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Really enjoyed this book

To be fair, I’ve known the author since she was a little girl and I taught her in high school. She gave me a copy of book one of the series and I really enjoyed the story line. When this one was released on Kindle I purchased it because I wanted to read more. I did find a few editing errors, but the story is engaging and the characters draw the reader into the story. I’m very proud on Teri’s accomplishment with this series. I hope she keeps on writing! *READ PDF ⇶ Dragon's Epitaph: Forsaken ↟ What Must Be Forsaken In Order To Bring Peace?

Warrior: Even Though Syrenia No Longer Wants To Be A Dragon Slayer, She Cannot Escape Her Birthright Being The Last Of Her Kind, She Harbors Great Power Against Dracoloconia’s Foes Can She Use Her Training And Magic To Fight Evil Alongside The Creatures She Once Swore To Kill?

Commander: Arcane Must Choose Between Love And Leadership When Enemies Appear On Several Fronts Can He Maintain Stability Between His Role As Prince And The Affection He Feels For Syrenia? He Will Have To Find Balance If He Wants To Eliminate The Threats To Dracoloconia And Establish A Peaceful Reign

Challenger: Shinkou Still Wants To Fight For The Realm, But The Odds Are Set Against Him How Can He Challenge The Status Quo Without Harming Syrenia In The Process? Protecting His Friends And His Country May Come Down To An Unlikely Alliance Between Him And A Certain Dragon Prince

Will Syrenia, Arcane, And Shinkou Be Able To Put Aside Their Differences Once They Experience The First Significant Fraction Of Dumidine’s Magic? The Realm’s Only Black Dragon Seeks Revenge And The Time To Stop Him Is Quickly Running Out Only Teamwork And Trust Will Be Powerful Enough To Defend Dracoloconia Against The Greatest Threat Their World Has Ever Known