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Never before have I finished a series with a smile on my face and thought "Wow. How awesome was that?!" I am almost always left with unanswered questions (essential to the plot) or a longing for an epilogue of sorts to give that much needed closure. I am sure that comments such as "Well that was disappointing" or "That's it?" are not what authors want to hear from their readers when they have invested so much time, effort, and money into their creative works. Well, Mrs. Morgan, you won't be hearing that from me! The Reckoning is, without doubt, the best and most satisfying conclusion to a series I have ever read.

The emotional journey I went through with the characters is unbelievable. There are some dark moments. I thought vol.3 The Awakening was a bit dark but...yeah, no. The Reckoning lives up to the scary font and the blood red cover. However, the sweet moments are made that much sweeter as a result and I wasn't left with unpleasant images to dream about have I mentioned that I want a pet zorflak? The action is thrilling and full of suspense. I do believe that it all may have been a bit too much for me had it not been for Harrison's wit and ability to find humor in any situation (thank you Harrison!). The romance is "awww"inducing and completely appropriate. The characters are married adults. While nothing is described in great detail or can ever be considered explicit, the reader is not treated as a child with a parents' hand covering their eyes and ears. The romantic moments are sensual but discreet. Respect for marriage and its dues is evident through the characters' point of views and in the way the scenes are written. The frequency and length are natural and not overly long where one starts to feel like a voyeur. Extremely difficult to accomplish but I feel that Mrs. Morgan found the perfect balance.

I am blown away by the fluidity of the story. Not once do I recall being disillusioned or forced back to reality by a grammatical or continuity error. I was completely pulled in to the world of Ancient Guardians and entertained from beginning to end. Though I do have some questions, they come as "afterthoughts" and are due to my perpetual curiosity of the characters and their livesa testament to the impressive storytelling! The story in itself comes full circle and though there are many twists and turns, everything falls into place as it should.

I will always appreciate the stories of the many books I have read throughout the years and the authors who wrote them. That being said, every once in awhile a book/series replaces the one I held as my "favorite". I believe that the time has come again. S.L. Morgan, thank you for sharing your imagination. I look forward to what more you may have in the works. Happy Writing!

[[ E-pub ]] ↡ The Reckoning (Ancient Gardiens #4) ↠ “Storm?” Reece Eyed Every Man In The Room With A Lethal Expression, “I Am The Storm!” –Reece Oxley

A Menacing, Dark Force Looms In The Background, And He Will Stop At Nothing Until He Possesses The One Thing That Will Give Him Ultimate Power:
The Stone
The Greatest Threat The Guardians Have Ever Known Has Entered Earth’s The Galaxy, And The Guardians Must Stop At Nothing To Capture And Destroy Him With Levi’s Memory Loss And A Malevolent Being That Is Constantly One Step Ahead Of The Skilled Guardians, The Fate Of Earth, All Dimensions And Their Inhabitants Are Hanging In The Balance
In This Gripping Final Installment Of The Multiaward Winning Novel Series, Ancient Guardians, Readers Will Be Immersed In Every Page As A Whirlwind Of Events Take Place Leaving The Guardians No Other Choice But To Trust The One Person They Have Vowed To Protect For Generations:
The Key
Will Reece And The Guardians Be Defeated By The Greatest Enemy They Have Ever Faced? This was a roller coaster of a ride. While some got the ebook sooner, really Amazon?, than others, honestly B&N! rude!, all I can say is I was more than happy to wait for such an end for the amazing series. This book made me laugh, cry, angry, and shocked...

This isn't your typical "boy saves girl and her whole life changes while she is safely protected" type story. There are several strong ladies in this story including the lead, Reece, who stepped up to the call of duty with such grace and courage! (view spoiler)