoy his style and use of words. They convey a subtle sense of humor! http://www.eastoftheweb.com/shortsto... The Ushuaia Rabbit is an amazing sounding creature, I'm surprised I haven't heard of it before....wait a minute....you don't think Sorrentino made it up do you? Whether it is real or not, the Ushuaia Rabbit would make an awesome pet to have.

The writing is simple, almost childlike at times, and that style works well with this story. You make think that is a bad thing, but being able to write a story with the imagination of a 5 year old and then still manage to draw you in is quite an achievement.

Right, I'm off to hunt for The Ushuaia Rabbit.