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Fascinated real life story Once I started reading it, I could not put it down. [Free Pdf] ♞ The Changeling ♍ In This Haunting Memoir, Gail Gallant Recounts Her Unbelievable Life As A Changeling, A Child Born To Replace AnotherWhen Gail Gallant Was Five Months Old, She Died A Year Later, She Was Reborn Or So Her Mother SaidThe Crash Occurred On A July Night InThe Truck Hit The Gallant Family S Car Head On A Few Weeks Later, Newborn Baby Gail Died From Her Injuries Mad With Grief, Her Mother Prayed Feverishly For Gail S Return, Convinced That God Would Bring Her Child Back To Her And When She Gave Birth Within A Year To A Baby Girl Who Looked Identical To Her Lost Child, She Believed Her Prayers Had Been AnsweredShe Named That Newborn Baby GailIn This Haunting Memoir About Having And Losing Faith, Gail Gallant Recounts Her Awe Inspiring True Story Of Life As A Changeling A Child Born To Replace Her Deceased Baby Sister A Middle Child In A Large Catholic Family, Gail Embraced The Belief That She Was Especially Anointed, A Status That Was Reinforced By Her Stern, Devout Mother And Distant, Hard Drinking Father Babies Sometimes Die, After All, But She Was The One That God Had Chosen To Bring Back To LifeEventually, This Special Status The Feeling That She Had Been Singled Out By God, And Just As Importantly, By Her Mother Became A Source Of Secret Anxiety For Gail Doubt Began To Cast Its Shadow As She Grew Up, Questions Plagued Her Why Did God Save Her What Did He Want In Return And What If She Couldn T Live Up To His Or Her Mother S Expectations What If She Wasn T So Special After All Or Worse, What If She Was A Mere Imposter, Only Pretending To Be The First Gail, Whose Life She Now Lived For This Changeling Child With A Tortured Soul, Finding Her Own Identity Meant Wrestling With Sainthood And Sin Alike As She Rewrote Her Origin Story, Gail Battled Blinding Depression And Loss Of Faith Ultimately, She Discovered Her Own Sense Of What Is Extraordinary In Becoming Simply Herself If I squint, half of the book was about the author being a changeling and it s repercussions This half was crazy sad evil terrifying eye opening about the damage parents could do to their children.The other half was a memoir like any other memoir Although sometimes it read like a novel in a good way Story aside it was a very well written book. I didn t find the story interesting largely because of the prose it just didn t draw me in. This is a captivating story, and quite unique A baby born to replace one that died, and given the same name I m trying to imagine how I d feel growing up with a religious mother who believed I was her previous baby given back by God, and I can t However, this is not the only element the writer s teen and adult years are equally fascinating The book was, for me, relatable in many ways, for Ms Gallant reveals her most private feelings throughout and I really got it about her school days and dating years Poignant and well paced, The Changeling is a coming of age memoir and I read it in just a few days I couldn t put it down. What a fascinating tale, The Changeling had me absolutely captivated from the moment I read the back Having been raised to believe she was the reincarnation of her deceased sister, in an extremely religious family, Gail speaks about her struggles with severe depression and anxiety, her waning belief in god, the ghost of her former self, and her internal conflict and coming to terms that she may not be a divine being as she once believed Excellent read 4 5