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4.44 Another great buddy read with the Fantasy Addicts at BBB We needDragons What a refreshing treat this whole series has been I have to admit, the first book in the series was a bit disjointed and I was not sure how it would progress, but the author got out of the first book jitters and delivered a great two following books to close the story with This whole trilogy was strongly reminiscent of the fun science fiction of the late 70 s and 80 s It brought alive worlds and creatures filled with imagination and creativity, reminding us that not all Fantasy is set in the Middle Ages or in Faery It created settings so different from the ones we have come to accept as the Fantasy Default settings, that color once again infused the genre, painting everything in Technicolor The characters themselves were fresh and real, and I think Wydrin is going to take her well deserved spot on the my favorite kick ass female characters EVER shelf Sebastian and Frith were great as well, and Devinia and Oster were very compelling additions as well I loved that the author was not afraid to make one of the major characters gay, and we even had a very strong and loving lesbian couple join the fray I hopeauthors would do the same and maybe, just maybe one day, the characters sexual orientation would be nothing but a footnote, and all of us would take it as just another everyday boring occurrence I had a great enjoyment of reading this book with my friends Eon and Sarah, who as always, made an already exciting book evenfun Thank you guys And as a rule, I would advise all who might stumble upon my review, if you have the chance to read, read But if you can do it with some friends, there is nothing better Book clubs in Real Life or on line, make the experience evenmemorable and fun Find some others who love books and make the magic happen Happy Reading to you all Final rating 6 5 starsFor the whole series 5 5 stars Despite everything, they had a plan It was a ridiculous plan and they would likely all be killed, but they weren t going down without a fight If it was easy, it wouldn t be any fun, would itThis is one of the best series I have read lately It was damn perfect Fantastic plot, so many emotions, fantastic characters I just couldn t stop reading I read first 20% in one night,and another 80% today without rest.Not to mention, THAT ENDING I don t remember crying this much for the end of the book because it was over and there are nobooks I needbecause Wydrin, Sebastian and Frith are the best characters that I have read about lately Did I mention this series had straight couple, gay couple and lesbian couple Perfection What is there not to love about our wonderful couples Love is love and their love was real I love how author did connections between characters, how characters acted when their loved ones were in danger, how they acted when they were around each other, how wonderful they were all together, how passion bloomed between each one of them, how complex their emotions were Love, my friends, is a wonderful thing STORY spoilers for previous books also goes for character section Black Feather Three have a new clientFrith, she said, as her mother took the offered seat This is Devinia the Red, notorious captain of the Crimson Sea Witch, scourge of the Bararian flotilla, first pirate to sail the Shadow Bone Pass without smashing her ship to pieces, popularly referred to as the Succubus of the Silent Sea No one has ever called me that, put in her mother, evenly The Eighth Wonder of Crosshaven, or the Terror of the Torrent, continued Wydrin She is wanted in several countries with rewards healthy enough to set you up for life, if you live to claim it She is also my motherNow a captain of the ship called the Poison Chalice, Devinia wants to explore the island of gods also known as cursed island Euriale In the forest near the the port town called Two Birds strange things are happening A blue ghost haunts the island Everyone who approaches the forest never return Their job, however, is for Frith to use his magic he can still use Selsye s staff in order to push the ship into the center of the island Apparently, Devinia has the map of the island and wants to take the riches they will find in it After all, this is the island of gods and of piratesIt seems you have gained yourself the services of the Black Feather Three, Mum Wydrin took a sip of her mead Now we just need to discuss the fee There will be no family discounts, of courseAnd to make things worse, the current mayor of the town is none other but Devinia s sworn rival Carlita Ristanov, also known as the Banshee And the danger of the island is not easy to dismissIt will still be dangerous, said Sebastian, his voice low They all turned to look at him There will be monsters, or other pirates, or dark magic Things hidden in the hills, history we shouldn t be disturbing He met their eyes, one by one And men and women will die Your crew will die, Devinia