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The story of Stephen Hawking s life told in an interesting way with bright and colourful illustrations I like this series when the illustrations work well and the subject is a person who s story can be included for children to read without having to censor major events because of the young target age this series is intended for The style of illustration was okay but I didn t like the simplified faces, this meant occasionally I wasn t sure who was being shown in the drawing and you couldn t gage the age of Stephen, his picture looked the same as the school boy Stephen when you suddenly realised time had passed and he was married with children However it is an interesting book to read and I like the way these books have photos and facts in the back pages This series would make good early readers. Maria Isabel S nchez Vegara s introduction to famed British astro physicist Stephen Hawking is one of the rare positive instalments I have so far encountered in the Little People, Big Dreams series Presenting a simple but stillthan detailed enough portrait of Stephen Hawking s life from his childhood in Oxford to his stellar university career which even his diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis could not hamper and destroy , Stephen Hawking is sufficiently informative to present an extensive biographical narrative of both Stephen Hawking as a family man and as an astro physicist of talent and renown, as the individual who penned the world famous A Brief History of Time and yet still simple enough to be enjoyed and appreciated by the intended audience, by the so called picture book crowd and indeed, the only and very mild criticism I do have regarding Maria Isabel S nchez Vegara s text is that I really do not understand why in Stephen Hawking, the book that made Hawking famous, his above mentioned A Brief History of Time, is not referred to by title within the narrative itself, is simply called a book that helped the world understand the meaning of the universe Now with regard to Matt Hunt s accompanying illustrations, thankfully and fortunately as that has sadly only rarely been the case for me with regard to the Little People, Big Dreams series , they are bright, realistically descriptive, historically accurate read not anachronistic in appearance and yes indeed, Matt Hunt s pictures, they do work very well both mirroring Maria S nchez Vegara s printed words and sometimes even expanding a bit on them such as the illustration of the Hawking family seated at the dinner table, with each of them reading a book, or Stephen Hawking standing in front of a blackboard full of mathematical symbols and formulae, which visually totally underscores that even though with his ALS diagnosis Stephen Hawking s body was basically giving up on him, this did not affect either his mind or his career as a scientist , although I do indeed rather wish that Matt Hunt had rendered his human figures a bitaesthetically versatile, as the fact that they basically all have almost the exact same facial expressions no matter who they are and not matter if they are male or female, this does make Stephen Hawking, his wife, well, everyone drawn and depicted in Stephen Hawking look rather too much the same and akin countenance and expression wise. The ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This series is always a joy to read, it s a really nice introduction to well known people for little children Of course the plot is always a little bit fast but that s to be expected and it s totally understandable.I know quite a lot about Stephen Hawking s life but it is always inspiring to read about his achievements considering that most of them happened when his illness had already started taking control of his body I m always in awe of such a brilliant mind This is definitely a nice introduction to the life of one of the most important scientists of our time. Another great addition to Little People, Big Dreams I always like that the include a short, extended bio at the end It s nice for the adults and older children who may read this to their toddlers. ( Download ) ⚖ Stephen Hawking (Pequeño & GRANDE, #2) ♆ New In The Little People, BIG DREAMS Series, Discover The Life Of Stephen Hawking, The Genius Physicist And Author When Stephen Hawking Was A Little Boy, He Used To Stare Up At The Stars And Wonder About The Universe Although He Was Never Top Of The Class, His Curiosity Took Him To The Best Universities In England Oxford And Cambridge It Also Led Him To Make One Of The Biggest Scientific Discoveries Of The Th Century Hawking Radiation This Moving Book Features Stylish And Quirky Illustrations And Extra Facts At The Back, Including A Biographical Timeline With Historical Photos And A Detailed Profile Of The Brilliant Physicist S LifeLittle People, BIG DREAMS Is A Best Selling Series Of Books And Educational Games That Explore The Lives Of Outstanding People, From Designers And Artists To Scientists And Activists All Of Them Achieved Incredible Things, Yet Each Began Life As A Child With A Dream This Empowering Series Offers Inspiring