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Awesome The lines that sum up this book for me were She d started out being a PIECE he just wanted to have a good time with She d ended up being his PEACE, the other half of his gangster s soul Yassss Oshun and Mas were FIRE together Two alphas are bound to be combustible but these two were meant for each other.Loved how the author included characters from the Queens of Kings series Heart is still the bada Enjoyed this book THOROUGHLY (((Download Kindle))) ✑ Bedding the Enemy ↿ Masaki Yamaguchi Has Lived By One Rule Bend The World To Your Will, And Break Those That Refuse To Comply This Motto Has Served Him Well As The Head Of The Yakuza Family In Canarsie, Brooklyn However, When He Meets A Soulful Beauty With Locs From Brownsville With Her Own Set Of Rules, Things Aren T As Clear, Or Easy As They Used To Be Oshun Sampson Has Worked Hard To Clean Up Her Beloved Brownsville, Brooklyn She S Sacrificed Everything, Including Her Own Happiness, For The Cause She Ll Be Damned If She Allows Anyone The Chance To Destroy The Progress She And Her Community Have Made With The Looming Threat Of The Canarsie Yakuza Family Closing In, The Sexy New Patron With The Captivating Eyes Is A Dangerous Distraction She Can T Afford Two Powerful Leaders With One Distinct Line Drawn Between Them Will Their Passion Be Enough To Hold Them Together Or, Will Bedding The Enemy Result In A Bloody War That Tears Them And Their Communities Apart Good fast paced story Good fast paced story, but I wish it would have slowed down a bit towards the middle Gray if you want a quick read. This is a no for me DNF prostitution shouldn t be gloried not my cup of tea. Wonderfully IntenseMadam and Oshun are two unlikely lovers in this tale of love, lust, power and betrayal Their backgrounds are the same but different Both head organizations that are not in Forbes Fortune 500 list and where betrayal is rewarded by death.How Mas and Oshun make their relationship work in a world where they are on opposite sides is awesome but jeopardized by others and themselves I worried if they would survive the strain but not only did they survive but they came out forged into the finest steel possible Thank you La Quette for an awesome story I recommend this book to those that love a good, intense ride. Hot, hot, hot This story packed a punch The author serves up sex, mystery, and romance from the first chapter Each character jumped out of the pages I was team Maas from the get go Oshaun was strong, steady and powerful Didn t matter what her profession was she was a woman in control Loved this couple Well written story WoW This book is all that and then some This book has everything I love in a book A very strong leading lady, a handsome lethal leading man, great sex, and plenty of action Oshun and Mas had my kindle burning up I loved everything about this book I was left guessing til the end. Another Awesome ReadThis book DAMN what can I say IT STARTED WITH A BANG To the Beginning to the end LaQuette never disappoints Love the Asian romantic Feel Big fan of Kdramas Masaki and Oshun love the chemistry and thus series Thanks For keeping us entertained with your Awesome Books Really enjoyed this fast paced, sexy romance between an African America gang leader and the head of a Japanese Yakuza gang, forging a deeper connection as they race to figure out how they re being double crossed Great characters strong, smart, confident, madly in love, and willing to stand up against the world. It was good but.It was alright for a steam harlequin It thankfully had a plot and stuck to it Kinda cheesy though But that is to be expected with smut Still a good read to pass the time.