Screaming, frightened and in pain If it is one thing I have learned, it s that death is everywhere Is gaining the centre of Euriale worth the price, Devinia Are you willing to let your own people die for itMeanwhile, on the said island, Estenn, Emissary of the old gods, wants nothingbut to see their glorious return And nothing will stop her Now that she has the Spinner, mysterious creature which she kidnapped and imprisoned, she knows what she needs And what she needs is coming on the ship of Poison Chalice.On the other side, Sebastian is seeing the ghost of the man of the island His obsession grows when ghost meets his eyes He must find him no matter what.On another ship, two travelers board the ship Ephemeral, accompanied by her Narhl husband Terin have a goal to find her father and Terin would go anywhere with her, even exposing himself to the heat that could gradually kill him CHARACTERSFrithhas a problem he is barely dealing with the loss of his magic It left him empty and he wants it back, but at the same time he is afraid he would become like Joah a monster who doesn t care about lives and uses them without thinking He still can t get over the fact that he had to kill a man for a sacrifice in order to destroy Joah And he is afraid this only makes him closer to the monster Joah became Aaron hates how powerless he feels, stuck back into his fragile body, with his magic gone And his love for Wydrin knows no bounds He would do anything for her, no matter what the cost He just can t lose her again not after the disaster that happened beforeWydrinnow has many people to protect Her brother in arms Sebastian, her lover Frith, her mother Devinia and her nan Augusta, who is not actually her relative, but close to one Despite how reckless she can become and how easily she will throw herself into danger to save those he cares about, she still thinks before she acts and kicks everyone in her way She always finds a way out And her bond with Frith gets deeper with each day andbeing with Frith made her fingers itch for her daggers, filled her with an indefinable need to fight, to protect She remembered how Xinian had mocked her a fool willing to die for love, but not to live for it She supposed this was living for love, and in truth it made her uneasy It was dangerous and exposed, like walking a taut rope over a great drop Sebastianis depressed, forlorn and cannot deal with his broken heart Prince Dallen abandoned him after the slaughter he and his brood daughters enacted in order to save Dallen from torture and death But Dallen didn t react to that kindly and found it hard to be with Seb Now Seb believes that everyone he loves will eventually abandon him, no matter what he doesAs far as I can see, Wydrin, the only skills I have are to alienate those I love, and to fail in my responsibilities When she opened her mouth to protest, Sebastian held his hands up I will still come with you, if that is what you wish I can still wield a sword well enough, after allSo he spends time being distant and using his silver connection to the lizard dragon kin to pass the time He struggles with accepting that he may never find someone to love, and while seeing Wyd and Frith being together makes him happy, he feels like an outsiderWe keep throwing ourselves at ludicrous situations, again and again Haven t we done enough damage Haven t we caused enough trouble The world was spinning again Sebastian squeezed his eyes shut, urging everything to keep still The people we ve hurt, the lives lost because of us And here we are again, on a cursed island We should go home, or at least start trying to find one You two should be enjoying the time you have together, not looking forinventive ways to get yourselves killedAnd his morbid thoughts keep going on and on, pulling him further into depression until he sees a ghost which looks at him And now, he won t stop until he finds the ghost and see what he isThe figure was still there, watching him Without thinking too closely about what he was doing, Sebastian pulled himself up onto the guardrail He looked over his shoulder once, half expecting Wydrin to have appeared out of nowhere to tell him he was being an idiot, but he was alone.Standing up straight, he felt the world turning around him There was a sense of something new beginning, or ending It didn t seem to matter which Ephemeral and Terinare now husband and wife, and Ephemeral is very protective over her cold human Terin would do anything for her, even going on other places where heat could kill him although he is the seer of his people and heat can only help him with the visions Ephemeral explores her bonds and her choices and does what she thinks is for the bestIt was different, she told herself where once she had invaded, now she explored The difference was important I have made a choice, she said aloud The choices are mine Devinia and Augustamake a fantastic duo, with Devinia being the captain and Augusta the healer Augusta has known Devinia when she was a child