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Mrs Armitage, the wife of a successful screenwriter and producer, is having a breakdown Her marriage is a wreck and she s discovered that having one child after another hasn t given her the fulfilling life she wanted Where s a pumpkin shell when you need one, eh Penelope Mortimer s 1962 semi autobiographical novel, The Pumpkin Eater, was pretty decent Her dialogue is so good that she drew me immediately into the novel and Mrs Armitage s world, and, despite the lack of story, was able to hold me fairly well from then on The commentary on the complexities of marriage is compelling and the glimpses into her own marriage to the playwright John Mortimer Jake in the book are interesting too in a gossipy way like Jake, John knocked up an actress during his marriage to Penelope and she writes through her devastation at being betrayed It s amazing that John Mortimer got laid so much back in the day considering he looked like Hodor s little brother after a stroke dude must ve had a helluva personality But the meandering, intermittently unfocused nature of the book is its biggest weakness Sometimes the narrative is enthralling as Jake s infidelities come to light, as well as Mortimer s descriptions of her inner turmoil and any scenes with dialogue, and sometimes nothing s happening and things get very mundane The ending too is extremely dull it went on and on and on and was very anticlimactic and the metaphor of the idyllic tower in the country that s constantly being built in the background was ineffective You can sense the stirrings of feminism in the book as Mortimer notes how women are condescendingly talked down to and treated in general, though it s not an overtly political text, just a wry snapshot of 1950s society To that point, there are also a couple of casually racist comments early on that might offend some people today babies Otherwise, it s a period piece that s aged very well Penelope Mortimer s The Pumpkin Eater was alright it s accessible, well written, thoughtful, and occasionally interesting. Heartbreaking One of the best final chapters of a book from recent memory.I would like to think myself a champion for all things feminism but this book has me feeling down about my maleness.More Mortimer needs to be reprinted I will definitely be seeking out her other books Thanks to Proustitute for the recommendation. Quite a hard book to read, and it s perfectly logical that the author really did struggle with depression, insecurity and anxiety The way she speaks is relatable to anyone who has felt that way myself included The worries, the anger, the stress she feels is all familiar I can t say I enjoyed the book but I understood it, and maybe that s better. This totally made my CCLaP best of 2011.If you read anything at all about this book, you will immediately learn the following salient points Originally published in the early sixties and reissued this year by the divine NYRB , it is a proto feminist novel predecessor to The Feminine Mystique , it s quite autobiographical, it s told by an unnamed narrator who is married to a philanderer her fourth husband and has an army of children number never specified , and it opens in an analyst s office, where the narrator complains that she s afraid of dust Most people, absurdly, stop there, giving a picture of a vapid housewife who is too dumb to stop reproducing, too dependent to leave her cheating husband, too hysterical to gain control of her life.Of course, most people are idiots.I, being I think rather less than an idiot, will start this review by talking about the quality of Penelope s writing It is immediate, sharp, brutally candid It is warm, genuine, and often blackly hilarious Her descriptions of characters are quick and amazing i.e., He was a small, square man, with too much face for the size of his features, or She was lonely and eccentric and kept making little rushes at life which were, as she swore she had always known, doomed to failure Her language cracks and sparkles and seethes with rage, despair, hopelessness, urgency, and, eventually, against all odds, hope.Now I will tell you something about the story itself Mrs Armitage, our faithful narrator, our damaged heroine, our harried, rueful housewife, is no ninny, no hysteric Well she does get hysterical, it s true, but goddammit, she has a right to Her husband Jake is a talented, handsome, successful, childish, selfish bastard Since they ve become wealthy she was rather poor with her first three husbands , she seems to have no say in her own life she never sews a button or cooks a meal or wipes a nose, now that they have help to do all those things About all she has time to do is discoverandevidence of Jake s infidelities and talk to her pompous, condescending therapist about how to fix her little weeps Not that it s as bleak as all that she manages to remain so self possessed, so clever, so tough, that instead of pity you feel frustration for her, watching her try to make sense of her life For long swaths you forget things are bad at all Her narration is so full of life, so wry and self mocking, that you just fly along.On the face of it, this is a story of a somewhat co dependent marriage gone pretty well wrong, but interestingly, nearly a third of the book its middle is dedicated to one summer when our narrator was about fourteen, just becoming a woman, as it were We see her first boyfriend and her first manfriend, her bitchy mother and her questionable father, her tween frenemy Ireen, with her painted eyelashes and permanent wave It s a fascinating episode, brilliantly illuminating the crazed, frustrated angst of being that age For the rest of the day I lay on my bed, oraccurately