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As soon as I spotted Boyfriend by Christmas , debut novel by Jenny Stallard, I knew, I just KNEW, this is a book for me Firstly, this beautiful cover has drawn me in maybe it s not full of images and colourful pictures, but its normality, modesty makes it outstanding, and I personally love it It s already so festive, and it fits the novel itself brilliantly Secondly, the blurb oh guys You know me, you know I am a sucker for a story about dates, and the blurb promises not only dates, but TERRIBLE dates Just what the doctor ordered, and super duper excited I started to read this little gem of a book.The idea of the book is simple and let s be honest, it s been written about it thousand of times a girl must find a boy, or else the else this time means that either Genie is going to find a boyfriend by Christmas or she can find a new job and I couldn t wait to see how the author managed this story I mean, we ve read so many times about dating, right Blind dates, dates in darkness, London Eye dates we ve seen this all But let me tell you this book doesn t feel like a carbon copy of any other book, it s fresh, unique and incredibly sharp observed It s a modern, sophisticated and up to date brilliant novel, and I ll keep my eye on the author s next releases, oh I will.What was not so typical was the fact that the dates that Genie was on were presented to us in the form of her articles for the Coolhub website So altogether we could say that the whole big part, the whole background, the exactness of how Genie and her men met, how come they went on the date, the date in its detailed descriptions etc were missing, but Though this be madness, yet there is method in t Yes, the book was about dates, but it was also a story about Genie looking for a real love, and the dates however entertaining, hilarious, awkward were just a means to an end And as let s be honest the guys Genie were on the dates with were not significant characters, it was the best way to write them like the author did, in my modest opinion.The book starts in July, and so our Genie has five months to find herself a boyfriend, or to find a new job But what is it that Genie does actually Well, she s a dating columnist for a lifestyle website but her dream is to writeserious articles, but right now she s got this challenge to find a boyfriend by Christmas You can only imagine how many disastrous dates there are throughout the story, how many different men she s going to meet because she MUST go on every date that she has a chance Even though if the men are not Genie s type, and it very quickly becomes clear who s not Genie s type and of course Of course those are mostly those that she meets Damn But this book is of course not all about dates This book is also about Genie I loved Genie, just like that For her, being single in her 30s, and watching other couples on the streets or on the tube, is maybe not a disaster, but it makes her ask herself why me So she takes the challenge and battles her way through endless rounds of dates with bald men and setting thousands of profiles on online dating websites And so we follow her, flying from one date to another and trying to forget about her ex in between And it is a very busy five months for our Genie she has dates, she has kisses, she even has one night stands but trust me, she s not sex obsessed, and she s not shallow , but there is one thing that she doesn t have namely she can t change her Facebook status into in relationship She was a lovely person, sometimes naive, sometimes over reacting, so she was just like me and you She loved her job, she was truly passionate about it loved it so much that she was even able to put her new and fresh relationship in danger, but I truly adored how passionate she was about it Although I must admit there came a moment that I felt very desperate with Genie and I couldn t get her She wanted a boyfriend, right Not only because of her feature to write, but she herself wanted a boyfriend, she wanted to have somebody to cuddle, to have fun, to love So why, oh why was she so uncertain Why, oh why did she defend herself from the feeling It was mostly visible at the end of the book and it made me a little frustrated with our Genie On the other hand, which of us didn t take an ex boyfriend back, hoping that everything will be much better this time I did for example, and I could really understand where Genie was coming from even though her ex was so obnoxious and I so, so, so didn t like him.There were also Genie s friends at work, Willow and Rio, and I loved every single scene with them, they were so funny and so level headed, but they were the first for a mischief Then we have Tabitha, the boss from hell, and I mean The Devil Wears Prada boss from hell type I really liked how much depth the author gave to each of her characters, and really, the scenes of the meetings at work were brilliant Not sure how the girls did bear up with Tabitha And we also have Cordelia, Genie s sister, who is so different to Genie, and still believes in love.Of course, next to the girls, we have boys in this story Many, many boys as many as there are dates Sure, Jenny Stallard couldn t focus on each and single one, and so there are two significant ones Genie s ex, and ITBOY I so knew, from the very first scene, what s going to happen with one of them, but it didn t spoil the reading for me, not at all, on the contrary, he was so great that I personally wanted to push Genie in his direction, close them in a room and throw the key away, as