and she knows everything about her She is smart and wonderful old lady who would rather not see her wonderful girls deadCourse I don t It s a bad place Unnatural Cursed No one with any bloody sense would sail into those waters If I had my way we d never set foot on the island, and that goes for bloody Two Birds too She patted absently at the knives on the belt What s there is best left alone And what is there asked Sebastian Frith was surprised to see that he looked angry again, as though the old woman were lying to them Ghosts, said Augusta Ghosts and wolvesDevinia is ruthless to her enemies and fair to her followers She is terror in disguise but also honorable and strong leader who will not back down easily She is very similar to her daughter, capable, strong fighter and hurricane, but at the same time different from her And she loves her childrenthan anything in the world I did mention how similar they were but this cements itDon t I know you, girl You look awful familiar You ve probably met my mother, said Wydrin, looking tired for the first time that evening Devinia the Red, Terror of the Torrent, blah blah blah, pain in my arseAnd the other sideFine Go, then, but know, Wydrin Threefellows, fabled Copper Cat of Crosshaven and unending bane of my existence, that you carry my life, and the lives of my crew, in your pockets And if you sink that skiff, I ll follow you into the afterlife and tan your bloody hide myself Estennis the leader of a religious group of the old gods She is a religious fanatic and would do anything in order to return the old gods, no matter what the cost She doesn t understand the terror they represent and believes that they will be rewarded for their service, especially by Res ni and Res naThe world had changed in some significant way, and the island was reacting, coming to life, or bringing life Estenn smiled as she ran, feeling a tightness in her chest as she contemplated what that could mean It wouldn t be long now, and Res ni and Res na would call her to their service She was sure of it Osteris the mysterious man, who is confused he doesn t like questions because it is not his place to give answers or better said, he doesn t know them The Spinner was supposed to be there for him, but now he is gone and he can t find him Not only that, but a man whom he just met keeps asking for questions and is overly curious about him The Silver tide will connect them in time, and it s up to Oster to make the right choices, even when he is pitched against his family and the only source of information about himself And what a joy it was, seeing how it all progressed, how he grew and started to understand that nothing is simpleMy history is long and glorious, my lineage is full of pride and fury OthersI didn t expect to see so many familiar characters back again, so I won t talk about any of them in order to avoid spoilers But they made me happy and it was wonderful experienceRELATIONSHIPSWyd and Frith Did I mention how amazing the two of them areFrith reached over and took Wydrin s hand, squeezing it firmly If I should vomit, please do not tell your mother Don t lose my dagger I m very fond of it Fine Don t get killed I m very fond of you Don t you see, Wydrin If I miss the power, I am a monster I saw what it did to Joah, how it twisted him and made him less than human I did things I can never forgive myself for, and yet part of me wants it all back Part of me is still the person who killed a defenceless man at the Storm Gates I m still the person who left Sebastian to die by the shore of the mages lake Wydrin blinked in surprise and put the plate of pastries back on the table You still think about that Of course I do He picked up a goblet of wine and drank it down in one gulp How the two of you have forgiven me for it, I do not know Well, if I recall correctly, I punched you in the face for it at the time, so I think we can move past it As for Sebastian, the two of you have saved each other s skins so often I think that particular slight is long since buried You are not a monster, Frith Don t you see She touched his face lightly, tracing the line of his jaw The fact that you even ask yourself these questions proves that you re notYou know, if we d just listened to them in the first place, none of this would have happened And I would have walked away from you and Sebastian and into another life A bitter, twisted existence, dreaming of revenge, of justice for my family, knowing I could never have it Frith looked down at his hands Once they had been scarred, his fingernails all torn off with pliers And I would never have had you I have always been selfish, it s true, but in this I cannot bring myself to feel guilty Wydrin, I would not give you up for anything And you ll never have to, she replied.Lord Frith, are you attempting to distract me with sex I am, he said, it s true I am occasionally capable of entirely selfless acts When I thought you had died within Joah s Rivener, I also did things I regret, said Frith And I