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If you are familiar with Arthur Schlesinger s books about JFK and RFK, then this will come off as a rehash This book covers much of the allegations and evidence that Seymour Hersh presented in The Dark Side of Camelot The frequent typos are mildly annoying Not exactly the best book on the Kennedy brothers, but I ve read way worse Probably best recommended to those unfamiliar with 1960s history and or casual Kennedy admirers. (((READ BOOK))) ☙ Sons and Brothers: The Days of Jack and Bobby Kennedy ☔ Eight Years Apart In Age, John F And Robert F Kennedy Were Wildly Different In Temperament And Sensibility Jack Was The Leader Charismatic, Ironic, Capable Of Extraordinary Growth And Reach, Yet Also Reckless Bobby Was The Fearless, Hardworking Boy Scout Unafraid Of Dirty Work And Ruthless About Protecting His Brother And Destroying Their Enemies Jack, It Was Said, Was The First Irish Brahman, Bobby The Last Irish PuritanAs Richard D Mahoney Demonstrates With Brilliant Clarity In This Impeccably Documented, Magisterial Book, The Kennedys Lived Their Days Of Power In Dangerous, Trackless Territory The Revolution In Cuba Had Created A Poisonous Cauldron Of Conflicting Interests As Attorney General, Bobby Was Determined To Bring Down Castro And The Mafia It Was During This Mission That The Very Forces Of Crime He Was Trying To Eradicate Came Into PlayThe Mafia, And In Particular The Murderous And Charming Johnny Rosselli, Had Been Enlisted By The CIA To Eliminate Castro Bobby May Have Spearheaded An Anti Mafia Crusade, But Joe And Jack Had Courted The Mob During ThePresidential Race Blackmail And Double Dealing Were The Order Of The Day Achieving Power Meant Compromising The Best And Brightest Of Ideals And Entering Into A Faustian Bargain As Bobby Kennedy Discovered On November , Mahoney Gives Us The Kennedy Days And Years As We Have Never Before Seen Them Here Are Jack And Bobby In All Their Hubris And Humanity, Youthfulness And Fatalism Here, Also, Is American History As It Unfolds The Kennedy Brothers Is A Fresh And Masterful Account Of Two Men Whose Legacy Continues To Hold The American Imagination At the outset, I liked reading the book and I think anyone who is interested in that period of time, or the political Kennedys, will find some merit in the pages of Mr Mahoney Some of Mr Mahoney s writing is striking and thought provoking, but he takes liberty with the truth to fold events into his theory that Mob backed elements killed JFK, and by inference, Bobby as well There are many instances where Mr Mahoney cites as Gospel truth the unconfirmed and unproven ramblings of curious characters who gained tiny fame for being in Dallas on November 22, 1963, or knowing a guy who knew someone who saw a combative Lee Oswald at a firing range three weeks before JFK s assassination More specific, he cites the since debunked conclusions of Robert Blakey, a committed conspiracy buff, to reinforce his narrative leading up to Nov 23, 1963 Simply because people hold titles, academic or otherwise, does not mean they are the sole purveyors of insight or truth Mr Mahoney leans hard of the puffery of titles and banks those opinions as knowledge At the end of the book, he cites an unnamed friend of RFK leaning down over his dying face to hear Bobby whisper, Jack Jack The source, cited as Richard Goodwin, was the person he selected to quote to close his story, but according to Mr Mahoney s own end notes, there were two other things others reported the dying Bobby as saying before he lost consciousness, but he plucked something out of Mr Goodwin s book because it was a convenient closing for his own.I suppose that is the writer s choice.As an aside, theI learn about J Edgar Hoover theI m convinced the man was a moral criminal We would have all been better off had Hoover disappeared from the FBI long before he did And if JFK brought out the best in politics, his Presidential successor reflected the worst in American politics.I m glad I bought the book, and I enjoyed the read, but as your mother or best teacher should have told you long ago, Don t believe everything you read. THE KENNEDY BROTHERS The Rise and Fall of Jack and Bobby offers the reader various views and perspectives on the evolution of the relationship between John F Kennedy and his younger brother Robert between 1951 and 1963 At the same time, it also provides, in a large sense, a living history of the Kennedy Administration the challenges, setbacks and triumphs it experienced and the roles Robert Kennedy played in that history as Attorney General e.g his relentless fight against organized crime and his moral support for the cause of civil rights and enforcer and protector of his brother, the President Then we also experience the inner struggles and agonies Robert Kennedy endured after his brother was assassinated in Dallas in November 1963 After years of supporting JFK through his various political campaigns and