Messages To Children Of All Ages, In A Range Of Formats The Board Books Are Told In Simple Sentences, Perfect For Reading Aloud To Babies And Toddlers The Hardcover Versions Present Expanded Stories For Beginning Readers Boxed Gift Sets Allow You To Collect A Selection Of The Books By Theme Paper Dolls, Learning Cards, Matching Games, And Other Fun Learning Tools Provide Even Ways To Make The Lives Of These Role Models Accessible To ChildrenInspire The Next Generation Of Outstanding People Who Will Change The World With Little People, BIG DREAMS I have heard great things about the Little People, Big Dreams series, so I was eager to read this instalment which features the great scientist Stephen Hawking.The book covers the major details of his life from birth, a childhood where he struggled in school and yet excelled in questioning and discovering, to his life in university, including the onset of the disease that would so impact his physicality and great discoveries he made At the conclusion of the story is a slightlydetailed biography, a well as suggestions for further reading While this story includes enough details to be adequate for young readers foraging into research it is a pleasant story to simply read and enjoy, all the while learning about the great man The language used is simple and the storytelling straightforward The digitally created illustrations are bright and eye catching, bringing the characters to life Stephen Hawking is a great addition to the Little People, Big Dreams collection.The publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes All opinions are my own.Findreviews, reading age guides, content advisory, and recommendations on my blog Madison s Library I ve seen books from this series pop up from time to time on my Goodreads feed, but I d never tried one before This particular book is about the British physicist Stephen Hawking.As a biography aimed at kids, it s pretty good I didn t learn anything I hadn t known before since I ve seen The Theory of Everything, the biopic based on the memoir by his wife but the book laid out his life and accomplishments in a nice, easy to understand format There s a timeline in the back that offers a littlebiographical information about the man and his disease referred to only as ALS this is a children s book, after all Hawking had so many accomplishments that it must ve been difficult to decide what to focus on This book mainly talks about his discovery of Hawking radiation and glosses over most of the rest of the things he did.I suppose this book is a good place to start for kids who don t know anything at all about the physicist Luckily, there are some books listed at the end for additional reading, which is a nice touch If this volume is indicative of the quality of simple, kid oriented biographies in the rest of the series, then I hope to read someof them in the future Thank you to NetGalley and Lincoln Children s Books for providing a digital ARC. The Little People, Big Dreams children s series is primarily full of famous women from history However there are a few noted men included and instead of being Presidents or your average successful white male they chose some people that I think areinspiring for children In this edition we get Stephen Hawking Hawking is a man I have untold respect for To live your life with virtually no ability to do anything yourself and yet still be able to show others that you have abnormally high intelligence is difficult Most people would see Hawking if they didn t know him and immediately dismiss him because of his inability to physically move He sure proves them all wrong I really like how these books are easy to follow Good starter reading for kids A Grade 1 student learning to read, for example, could learn new words and discover a new hero from them Isabel Sanchez Vegara has done a good job of taking a lot of complex moments in Hawking s life and bringing them down to a child s level My hope is that kids will read this book and want to become scientists or at least learn that the universe and space are mysterious and worth studying To read this andof my reviews visit my blog at Epic Reading Please note I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley This is an honest and unbiased review. Really love these little collections The ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.The Little People, Big Dreams series provides informative and inspirational biographies about people who left a mark on this earth, no matter what difficulties they have encountered.These stories are very short, but that s because they re books for children, so it s totally understandable.I think they are a very smart and wonderful way to introduce little children to such important figuresInstead of looking down at his feet, Stephen decided to look up at the stars.This little short book about Stephen Hawking is a sight for sore eyes The illustrations are very beautiful, and they enhance the text Hawking s life was a kind of miracle Doctors said he only had a few years to live, but he proved them wrong He lived a long, full life and turned upside down everything we knew about science.