those two were so brilliant together The entries on Genie s blog that were the reports from the many different dates, were so, so, so entertaining, and written in a very level headed and also ironic way Because Genie had a healthy distance from herself, she didn t take herself so seriously, and it reflected in her writing, she was not afraid of making fun either of her or the men she was meeting This blog is truly a great record of all Genie s adventures during those 5 months Through the entries we can learn about the great opportunities she has had, from dating in the dark, through dating bootcamp to many different versions of speed dating involving for example sniffing of other people s clothes Hmmm And Genie was so honest with her entries She says how it is, and how it was, she didn t beat around the bush if the men weren t suitable or were bald There came a moment that I started to wonder if Genie is really happy with her challenge At the beginning it was fun but the longer the challenge lasted, themen she met, I had a feeling she was really tired but she also never lost her spirit It is a humorous book with a depth, which I truly liked Yes, I admit I was a little scared how the author is going to manage with so many dates, to make them exceptional and unique, but no worries here, she did manage Well, I guess she has had her own portion of dates herself as she wrote a column for Metro under the same title as her debut novel It is a brilliant read and will be a perfect Christmas present, not only for your single bestie It is exactly what I was expecting and what I was looking for, a kind of book that most of us can identify with, I think, and not only in the dating department Whole heartedly recommended Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for a review. I normally give any book I finish 2 stars, because there must have been something about it that ensured I finished it, but since about halfway through I was reading from pure furious hate, I m still going to give it one star.Poor writing is something that doesn t necessarily slow me down although this really was poorly written, to such an extent that I often had to re read bits to find out what was meant to be going on but there has to be something else about the book to enjoy The plot is dubious of course, and wouldn t hang together if Genie would just go to HR and complain about being told to date someone or be fired And do not get me started on the characters.Everyone in this book is either two dimensional or unlikeable, or two dimensional AND unlikeable Occasionally Stallard tries to throw in a cliched motivation for someone is sad because she s had three sons and wants a girl has cold feet about her marriage but mostly everyone just bumbles along, hideous and unknowable The poor sod who Genie does eventually end up with, a pleasing cardboard cut out of a man with such a ridiculous name I literally yelled in rage when it was revealed, is a sweetheart, albeit one with very little presence in the novel, and when he does appear he s being treated like a doormat He d do much better getting with Genie s friend Willow, whose sole purpose in the book is to be curvy and provide foodstuffs And Genie Ohhhh, Genie I can t remember the last time I spent a novel in such frustrating, unpleasant company and I ve read American Psycho I started out finding her a little ditsy and annoying, but as the book progressed I found her unlikeable personality driving me towards actively hating her She s had her heart broken in the past, and is now apparently scared of trying again Reasonable, but the relationship portrayed in flashbacks is surprisingly short lived, and while the Ex acts badly, Genie is sabotaging the relationship from day one, for reasons I didn t understand Being scared nowadays means that Genie is self centred and unsupportive of those she supposedly loves, including a recently heartbroken sister and a close friend who perhaps didn t want Genie to ruin her hen do with her bitter opinions on marriage and singledom Genie is fixated on her single status but also seems to hate the idea of settling down, and spends the book bitchily judging every man she comes into contact with in scenes that rapidly become repetitive she meets him, doesn t fancy him, flees the date, berates all menkind for being short ugly boring on her blog By the end I don t think she s learned anything, so will presumably continue staggering on being unlikeable and drunk, just now with a poor cardboard cut out boyfriend who probably wouldn t deserve this if he was in any way a real person I could sympathise with.Oh yes the drinking I m not a prude, so didn t mind Genie casually shagging every man she didn t find short ugly boring, but the fact she literally spends 90% of the book chugging booze made me think that she wasn t so much a fun single girl as someone with a serious problem who needs help Genie drinks a lot, at all hours of the day and night She drinks at work, at home, on dates in fact, every date or singles event she goes on is an excuse to knock back as much booze as possible when socialising, and LOVES train journeys because they re excuses to drink several cans of cocktails and some wine too Even the hipflasks of complete strangers are a great idea for Genie, who spends most chapters either tipsy or hungover.I also find it bemusing that the writer on a website doesn t know how to upload a blog post, especially after six months of keeping a dating specific blog, but at this point this book bears no resemblance to reality so I suppose that was par for