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So, when it rains it pours I got all these awesome books I requested at our local library and I am so happy Especially about The Sweetest Kind of Fate I LOVED the first book in this series, and the dilemma of Amber Sand, witch matchmaker who can see the true love match of a person when she looks into their eyes But poor Amber has to face looking into her boyfriend Charlie s eyes every day, and seeing the face of her friend, Kim, knowing he is destined to end up with Kim instead of her That would suck And neither of them know.This was totally awesome because former barbie doll mean girl Ivy comes to Amber needing her help, and the two find common ground I liked the way characterizations developed and softened in this one The relationship with Charlie remained one of my favorite things Super sweet and heartbreaking at times as Amber struggled to figure out how to balance destiny with forging your own path LOVED this book for Cestari s humor and fun supernatural plotting Please excuse typos name misspellings Entered on screen reader. The Sweetest Kind of Fate is a fun follow up to the original Windy City Magic It is a quick and light read perfect for fans of magical realism While there are some intense scenes in terms of magical creatures, there are very few curse words or sexual situations of any kind, making it a good choice for younger readers of the ya genre.This unbiased review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher. Happy endings do not always stem from seamless beginnings Life is not linear there s not one straight path Mistakes and misfortunes are part of the game the Fates certainly see to it Love is a surrender, giving in to the unknown and hoping for the best But no matter how much we stumble and fall, we eventually find our way.I ve found mine.Again, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH I started reading this right after I finished the first book because I DESPERATELY WANTED TO KNOW IF CHARLIE AND AMBER GET THEIR HAPPILY EVERLY AFTER Looklooklookatthecover SO CUTE And huge bonus it looks so good together with the cover of the first book Amber keeps pushing Charlie away and I was like, sdfafasda why are you doing this girl He s the man of your dreams But she insists that she wants what s best for Charlie and aghhh it was really annoying and kind of pissed me off because they are adorable together and she is just throwing their relationship awaywhy is Amber doing thisI m so glad to see the huge bully from the first book, Ivy, and Amber start to understand and accept each other Amber helps Ivy even after what she did to her in the past, and I really admire her for doing it There are also a lot of magical mythical creatures in this book, like mermaids and sirens and witches and werewolves and vampires and trolls SO FREAKING COOL YES, MAGICAL REALISM IS DEFINITELY MY THING I didn t like this as much as the first book, because 1 Amber keeps pushing Charlie away and 2 the ending feels kind of rushed WILL THERE BE A THIRD BOOK IN THE SERIES BECAUSE I NEED MORE AMBER CHARLIE Overall rating THIS IS SO GOOD I highly recommend this to fans of fantasy and contemporary YA because fantasy contemporary magical realism, right Crystal Cestari, if you re reading this, please tell me IS THERE GOING TO BE A THIRD BOOK This is exactly why I don t like people they expect you to adhere to social norms, when all I want to do is hide under a blanket and mainline sugarI read this back to back with the first book and I regret nothing I m not really ready for this duology to end These books are just the perfect palate cleanser after you ve read a few crazy involved fantasy novel It s fast paced, cute and full of fun characters Our main character, Amber, is back and now she is dating our adorable little Charlie from the last book Only problem is that she knows she is not his soulmate and the girl that is supposedly his soulmate has just joined their school Yes, lots of crazy problems ensue This plot would typically annoy the hell of out me I hate when books throw something in just to break a couple apart for a whole book only for them to get right back together in the end Except I didn t know that in this one I was actually fairly anxious about it My gut said they had to stay together but there was always this inkling in the back of my mind saying yeah, but it s not her soulmate That kept the plotinteresting and not to mention we also have another side plot that involves everyone s favorite siren, Ivy Yes, she has a big role in this one and I though it was a lot of fun The plot with Ivy was pretty fun I mean it has mermaids, so that is always a good time in my books We also have another side story where there is some flirtations with a werewolf and also a story with Amber s mom and finding out about her past with the horrible witch Victoria It sounds like these plots wouldn t connect and it would be a hot mess but it isn t They all bleed into each other very well and the book goes full circle by the end Again, I d recommend this one for when you are feeling like a fun, light and romantic read It would be a perfect summer beach read. WOW I really hope the