rolled and tossed and curled up like a spring on my bed I howled and hiccupped, feeling as though there were a great gale in me which I could not contain That s, believe it or not, the fun part This a rough story, all in all, full of imposed will and victimization and sexual misdeeds and cruelty Yet it s an interpersonal melodrama, and the persons playing the roles are endlessly compelling It s a book I couldn t help but hurtle myself through, with scenes that keep replaying in my head In the end Mrs Armitage does come into her own, though at a high cost Watching her get there is riveting seeing her grow teeth, as it were, and reclaim control of her life, is harrowing and hopeful both pre read I m beginning to suspect that while I m asleep my books are multiplying among themselves like jackrabbits This proof, for example Where did it come from I m sure I never bought it I can t recall why or when or from whom it would have been sent to me Yet here it is, on my shelf, looking crisp and comely and oh so inviting I suppose I d better read it before it disappears or turns into something else, right and here s to you, mrs armitage jesus loves youthan you will know wo wo wo.cos diverse, eppure eppure la mrs robinson de il laureato e la signora armitage di penelope mortimer hanno avuto entrambe, a distanza di tre anni, il volto e il carisma di anne bancroft e hanno dato voce entrambe allo stesso malessere, esistenziale ed epocale quello di un certo tipo di donna, in un certo ambiente, con certe aspettative dopodich una quella per cui simon garfunkel adattano il testo scritto per eleanor roosevelt veste la propria frustrazione con l abito aggressivo della spregiudicatezza e dell accanimento l altra non ha spigoli vivi, e anzi si lascia scivolare nel buio oltre la siepe ordinata, si annichilisce di un a oblativo per il marito, fino a rimanerne svuotata.questo romanzo del 1962 costruito sulla sofferenza e la illogica, contraddittoria, lucidit di una donna che racconta in prima persona il proprio disagio emotivo che poi quasi totalmente lo stesso dell autrice perch nella finzione non finzione di mrs armitage, mortimer d forma con molte meno variazioni di quel che si potrebbe credere a un inquietudine progressiva che fu anche sua e allo sgretolarsi carsico che a volte si insinua sotto la crosta di un matrimonio proprio quando, a rendere la vita apparentemente pi facile, arrivano le sicurezze e gli agi del tutto compreso.d altra parte nel caso di penelope mortimer l infelicit e la depressione non collimano banalmente con la vita della casalinga disperata e qui sta l unica sostanziale differenza tra l autrice e il suo personaggio il fatto che mentre quest ultimo non cerca nulla al di fuori del ruolo familiare, mortimer come in quegli stessi anni sylvia plath scrittrice apprezzata e sposata a un brillante collega dal quale viene per serialmente tradita e umiliata.la mangiatrice di zucche il titolo originale viene da una filastrocca inglese, e allude al suo restarsene chiusa in casa mentre il marito sfarfalla in giro parla in prima persona di depressione, di figli concepiti serialmente, di come l adorazione per un uomo possa essere un riempitivo contrapposto al non a per s tanto che alla fine, l approdo di questo sentimento di proiezione continua inevitabile mortimer armitage lo dice senza sussulti non c era pi niente da dare il racconto edificante, e dimostra che meglio prendere la vita a passi precisi e piccoli sorsi anzich credere, come credevo io, che esista una pienezza costantemente rinnovata.non amando per in un romanzo l aspetto edificante , personalmente mi tengo la extra ordinariet della propria vita che l autrice fa trapelare in queste pagine, insieme all ironia di certi dialoghi e all acume di certi incisi.tre stelle e mezzo. If I wanted to, I could stand on a street corner and loudly proclaim, I am a Buddhist Or, I could proclaim, I am a Democrat My merely saying one or both of those things would make it so.But a fella cannot proclaim himself a Feminist A male has to earn that, first, and even then it s up to the eye of the female beholder Like the balk call in baseball And while I like to consider myself pro woman, I m not sure I would ever pass the test to be a full fledged Feminist I just don t take anything seriously enough and sooner or later my attempt at humor would be misconstrued.But it s not just that I just don t know the rules, the qualifications I suspect they re slippery and ever shifting, maybe intentionally so For example, at about the same time, Clarence Thomas and Bill Clinton got in trouble Thomas allegedly made a comment Who put this pubic hair on my Coke in the presence of a female lawyer Clinton penetrated a female intern with a cigar, let her perform oral sex on him in the Oval Office all while married and allegedly sexually assaulted another female, also in the White House Of course, both men lied about it I viewed Thomas behavior as boorish and, if an attempt at humor, not the funniest thing I ve heard I found Clinton s behavior abhorrent When I expressed this distinction at the time, every woman who heard me tsked loudly and hooted me down as if I was an idiot They thought Thomas should be banished but defended Clinton vehemently The cynic in me felt the distinction being drawn was a political one, that if one s politics are right then one s actions can be treated differently But what I was told was that I DIDN T GET IT And that s probably true.What does this have to do with The Pumpkin Eater Well, in the obligatory NYRB Classic Introduction to the edition I read was this Before the advent of Betty Friedan and Germaine Greer there was Penelope Mortimer. But I don t get it.The patently autobiographical female