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Where the Murdochs are you know there s also scandal, lies and betrayal These four siblings Evan, Terrance, Paulette and Dante, try as they might to do the right thing trouble just seems to find them anyway And of course Dante is not trying to do anything right he is still hell bent on destroying his siblings to get what he feels is rightfully his as the oldest sibling Ms Ellis does a wonderful job telling the story of the Murdochs This is not my first read by this author and will not be my last If you love scandal, suspense and lies this is the read for you April 26, 2016, is not that far away please one click you will not be disappointed My copy was provided as an ARC by the author for my honest review. birdman handrub People People First of all, if you have not yet read Best Kept Secrets, you still have time to snatch that baby up and read it, because while Bed of Lies COULD be standalone, you ll get muchenjoyment if you read BKS first Because HONEYYYYY the drama Second of all, I m kind of a reluctant romance fan I don t read EVERY love story that comes down the pipe, so something has to draw me to it If there s drama AND some good lovin and a couple I can root for, I m in there like swimwear Bed of Lies is IT I won t go into the story because, like it s predecessor there is really SO MUCH going on that my review would be ten paragraphs long and who wants to read that when they can read the book But lemme just give you some highlights 1 Leila and Evan still make my heart sing.2 Terrance poor, po Terrance Shelly put a brother THROUGH it, but he came out knowing himself much better than when he went in and he got himself a lil love interest 3 Paulette this woman about made me SICK worrying about her She s still hiding stuff, still not letting people in her life help her handle stuff until it s too late and she s up Excrement Creek Also Your husband Uh GIRL GIRL There s a secret in this book that averts gaze 4 Dante Dante I really want to bust a cap Have wanted to since Best Kept Secrets and he don t get no better in Bed of Lies.So, in summation this book rocks Vivid, amazing, sex scenes YAAASSSS , realistic characters, eye catching drama and a pace that ll make you wanna put the book down for a hot second and take a breath Shelly Ellis became an author to watch out for after I read two of the Gibbons Gold Digger series Then I saw Best Kept Secrets and jumped right on this series, because if I don t catch a series in the beginning, I m generally not patient enough to catch up Get this book PUT IT IN YOUR FACE You ll be glad you did. Bed of Lies by Shelly Ellis was the anticipated sequel to The Chesterton series She definitely did not disappoint with this book It was so juicy with the right amount of mix between drama, secrets, and lies Just when you think the Murdoch s have recovered from a blow they have been dealt, something else comes along and knocks them down again But make no mistake that they are a united front and they always bounce back This book definitely had me on the edge of my seat with all the drama and not forgetting the romance between the couples If I wasn t a fan already, this would make me a definite fan of Shelly Ellis WOWthe SCANDAL and drama surrounding the Marvelous Murdoch s and their circle of family friends enemies is quite the page turner Some of the drama is self inflictedand some caused by their enemiesthis book had me talking groaning laughing out loud at the CRAZY sometimes unbelievably INSANE situations they got intoespecially Paulette Murdochshe needs to get her ACT togetherand little Izzy needs some discipline in her life I hope the wait isn t too long for the next bookShelly Ellis DEFINITELY left us hanging on a cliff w this one ( Free Pdf ) ♌ Bed of Lies ⚇ Shelly Ellis Is A New Favorite To Our List Christina Lauren, New York Times Bestselling AuthorsSecrets And Scandals Are A Way Of Life For The Murdochs Of Chesterton, Virginia But The Lies That Bind Them May End Up Tearing Them Apart With His Drama Filled Marriage Behind Him, Evan Murdoch Has Finally Found Happiness With His Longtime Friend Turned Fianc E, Leila Hawkins But When His Party Boy Brother, Terrence, Is Seriously Injured In A Car Accident, A Gossiping Press Puts The Family Back In The Spotlight Soon Terrence Could Face A Lawsuit And Much Worse, If His Vengeful Half Brother, Dante, Has His Way Terrence S Only Bright Spot Is Journalist CJ Aston But Is She Really On His Side, Or Does She Have Another Motive While Terrence Struggles To Recover From His Injuries, Paulette, The Little Sister Of The Family, Is Struggling With A Secret She S Pregnant, And Unsure Whether The Father Is Her Blackmailing Ex Or Her Husband Amid The Turmoil, Evan Does His Best To Stay Above The Fray, But A Shocking Revelation Makes That Impossible He S A Murdoch After All, And Trouble Seems To Be Their Business Praise For Another Woman S ManNominated For A NAACP Image Award A Fast Paced And Very Gratifying Story RT Book Reviews,Stars I received an advanced copy of Bed of Lies and completed it in 2 days In fact I turned off my Thursday night ABC line up to read it This is true drama There are many twists and turns Things that you thought were resolved at the conclusion of the first novel are far from finished Evan has made some dumb moves to be an astute businessman Dante is Dante Therelease date is April 26 I urge everyone to get it If you loved the Gold Diggers and The Right Maneuver, you will love this series too. I really enjoyed this book The storyline was nice The characters were nicely developed The cool thing that I liked that the author did was provide you with just the right amount of background information just in case you hadn t read the first story in the series The amount of drama in the story was great I am really enjoying this series I can t wait for the next story This is definitely a book worth reading. Whoa, talk about drama on top of drama on top of drama This book was nonstop and quite entertaining A full review will be posted during its release week 3.5 stars The Murdochs just can t escape scandal and drama I just love this series It s awesome how Shelly comes up with the continued drama and scandals surrounding this family The best part of this series is that the reader is provided with just enough information to be kept on edge at all times Although I m reading, I feel like I am watching a TV series hint this would be an awesome TV series The characters each have their own issues that still interest me and sometimes I m talking out loud at the Murdochs because of the situations they get themselves into like Paulette just needs to get her life.she makes you just want to shake her.Little Elizabeth needs a good old Mama ain t playing with you look.Terrance has changed his view on women and love He s trying to make a fresh start with CJ but her past with her family is putting a block on them However, I m a little over Dante and definitely over Charisse Their story and purpose.over it If you enjoy page turning drama, lies and scandal, I definitely recommend this series you will be let down I am loving this series The story moves smoothly and you can remember the characters from the previous book This story reads like a tv series and you can t wait to see what happens next in the lives of the Murdochs Good editing and no grammar errors I enjoy reading her stories and I recommend this series.