author writesfor this series cause I am loving the Amber Sands chronicles This series is ridiculously fun I love how all the characters developed and mutated into something different orin this book.It was a bit darker than the first book, but in a good way.So many secrets revealed and drama unfolded Please please please please let there bebooks written for this series book absolutely warmed my heart and would be such a fantastic book for new readers growing into YA as well as anyone feeling a slump coming on It s just so whimsical with the magic and simple to read being set in our world with pop culture references made that we all know.The characters, lessons and relationships are adorable and healthy They promote cherishing these things as well as give the tools on how to deal with bumps in the road Amber battles to keep those relationships healthy and at the centre of who she is We find out about her mother s past but Amber pushed forward to support how good her mother has become She continues to do that with her co worker Bob in the magic shop She also really emphasized that fact that it s okay to have an argument and say sorry admitting you were wrong.The romances are so sweet in this Brooke and Iris had very little screentime together but I couldn t help but root for them and love them They just have so much passion for each other and it made my eyes water.The beginning with Charlie and Amber was so hard to read since we know she is working against fate but you cannot possible imagine how things will change I did struggle with the ending of this though The book emphasized that matches are like the end game and it doesn t just change however the conclusion just left me really underwhelmed with the she decided to fight fate explanation I actually kind of liked how the ending came together for the romance It gave the book a realistic touch to the relationship that could sometimes come off as cheesy or chickflick ey.I loved that the side characters got so much screentime Amani is a particular favourite of mine and she finally stops putting off fate in a way that seemed right for her character It wasn t overly cheesy making her seem like a totally different character.The comedy is hilarious Amber has a near identical inner monologue that I do with sarcasm That plus her antisocial tendencies and love of baking just kept making me see myself in herandI found the ending battle to be pretty anti climactic it seemed almost rushed or half attempted There s a lot of build up and tons of history and threats of magical capabilities yet it was over in a few pages in a pretty clean way I assume this is the conclusion of this series but I feel like there were a few things left unwrapped up They were minor details so maybe they were forgotten The cover design is absolutely beautiful and I loved how the design kept going inside the book at the beginning of each chapter.There are some pretty impressive and memorable lines in this book especially in the last 20 pages but my favourite has got to be They say that all s fair in love and war, but for that to be true, you need to be part of the crusade. I received this ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest and voluntary review I was in no way compensated for this review.The Sweetest Kind of Fate is Crystal Cestari s second installment in the Windy City Magic series It continues Amber s adventures in matchmaking although this time around, her nemesis, Ivy, comes to her and asks her to check out her sister and see if her true love is really her match And when Amber complies the answer is not to Ivy s liking and so begins the tale of the mermaids So I got ahead of myself there, as we know already, Ivy is a siren as is her sister, Iris Ivy loves to use the power of her voice to get what she wants When her sister falls in love with a mermaid and wants to find a spell that will allow her to turn into a mermaid as well, Ivy wants to put a stop to it in any way possible For Iris will basically be leaving land, never to return.But Ivy s family drama is only the beginning of Amber s problems Lately, she s been trying to be nice to Kim, the new girl in school who also happens to be Charlie s soulmate, the girl she sees him with in his happily ever after future She sees Charlie within Kim s eyes as well, and it puts a strain on the friendship she has with Kim for she is genuinely a great person and super nice When it seems Charlie is spending an ample amount of time with Kim lately, Amber goes off the fritz.But this story doesn t just focus on possible romances all around, there s still some good old fashion mystery elements in here too Amber is looking into her mother s past through her old grimoires Add in the return of the wicked witch Victoria and you got on your hands quite the page turning read This book series is really turning out to be a cute read The humor is so quirky It s definitely the lighter side of paranormal reads if you ve ever wanted to read one but didn t want it to be all dark and doom like It surprises me that I enjoy it so much since nearly all my paranormal reads are dark and doom filled Lol Guess we all gotta take a bit of a break once in a while Like switching