protagonist in this novel marries, serially, and has children A lot of children Although, she doesn t take care of them a nanny does Her husband s an asshole That s it.Oh, there s some running plot she drinks, she sleeps, she languishes, she has babies She doesn t work she has few interests She doesn t even have a name She s just Mrs Jack Armitage And her children, but for one, don t have names either We don t even really know how many Too many to count perhaps She lets her father and her husband set the rules, make the choices for her She has no gumption just a constant fog.The story was modeled on the author s own life, complete with many husbands, many children, drinking, a suicide attempt But the author wrote, had a career, had success, chose her own lovers She made a cuckold of one husband, and infamously so.So I don t understand how The Pumpkin Eater is some bellringer for the Feminist movement But, I have already confessed, I don t get it Nudging movements and philosophies to the side for a moment, I didn t even like the book on its own merits Just a story about a woman who keeps having babies she doesn t appear to want, and whose life is out of control At least NYRB Classics chose, as it usually does, a great cover, with Susan Bower s Downhill in a Pram hiding behind the title When Mrs Armitage was a child her mother kept a wool drawer in the dining room chest consisting of nothing but leftover knitting scraps On rainy afternoons she was made to tidy the drawer for no other reason then for something to do Busy work Mrs Armitage likened it to the waythey make prisoners dig holes and fill them up againHer psychiatrist offeredshe would like to be something useful like a tea cozy. This is the story of a woman losing her way in the quest of finding a sense of purpose Never defined by name, but instead titles Wife of Jake, Mother of Dinah and at least a half dozen others , the narrator looks back on a lifetime of disappointment, abandonment and betrayal by those that were loved and trusted All her life, she has been surrounded by people parents, friends, one husband leading to another, a battalion of children following suit yet Mrs Armitage still finds herself trapped and inwardly alone.Downward spiraling and yet hiding in plain sight, she escapes her domestic imprisonment and seeks answers by digging through her own emotional scrap drawer But what will she unearth Something useful like a sense of self Better equipped to fill life s holes. A beautifully written story of one woman s descent into madness.A gripping book which is utterly compelling.Mrs Armitage has three husbands a brood of children, her only role in life to keep on having children.Then she meets Jake a script writer.The vision of building a glass tower in the country to finally settle, is this reality or a dream She then breaks down in Harrods in the linen department.A dark comedy which made me feel for Mrs Armitage as the book reaches its conclusion.Do we always make the right choices Semi autobiographical, this story makes one look at relationships in a different way.Every woman should read this book. (Epub) ⚣ The Pumpkin Eater ⛓ The Pumpkin Eater Is A Surreal Black Comedy About The Wages Of Adulthood And The Pitfalls Of Parenthood A Nameless Woman Speaks, At First From The Precarious Perch Of A Therapist S Couch, And Her Smart, Wry, Confiding, Immensely Sympathetic Voice Immediately Captures And Holds Our Attention She Is The Mother Of A Vast, Swelling Brood Of Children, Also Nameless, And The Wife Of A Successful Screenwriter, Jake Armitage The Armitages Live In The City, But They Are Building A Great Glass Tower In The Country In Which To Settle Down And Live Happily Ever After But Could That Dream Be Nothing Than A Sentimental Delusion At The Edges Of Vision The Spectral Children Come And Go, While Our Heroine, Alert To The Countless Gradations Of Depression And The Innumerable Forms Of Betrayal, Tries To Make Sense Of It All Doctors, Husbands, Movie Stars, Bodies, Grocery Lists, Nursery Rhymes, Messes, Aging Parents, Memories, Dreams, And Breakdowns How To Pull It All Together Perhaps You Start By Falling Apart Una drammatica fecondit La prosa brillante e coraggiosa di Penelope Mortimer ha una voce ostinata, onesta e attaccata alla verit e si rivela con l indole malinconica e profonda di un racconto lieve e nudo, che travolge con un fascino perturbante le nostre emozioni pi elementari Il romanzo narra la disperazione di una donna dalla vita interiore smisurata, il tormento e la colpa per l incapacit di rassegnarsi alla labilit dell a e alla consuetudine del tradimento mette in scena l illusione di rinnovare una pienezza che non esiste e il dovere di vivere la solitudine come una casa disabitata, nella quale ella destinata a perdere per sempre quello che ama senza ragione Una donna, la protagonista di questo dramma della consolazione, che vuole evitare il male e che vuole che le cose smettano di accaderle che incapace di arrendersi e si spinge fino all autodistruzione completa, a rendere sterile il proprio corpo colpevole di un a eccessivo Dentro questa storia c un passato ricco di segni, ci sono i dialoghi incontrovertibili, gli stili marcati e la lotta contro lo scorrere del tempo ecco che nasce una scrittura veloce, fonte di catarsi su diversi piani Questa donna inesauribile ha dentro di s una paura remota, che proviene da un luogo irraggiungibile e con questa angoscia cerca tutta la vita di fare i conti Penelope Mortimer ne racconta con ironia i traumi e le relazioni affettive irrisolte, le contraddizioni tra aspirazioni e rinunce, in un analisi della fragilit che coinvolge intensamente, esprimendo in un percorso toccante un originale forma di intimit letteraria.