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Super adorable, with fantastic photos. Straight foward with a few funnies about a dad dog Photographs Father s Day gift Diego is not just a good dad, he s also a very handsome pug. A cute ode to fathers This book is just very adorable Fun little book with a photogenic pug dad that is a lot of things for a lot of puppies. Cute photos Would make a good Father s Day read aloud. Children s picture book, illustrated with photos Diego is a pug who has a very hard job he s a dad And that means sometimes he has to enforce the rules, sometimes he fixes boo boos, and sometimes he cleans up messes okay he cleans all day, every day A cute way to explore the role of a father with humor The puppies are shown on the last page of the text and it s worth the wait. ^Download Pdf ☚ Good Dad Diego ⇬ In This Humorous Celebration Of Fatherhood, An Irresistably Adorable And Real Pug Shows What It Takes To Be A Good DadDiego Is A Dog, But He Has One Of The Toughest Jobs In The World Is He A Ninja Nope Is He A Superhero Nope Is He A King Or A Police Officer Or The President Nope Nope Nope Diego Is A DAD And That Requires The Patience And Fortitude Of All Of These Positions Combined As Diego An Adorable Pug Demonstrates In This Laugh Out Loud Photographic Picture Book Admonitions And Chores May Be Somewhat Different For Dogs Stop Chewing On The Furniture Don T Eat Cat Barf But Diego Does Everything Out Of Love And We Get To See The Objects Of His Affection At The End Of The Story Pug Puppies