from white cake to yellow cake I m sure Amber would appreciate that sentiment There s not a great deal of kissing in this one Things are light and fluffy in the beginning but by the middle, things are on the rocks But there are still a few surprises thrown our way that doesn t totally throw romance out of the book It s just not the romances you d expect to see after everything that s happened The ending to this one leaves me befuddled While the first one didn t quite end on a cliffhanger, it did end in a way that leads you to believe the story is far from over While I can t say that the story ends all happily ever after like, it does end in a fairly decent place Nothing to really worrywart over, perhaps a one or two straggling questions That s what makes me wonder if there might be at least onebook I feel like the characters were just starting to make some progress when I realized I came upon the last page So much harder to tell when that happens when reading on a kindle The Sweetest Kind of Fate will sweep you up with its tale of magic, love, and friendships throw in some decent humor and a healthy dose of action and you ve got quite the read in your hands Overall Rating 4.5 5 starsThe Sweetest Kind of Fate releases February 13, 2018 *Free E-pub ↺ Miss Match ⇲ The Cute And Quirky Follow Up To Miss Match Fans Of Geek Girl And Girl Online Will Love This Magically Messed Up Romance Amber Sand Has A Gift She Can See Anyone S Soul Mate, Just By Looking Into Their Eyes Problem Is, When Amber Gazes At Her Boyfriend, She Sees Him Getting Future Loved Up With Her Best Friend To Make Matters Worse, Amber Has Been Tasked With Helping Iris Chamberlain, A Girl Who Has Fallen For A Mermaid Iris Is Planning A Dangerous Transformation To Join Her Soul Mate Underwater Forever, But She S Chosen The Worst Witch Imaginable To Perform The Spell With Iris In Danger And Her Own Love Life Looking Far From Happily Ever After, There S One Question Plaguing Amber Could The Fates Be Wrong Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy.THE SWEETEST KIND OF FATE is an excellent follow up to THE BEST KIND OF MAGIC With high school drama and first love, this reads like a young adult contemporary romance at times With excellent characters and exciting paranormal aspects, THE SWEETEST KIND OF FATE is a perfect read if you re looking for something light with a bit of a fantasy vibe.Having read THE BEST KIND OF MAGIC, I knew to expect a fluffy, YA contemporary feel Since it was expected, I was totally into it Throughout the book, Amber is dealing with her feelings for Charlie, his supposed match per her visions when she looks into his eyes and what to do about them since she doesn t believe she is ever wrong Plus, there s there plot line with Ivy and Iris, which turns out to be a bit emotionally deeper than expected But everything really comes back to the central question of true love and whether you re fated to be with one person.Though there s a lot going on in THE SWEETEST KIND OF FATE, this book feelscohesive than THE BEST KIND OF MAGIC Whether it was because there was less introduction to do, or the plot just flowed better, the story seemed less all over the place Plus, there was way less telling from Amber s internal monologue Instead, we just got some super witty, sarcastic narration from her Definitely a highlight of these two books are the characters Cestari creates some great multi dimensional characters who feel real for their ages Amber acts like the high schooler that she is Which means that sometimes she feels a little prone to being a drama queen, but.she s a teenager what do you expect THE SWEETEST KIND OF FATE is certainly a very enjoyable book, and I m eager to see where Amber s path goes Definitely recommend this one, but do read THE BEST KIND OF MAGIC first, as this one really builds on it.Sexual content Kissing The Sweetest Kind of Fate is the second installment in a fun YA paranormal series that fans of the genre are sure to love I definitely recommend reading the first book in the series before this one it s not completely dependent on it, but will give inside perspective and you ll be in the know about what s been happening I m always immediately drawn to any book that has to do with magic and witches, so this was a no brainer for me The plot was interesting and full of little surprises I liked getting to know the characters better especially Amber and Charlie Their romance is sugary sweet and normally would be a bit over the top for my taste, but I surprisingly enjoyed it Even though her magic says that he s destined to be with another girl, I found myself totally rooting for them as a couple The secondary characters got a littledepth, although I think they could berounded One thing I loved was the different kinds of supernaturals throughout the story witches, sirens, mermaids, vampires, werewolves, and everything in between Overall, this was a pretty light and quick read that was fun and quirky I really enjoyed it and I m happy that it was just as good as the first in the series I definitely recommend it to fans of YA, fantasy, paranormal, and romance.Disclosure I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.