didn t have strange god magic addling my head Yes Well I can say now that I m really glad view spoiler you weren t stabbed to death by that bitch hide spoiler The 2016 November BBB re read of the final book in the Copper Cat Trilogy with my wonderful friends, Choko and Sarah, is now done Thank you so much for reading it with me ladies, it was a great time DAs for the book it was fantastic once again A poignant and rewarding and fun filled read that I will look forward to experiencing again in the future.The Silver Tide is the perfect ending to an excellent debut trilogy It takes everything I love about fantasy and spins a wonderful web of a tale with characters that will refuse to vacate that corner of your heart they have annexed when the ending of the adventure approaches And what an adventure it has been I am filled with sadness at the conclusion of this trilogy Must everything come to an end And yet, handled correctly as this was, there is such satisfaction in an ending, such pleasure, that even as you mourn the end you delight in the memory of the joy that was the journey, the lives you have lived in those pages And will relive for years to come Welcome to the big leagues Jen Williams. 4.5 stars.Conclusions can be tricky, and I ve been disappointed by quite a few Thankfully, The Silver Tide does not belong in that unfortunate category The denouement of this underrated Copper Cat trilogy was utterly satisfying and even brought a little lump in my throat as I bid farewell to the Black Feather Three to whom I ve grown quite attached There have also been at least a couple of well lauded fantasy series out there which I ve put aside due to the trusted opinions of a great bookish friend of mine of its weak concluding books Most of the time, the final book disappoints by introducing new characters that serve no purpose or having the main characters taking a different direction in their growth or personalities The other common rant is how the plot goes off tangent or becomes drawn out unnecessarily.I encountered none of these issues in The Silver Tide The series progressed from strength to strength from a decent debut in The Copper Promise to a better sequel and ended with a fittingly epic climax Throughout the entire series, Wydrin, Frith and Sebastian with all their respective strengths and flaws remained consistent even as each character grows, both individually and collectively, through the good, bad and dire situations they experienced In this final chapter, Wydrin s characterisation gets evenfleshed out thanks to the appearance of a new character, Devinia the Red a formidable female pirate This is where the series excelled over many others in my opinion the introduction of new characters in each book enhances the story and development of our main characters In my previous review of the sequel, I nitpicked about the voice or tone of the story and how it does not seem to have a firm footing I wish to take that back now as in my mind, Jen Williams has crafted a modern high fantasy tale that is her own and does not try to emulate thepopular grimdark or epic sub genre The Copper Cat trilogy is simply a well told and entertaining story about three friends and their grand adventures which incidentally have devastating implications on humanity in the world of Ede I would term this high fantasy because the use of magic is very dominant in the narrative Again I have to revert my earlier comment around a minor issue I had with what I deemed as a plot device on the magic system I was swept away by the manner in which the different concepts and sources of the magic of the world come together in the epic finale Well, frankly, I was just having so much fun at the end that all these little rants don t matter any The only problem still present is the absence of a map, which I strongly believe is an essential detail in the high fantasy genre and particularly when characters travel around a fair bit The story is straightforward with a tight plot that does not try too hard to be smart Williams prose remains uncomplicated and easy to read, even as her writing has noticeably improved from one instalment to another Most importantly I need to highlight the near faultless pacing of the entire trilogy While the first two books do have some lulls in its middle sections, I never had a dull moment reading them Then we come to this final volume even though it is the longest book by a fair bit, it is paced superbly with something intriguing happening almost all the freaking time The balance of action and dialogue and character development is quite remarkable Notably, a lot of the travelling sequences are either cut short or totally absent, thus keeping the momentum of the storytelling The Copper Cat trilogy is a sweet breath of fresh air which harkens back to the good old days of classic high fantasy, yet tempered by modern touches of characterisation With such an encouraging experience from reading Jen Williams debut trilogy, I am now keen to read to her