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I loved the chemistry between Prue and Robert but, it never addressed what happened to the signet ring There should have been a finale for the ring too.The storyline was not original either I have read several historical romance books that followed the same plot and, that was a disappointment to me. This is going to be such a fun series Ten wallflowers find a group friendship form a book club these girls come to be wallflower from man situations new money trade business , scandals, bluestockings etc but everyone of them vows to change the way their life is now have their dreams come true. They each write dares , place them in a hat and each of the 10 will draw a dare will they succeed, anything will and does happen.Prunella Chuffington Smythe has only one goal her mind and that is to become a published author that would give her money and freedom to get away from her aunt and to rent a cottage of her own in the country After growing up with a father who beat her mother, she wants nothing to do with marriage and becoming property owned by her husband She has already had some success writing under a false name in The Lady s Weekly Review Robert Adolphus, The Duke of Bedwin, really doesn t want to marry but knows his responsibility of providing s heir to the dukedom He had already been in a disastrous marriage that ended up in the death of his beautiful, scandalous, loose harlot wife and the dark reputation and scandal that followed her death has not been forgotten by the ton Robert needs to find a sensible, sweet, dull wife who will not bring any scandal or trouble to the marriage This takes us to Robert and Prue finding common ground Robert goes to his uncle for advise on finding a wife with the qualities he needs as his duchess His uncle has just the lady Prue he and Prue live in the same small town in the country the only problem, as he explains to Robert, she has an aversion to marriage Prue does not understand the sudden interest from the dark, brooding, evil duke and has to find a way to be rid of him Then the dare Prue draws from the hat dance in the garden at midnight Let the fun begin. A combination of Dukes and wallflowers is perfect bait to get my attention I was very excited to get into the book Ten girls get together and form a book club and find friendship in the process, they each write a dare that will help them change their life and that s where the stories begin Though this book got me interested in the other stories that were to follow, it by itself failed to capture my attention It was well written but this is a common enough theme and Leech failed to add anything new to the mix I look forward to the story of the other girls. Wallflowers and bluestockings are part of my favorite tropes, why the blurb caught my eyes and I do preordered this book.And I m glad I did it.I even had to hurry finishing the book I was reading so eager I was to jump in this one.Even if there was no mystery about how the plot will progress, I had some hard time to stop and put this book aside today, I was even late as some of my rendezvous because I was so in need to read fewpages.I loved both main characters, Prue and Robert are two people shaped by their past, he payes a harsh tribute to his mistakes some distorted by the gossip rags, while she designed her future upon the ugly sample she had from married life.Prue to built her freedom uses her talent with words and writes stories as a secret livelihood, she even narrates stories with known peer as background characters for her work, she just never expected to meet the vilain of her actual serial nor catch his eyes And worst, theshe get to know him, theshe sees she was misguided by said gossips But how can she stop the clock or go back in time now she knows she was wrong.Robert after a failed marriage and the death of his scandalous wife has avoided the ton, preferring meddling with debauches and light skirts than meet those who choose to believe the dirt told about him But even if he is reluctant, he knows he must find a new wife for the usual heir and spare But this time, she must be rather plain, dull, boring and scandal free, except the one woman fitting this portrait is not so dull nor boring, worse she utters nonsenses, dares him, intrigues him and even refuses him Theshe rejects him, thehe realizes she is the one woman he wants, really wants She unsettles him and reawakens feelings he thought buried, but will it be enough to win her when she seems so reluctant to give up what she has carefully planned without a man in.There are very few angsty moments, while the plot could have called for it, but it isa story about guilt than anger, Robert was sentenced guilty by the Haute Monde because his wife died after an altercation and he feels it too as he