the course.Boyfriend By Christmas isn t festive, isn t romantic, and isn t funny It s the tale of a spoiled bitch staggering drunkenly from mistake to mistake with no self awareness or care for others, and while she does end the book with a boyfriend, I suppose what happens next is a question of what gives out first her relationship or her liver. Unfortunately the best thing I find about this book is the cover, which I love I was very excited to start reading this as it looked right up my street but theI read the book, theI found it boring If I was the type of person to just put a book down unfinished I would of, but I thought I would keep going and see if it got any better, it didn t I am gutted about this book and I am sorry to be leaving it such a bad review, but in my honest opinion it was a bit tedious as I found it was a story that could of been told much quicker, and the author just dragged it out and frankly I found myself almost falling asleep whilst reading on many occasions It also took me a week to finish because I didn t find myself reaching for it at every opportunity and it felt likeof a chore Usually if I start reading a book I enjoy I will finish it within a couple of days Having said all of this I will not be put off by the author and would give another book written by her a chance as sometimes whilst reading as much as I do, you do find a book that you really don t like. I had to DNF this book though I skim read through to the end Reasons being 1 I wanted to read a romance but it was chicklit.2 Excellent if you have been seeking a mashup read of Bridget Jones s Diary, Geordie Shore, 10 Ways to Lose a Guy and Sex in the City It s a niche audience and I am not it.3 Drunkenness, sexting and bitching on middle aged women are not my reading cup of tea.4 And did I tell you it is chicklit Sooooo not a romance Possibly a good read if you are looking for chicklit. First book i have read by Jenny and will be her reading others This follows Genie, who in 6months must find herself a boyfriend by Christmas.Genie blogs about this through her work As we follow Genie on various dates she quickly becomes a likeable charactor Id sussed the Pip situation half way through so was pleased that was the outcome This is not overly festive and at times i felt the story was dragging on a bit That said it was still a book i wanted to finish to the end Genie Havisham works for a website, sits in an office five days a week She s an average girl in athan average job and she s single.After a break up, she doesn t trust men much any.This book follows a challenge she is given by her boss, as she writes about dating the irony it s time she got herself a man.That s the start of Boyfriend by Christmas a blog that covers all her dating ups and downs, from Tinder dates to X Factor finalists And it s hilarious Genie is a lovable character and it was great fun following her around her dating life as well as dealing with the worst.The return of The Ex.And the man she s looking for is in front of her face the whole time.It was a lovely fluffy book, perfect to finalise the festive season. I was determined to finish this book before the end of 2015 just like Genie with her goal however it was in the first hour of the New Year that i managed it It was quite a fun read with plenty of laugh out loud moments. review to come soon {Free} Á Boyfriend by Christmas ¸ It S Bad Enough To Be Perpetually Single, Without Also Being The Dating Journalist For A Major Lifestyle Website And Genie Havisham Has Just Been Set Her Toughest Deadline Yet Find A Boyfriend By Christmas Or Find A New JobDetermined Not To End The Year Alone And Jobless, Genie Sets Out To Find Where All The Eligible Bachelors In London Have Been Hiding, Using Whatever Means PossibleBut Among The Terrible Dates, One Night Stands And The Unexpected Return Of Her Supposedly Reformed Ex Boyfriend, Could Genie Have Overlooked What S Been Right Under Her Nose All Along Die Roman Idee fand ich spannend und da ich vor Kurzem erst 150 Days to Date gelesen hatte, das auch bei Bastei L bbe erschienen ist und mir sehr gut gefiel, war ich wirklich neugierig auf dieses Buch Die Ideen hneln sich sehr, aber hier kam noch das Weihnachtsflair hinzu Dachte ich zumindest Ein weihnachtliches Buch sollte man hier jedoch nicht erwarten, da die Story von Juli bis Januar spielt und Weihnachten gr tenteils nur als Zeitrahmen f r die Suche nach Mr Right eine Rolle spielt.Der Erz hlstil ist sehr abwechslungsreich und es gibt viele witzige Begebenheiten, sodass der Roman nicht langweilig wird ber viele Szenen konnte ich beim Lesen lachen oder schmunzeln und einige Charaktere wie z.B Genies Kollegin Willow sind mir ans Herz gewachsen Die Protagonistin selbst wurde mir jedoch mit fortschreitender Story immer unsympathischer Genie ist leider nicht die Person, mit der man gern Zeit verbringen w rde Daher fand ich den Erfolg bei ihren Dates auch wenn es dann nicht Mr Right war teilweise nicht nur unglaubw rdig sondern fast haarstr ubend Zudem war ziemlich fr h absehbar, wer am Ende ihr FBW werden wird Insofern konnte das Buch den tollen ersten Eindruck der ersten Kapitel leider nicht aufrecht erhalten, sodass ich leider nicht mehr als drei Sterne geben kann Das ist aber pers nlicher Geschmack Vielleicht k nnen andere Leserinnen mit Genie mehr anfangen, wenn sie ihr hoher Alkoholkonsum und zum Teil sehr r cksichtsloser Umgang mit ihren Mitmenschen nicht st rt.Ein witziger Blick auf Dating und zwischenmenschliche Beziehungen Wer Romane dieser Art gern liest, wird sich hier gut unterhalten f hlen.