sopho attempt, The Winnowing Flame Trilogy I recommend this to fantasy fans who yearn for a balance between classic and modern epic fantasy, and as well as readers who are new to fantasy This review can also be found at Booknest The Review Can Also Be Found Here The Copper Cat Trilogy has been one of my favourites of recent years in the epic fantasy genre It s fun, engaging and well written, feeling a lot like David Lynch s Gentleman s Bastard series and working really well as a result The characters have been really fun to follow and it was great to see Aaron Firth Wydrin, and Sebastian Caverson return even if this is the conclusion to the Trilogy We follow them on their latest assignment from the deadly pirate and Wydrin s mother Captain Devinia the Red , and it s great fun to read as the novel never slows down, making use of an active imagination to tell a fascinating story.The Silver Tide sends our protagonists to an island that nobody had ever returned from, and it s interesting to see how the setting shapes how the book plays out, making uses of a Nassau like location However even the bravest of pirates knows that to venture beyond the Two Birds boundaries is to not return, and it s interesting to follow the three through this journey that splits up the three, sending Sebastian on one mission whilst Wydrin and Frith on another This blend of narrative allows for an incredibly entertaining read, and it s not often nowadays you see fantasy that isn t afraid to use pretty much everything that the genre has to offer.The pace is electrifying and manages to make use of the fantasy creatures in such a way that doesn t feel cheap The sheer range of things that are featured in this book is fascinating, there s Dragons, Gods, and Time Travel, and that s just for starters, as Williams holds nothing back in order to create an amazing finale.The interactions are great throughout the book, with some brilliant exchanges between the characters that only makes you miss themwhen you finish the novel There are plenty of themes that are used here to great effect that really help develop the characters, making them all thecaptivating and ensuring that I won t forget them in a hurry.I really didn t want this book to end as these characters have been so much fun to read over the course of the Trilogy, and there was also the worry that the ending would be a letdown However, any doubts were quickly pushed aside Williams manages to make everything work together so well and as a result, that makes it three out of three for The Copper Cat, making the Trilogy as a whole a must read for fantasy fans. Read with my buds at BBB, 2016.FINAL RATING 4.5 STARSAGAINWhat a beautiful book I read the previous two a couple months ago and still remember the characters and the plots I was hesitant to pick this one up as I was pretty anxious to have it all end but alas, there must be an end to everythingand this may be one of the best endings to a book series I ve read I m serious.I m a girl who loves her trilogies E.g Lord of the Rings, The Godfather, Howl s Moving Castle, Foundationthere s a plethora of trilogies that are great The number 3 to me has many positive connotations I know some people will wholeheartedly disagree, but just remember this is my opinion.However, there are also trilogies thatdon t end well I mean, the character development goes downhill, the plot becomes cliched and boring, it s very common in trilogies, actually I believe this is so because the author who spent so much time developing characters in the first book and introducing the plot in the first and second, is now on the third book and just wanting to finish it up.It s like a long, beautiful bridge you re crossing on a beatific day However when you re almost across the bridge suddenly collapses and you and the materials of the bridge fall It s of course very unfortunate, but some are just not meant to last.The bridge never fell in The Silver Tide This book didn t cause it to collapse Instead, it guided me through some incredible plots and some truly caring and fantastic characters This book made me forget I was sitting in a busy train station waiting for the Blue Line to downtown Portland Can you imagine how noisy it was I loathe waiting there, but this book let me take off my ear muffs as I was engrossed enough to no longer hear the crowds of people.In fact, the farther I got into this series, thecompelling it became I think this is my favorite book out of the three of them This book clung to my emotions and tugged on them until I was in tears, but it was definitely one of the best feelings I ve ever gotten reading a book It beats just scanning words and counting how many pages until the chapter ends.So yes, the bridge was crossedand it lead into a sad place after I was able to see the beauty it was because of that ENDINGwhich I won t spoil Definitely one of the best experiences I ve ever had reading a book A solid 5 5 shining, platinum stars and a homemade cookie on the side Pure magic. 