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Really liked this @EPUB Ø Missing, Presumed [free sampler] Â SAMPLE CHAPTERMid December, And Cambridgeshire Is Blanketed With Snow Detective Sergeant Manon Bradshaw Tries To Sleep After Yet Another Soul Destroying Internet Date The Low Murmuring Of Her Police Radio Her Only SolaceOver The Airwaves Come Reports Of A Missing Woman Door Ajar, Keys And Phone Left Behind, A Spatter Of Blood On The Kitchen Floor Manon Knows The FirstHours Are Critical You Find Her, Or You Look For A Body And As Soon As She Sees A Picture Of Edith Hind, A Cambridge Post Graduate From A Well Connected Family, She Knows This Case Will Be BigIs Edith Alive Or Dead Was Her Complex Love Life At The Heart Of Her Disappearance, As A Senior Officer Tells The Increasingly Hungry Press And When A Body Is Found, Is It The End Or Only The Beginning Enjoying it but it is not due out till February finished sampler Edith Hind, a beautiful graduate student at Cambridge University is reported missing by her live in boyfriend Will He claims that he came home to find the doors open, her cell phone and purse in the house and blood evidence in the kitchen Detective Sergeant Manon Bradshaw is assigned the case She loves being a police woman but wishes she had apromising personal life Her forays into internet dating have been famously unsuccessful She s thirty nine and still hoping to find The One As she and her partner Davy dig into a Edith s relationships with family and friends, she meets the man she believes could be Mr Right But their relationship begins to fall apart theshe becomes involved with the characters in Edith s story The characters are brought to life in this novel They are not cardboard cutouts But the story plods along at a snail s pace Literary novel of suspense yawn 3 stars for character development. It took me a while to get into this novel and then I was not really satisfied with the ending. This is the story about a woman called Edith Hind who s mysteriously vanishing causes a ripple effect to many people s lives leading the reader to very unexpected places and circumstances What starts as a seemingly straightforward missing persons case soon has the authorities running around in different places and having to come into the most unlikely of people in relation to Edith Edith was a farcomplex person then any one person knew but her actions effected many This was a very thought provoking book about how are actions alone can effect the livesOf others but it is also was bittersweet showing the reader that even the most unlikely of people have the biggest hearts.I received this book for review from the lovely people over at Lovereading.co.uk I loved it I read a lot of murder mysterys and this topped them all Great Read I liked the writing style The plot was very complicated and well done The overall story just didn t appeal to me. Susie Steiner has written the basics of a good police procedural, yet at some point the coincidences, the connections, and the police themselves overpower her story Each short chapter is about another person, the parents of Edith, the Missing, Presumed of the title, Manon, one of the detectives, Davy another of the detectives,and one of Edith s girlfriends Why do we have to be involved so deeply in Manon s love affair Why do we have to know about Davy and his bitchy girlfriend To me this just wasted time All the threads some quite hard to believe are tied up rather quickly in the last 20% of the book Still, this is Steiner s debut novel and hopefully her next ones will be better.