in the White House, he was faced with having to find his own voice and place In the process, Robert Kennedy s humaneness and compassion for the poor and disenfranchised coupled with his fearlessness and the spirit of his character came to define him in the eyes of millions of Americans as he went on to win election to the U.S Senate from New York in 1964 and embarked on the path that led him to his last crusade, his run for the Presidency in 1968 In the words of the author the Kennedys, with all their romance and irony, finally unite in an aesthetic comparable to the Greeks that they read about and quoted they were daring and they were doomed, and they knew it and accepted it They would die and make their deaths into creative acts of history They would be heroes And they would give their country an imperishable poignancy in its heart. What a misrepresenting title Ought to be Mafia, Mobsters, Hitmen I was under the impression based on the description of the book not to mention the title that it would examine how the brothers interacted with each other, and with their father Granted, this was covered with not manyinsights than the obvious ones covered by the Reelz miniseries that aired earlier this year but this book was muchabout Castro, Cubans, the FBI and CIA, and mobsters from Miami to Chicago to Las Vegas I feel as though I came away withinsights about the character of J Edgar Hoover than I did about either RFK or JFK, with the exception of the revelation that some people, Mahoney included, probably want RFK beatified and sainted.Skirting around the endless Cuban commandos and murky underworld parties chapters in which the book went tens of pages without mention of either the President or his brother, there was plenty of interest in this book, but that doesn t overcome my disappointment at the misrepresentation. I m not sure how I became so enad of Bobby Kennedy, why, or when I think it started by watching a movie about his life several years ago After that I started searching out anything I could find movies, documentaries and books This was the first book I read on the Kennedys While I normally search for titles that are strictly on Bobby, this one revolved around him and Jack It was an eye opener in many ways I was far too young to remember the Kennedy era but I have a shadowy memory of that fateful day when RFK was gunned down at the Ambassador Hotel I vaguely remember a news clip, but had no idea what it was about or what it meant at the time Of all the books I ve read on Bobby and the Kennedys this is my favorite It illustrated the difference in temperment between JFK and RFK and introduced me to a family that played a crucial part in American history. Why don t you learn any of this stuff in school My AP US History book gave about a paragraph to Bay of Pigs, the Missile Crisis and Bobby Kennedy, total None of this intrigue between the different branches of the CIA, FBI, and Justice, let alone secret dealings with the Mafia Shame on The Enduring Vision for giving us such a bland, whitewashed version of recent history.That said, the book has flaws the portrait of RFK post JFK s assassination borders on saintly, and the allusions to tragic Greek heroes were overdone Also I m not sure the author gave Johnson a fair showing Still, definitely worth a read. First of all, let s get it out of the way I really love the Kennedys I enjoy most of the books about them and always learn something of each yes, even the crazy conspiracy books This book was a little different I learned a lot I enjoyed how it was put together It starts with the 1950 s and then takes 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963 and then Bobby Alone as separate topics It has stories from their growing years in each as if looking back to show why they were doing what they were doing at that time in their life I really got in the Bobby Alone section from 1964 to 1968 It showed how Bobby totally changed his views and what he went through in order to come to the conclusion that he needed to run for President Mr Mahoney does drag out the New Orleans, Cuban, and Mafia stuff but it s ok Most nowadays do I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a well rounded book on the Kennedy boys. This was a really good read Fairly ballanced version of the Brothers story Good level of detail in summary of the connections between the deals they cut on the way up, and the price they obviously paid Just too many connections to the underworld and the two assisinations In the end these two really paid for sins of their Father Although JFK had a fascinating run Not exactly the model family man Complex. This book was only okay I wanted to point out two nitpicky things driving from Springfield to Amherst Massachusetts doesn t bring you through the Berkshires, and Mishawaka, Indiana had a population of 33,000 in 1960, which I don t consider a tiny place Maybe I m just too particular with getting those kind of things right in a book