4 solid stars until the ending When they turned 5 The final book of the Copper Cat trilogy keeps the flair of its predecessors, like unremitting action, witty repartee, an engaging plot and very, very interesting characters Yet it s also different, there is a definite development of all the story threads weaved that far resolved or otherwise and they converge well It is still a light read, withemphasis on action than on motivations Sebastian Seriously , but this installment offerscomplexity and the story at large wraps up satisfyingly.The first book was an interesting start, but it s truly only an appetizer The second is my favorite and it doesn t suffer from all the typical weaknesses of middle books The third is inspired and the author has several surprises in store, some easily anticipated and some less so, all the while following a memorable group of adventurers and a nice cast of secondary characters.My earlier impressions are confirmed if you pay strict attention to details, loose ends, arbitrary plot devices and or if you are looking for depthscope this may not be the book for you, but as I said there is lots of action, lots, tons of things happening, likeable heroes, healthy doses of blood and rum so really, no need to fuss over details, right The story is not profound or anything and it doesn t try to pretend otherwise, rather, the author takes care of all the elements that matter and delivers impeccable entertainment.This is one of the best swordsorcery series I ve read lately Why ruin what they have now All happiness ends in death anyway. *READ EBOOK ↿ The Silver Tide (The Copper Cat, #3) ⇬ From Jen Williams, Highly Acclaimed Author Of THE COPPER PROMISE And Blistering Follow Up THE IRON GHOST, Comes The Final Epic Instalment In The Copper Cat Trilogy Tales Of The Black Feather Three And Their Exploits Abound Far And Wide, And Wydrin Of Crosshaven, Lord Aaron Frith And Sir Sebastian Have Become Sell Swords In Demand Having Foiled Powerful Mages And Evil Magic, They Now Face A Challenge Unlike Any Before In The Form Of Wydrin S MotherDevinia The Red, Notorious Pirate And Captain Of The Poison Chalice, Is Intent On Finding The Fabled Treasure Hidden Within The Jungles Of The Cursed Island Of Euriale She Needs The Skills Of Her Daughter Wydrin And Her Companions To Get There, And Our Heroes Cannot Resist The Lure Of Coin And Adventure But No Explorer Has Returned From The Heart Of The Island, And It S Not Long Before The Three Find Themselves In The Clutches Of Peril Deep Within The Island Of The Gods, There Are Remnants Of Forces Best Left Undisturbed I first got into fantasy through the likes of Narnia and The Hobbit as a kid After years of terrible Tolkien imitations, I went off it and moved on to urban fantasy The Copper Cat trilogy has made me fall in love with swords and sorcery all over again, and The Silver Tide in particular has had me beaming with joy It is just such a blast to read, replacing long travel descriptions with fights and adventure, and replacing the sausage fest of Ye Olde Fantasy with a fabulous and diverse cast of characters And women Women everywhere Women sell swords, women pirates, women sawbones, women sailors, of every age and colour, major and minor characters just living their lives Wonderful stuff Full review to go up on Geek Syndicate soon A worthy conclusion to the trilogy I was curious to see what the author would pull off in the third book, after all how could things get bigger andpowerful than Y ruen in the first book and Joah Demonsworn and Bezcavar in the second I guess because of this expectation I struggled with the first half, but after that things started to click together, though the antagonists didn t had that much screen time, specially when displaying full power.It also used very well a certain trope I guess it would be massive spoilers if I said which one and allowed for a better understanding of the lore and legends of the world.And also the questions such trope use and always make you amazed or infuriated as all the answers could be right view spoiler Maybe the future was intertwined with the past and that it was Frith who caused Joah to follow that dark path Maybe after a thousand years later he had a vague memory of someone who looked like Frith, who he looked with admiration in his youth, hence why he took him as apprentice in book 2 Would Sebastian not kill him knowing that would happen But if he did, then would Joah not pass the knowledge to Frith later that would allowwell, you know where this is going These are the marvels when someone uses time travel I also expectedfrom Ephemeral, though it was nice to see how her life went on But the half of the brood army who separated from the original group was never heard of again.And Sebastian, I never saw someone suffer so much heartbreak I actually expected him to go back to the future heartbroken again, only to find later Oster, since he is an immortal god I think they are immortal, right That would be cool too hide spoiler