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The blurb doesn t make this book sound like BDSM but right away the alpha Jake starts thinking about how he has a sadistic streak and likes to rough people up in bed He can hardly concentrate to answer Jason s frightened questions about becoming a werewolf because he wanted to He wanted to grab the petulant mouth and fuck it, forcing his cock down the tight throat, gagging Jason with his massive meat until he was choking and tears were running down his face Gross.I didn t make it very far into the book because Jake s character was so brutal that I felt ZERO interest in seeing what he considered to be a relationship Again, none of this was hinted at in the blurb. Note to self, Jason is kidnapped by people who want to experiment on him at the end of the book.Things I liked Dual POV Jake recognizing Jason as his mate quickly Jake trying to control his wolf Thing I didnt like Jake bonding with Jason without Jasons consent or knowledge When Jake came in to the bedroom drunk Quick and dirty read. Sexy, intriguingI like that there was a real story, unlike others I ve read The characters are great and diverse Jake the sexy alpha Jason, his mate, newly turned and completely confused at first Mike the leather wearing Dom second Riley the Armani wearing enforcer Sex, humor and of course mystery and intrigue Worth reading. EnjoyableThis was an enjoyable M M paranormal romance Well written and interesting Lots of humor and action with very little sex Many fascinating characters. Jake is an asshole, and I don t care how the author tried to dress it up, he is abusive I stopped reading at 55% I like reading about BDSM, but this wasn t it I wasthan a bit disgusted by Jake s thoughts. &READ EBOOK ⇘ Claimed by the Alpha ⇥ Jake, Alpha Of His Territory And A Werewolf Without Peer, Does Not Expect The Meek Little Wolf He Rescues Off The Side Of The Road To Be His Mate The Boy Is Newly Turned, Inexperienced, And It Will Be Months Before He And His Wolf Are Integrated To The Point Where The Mating Instinct Will Kick In Jake S Wolf Has No Intention Of Waiting This Book Was Previously Published Under The Pen Name Of Riley Trent Are You Still Hungry Jake Didn T Think It Would Be Possible For His Little Wolf To Stuff Himself Further, But You Never Knew No, I M Good Jason Had That Look From The Garden, Like He Wanted To Say Something But Wasn T Quite Sure How Yes Jake Prompted What Kind Of Relationship Do You Want Stopping His Cleaning He Sat Down, Determined To Put All His Feelings On The Table I Want To Be Your Lover Jason Visibly Swallowed, Looking Somewhat Like A Deer Caught In The Headlights Then He Pulled Himself Together And If I Don T Want That It Was Obvious That Jason Had Fought His Wolf In Order To Get The Question Past His Lips Knowing That His Reply Would Be Crucial He Answered Somewhat Truthfully Then I Ll Be Your Friend Until You Do Friends Could Sleep In The Same Bed And Spend Every Waking Moment Together, Right