never really did anything to stop the spreading of the gossips While Prue in wanting to write about abusive men as her own father, she chose the wrong one for instance and her anger against vicious men turned to guilt to have fallen so easily prey to the hearsay and put all her resentment on the wrong character even if it was romanticized A great first book in a new series, so much I can t wait for the next one. 5 STARS EMMA V LEECH ONCE MORE HAS A SERIES TO ANTICIPATEThis Regency Historical Romance hits all avenues of expected visions, from Ton Balls and right down to the delightful serial stories posted in the papers that is dripping from everyone s tongue in the Ton plus their servants A story taken from the first dare of ten marvelous wallflowers and the escapes that follow Book 1 is full of Hero Villian intent and does this mean our Lady is one who needs saving or is she a Heroine maybe villianess The Duke with so much turmoil, Robert and Prue, a engaging Lady who suffers from a childhood with a bully father My emotions ran the gambit as I was so immersed with this interesting well written tale filled with drama that I iqnored all time and read it all the way through I will admit I don t often just lose track of time as I did with this book and I eagerly await the next Books in the series please Emma say there arethan just 3 to this series 17 Up SEXUAL CONTENT YES Secrets, Dares and DestinyPrunella Chuffington Smythe what a mouth full has a secret so scandalous it could destroy her life Which is why she plans to never marry However, plans rarely turn out as expected.Robert Adolphus, the Duke of Bedwin stopped caring long ago about what the gossips think or saythat is until some unknown writer began a thinly veiled series based on the lies about his life Which is why he plans to never love again, even if he must marry and sire an heir However, even a duke doesn t always get what he wants Emma V Leech is one of the authors in my top five favorites I love how her characters come alive within her tightly woven plots Her writing immediately yanks me in, and each page holds my attention To Dare a Duke is just a very satisfying read, which holds real promise for her new series, Girls Who Dare I can usually tell how much I m going to like a book by how much I like the supporting characters I really liked Prue s friends in the Peculiar Ladies Book Club I also really liked Robert s sister As for Prue and Robert, I loved the banter, humor and electricity that surrounded them However, even though they re meant to be together, the obstacles in their way made happily ever after rather iffy Content alert This stand alone novel contains a moderate amount of swearing and a few moderately described sexually intimate scenes.FYI I also posted this review withand BookBub As a 5 star read, it also made my Pinterest page Rural Reader My Favorite 5 Star Reads. |DOWNLOAD PDF ♛ To Dare a Duke (Girls Who Dare, #1) ♗ Inside Every Wallflower Is The Beating Heart Of A Lioness, A Passionate Individual Willing To Risk All For Their Dream, If Only They Can Find The Courage To Begin When These Overlooked Girls Make A Pact To Change Their Lives, Anything Can HappenTen Girls Ten Dares In A Hat Who Will Dare To Risk It All To Dare A DukeGeorge Adolphus, The Duke Of Bedminster, Is In No Hurry To Marry He S Done It Once, And Repeating That Disaster Is The Last Thing He Desires Yet, An Heir Is A Necessary Evil For A Duke, And One He Cannot Shirk A Dark Reputation Precedes Him, Though His First Wife May Have Died Young, But The Scandals The Beautiful, Vivacious And Spiteful Creature Supplied The Ton Have Not A Wife Must Be Found A Wife Who Is Neither Beautiful Nor Vivacious But Sweet And Dull, And Certain To Stay Out Of TroubleDreams Of True Love And Happy Ever AftersDreams Of True Love And Happy Ever Afters Are All Well And Good, But All Prunella Chuffington Smythe Wants Is To Publish Her Novel Marriage At The Price Of Her Independence Is Something She Will Not Consider Having Tasted Success Writing Under A False Name In The Lady S Weekly Review, Her Alter Ego Is Attaining Notoriety And Fame, And Prue Rather Likes ItDared To Do Something DrasticThe Sudden Interest Of A Certain Dastardly Duke Is As Bewildering As It Is Unwelcome She Ll Not Throw Her Ambitions Aside To Marry A Scoundrel Just As Her Plans For Self Sufficiency And Freedom Are Coming To Fruition Surely Showing The Man She S Not Actually The Meek Little Wallflower He Is Looking For Should Be Enough To Put Paid To His Intentions When Prue Is Dared By Her Friends To Do Something Drastic, It Seems The Perfect Opportunity To Kill Two BirdsHowever, Prue Cannot Help Being Intrigued By The Rogue Who Has Inspired So Many Of Her Romances Ordinarily, He Plays The Part Of Handsome Rake, Set On Destroying Her Plucky Heroine But Is He Really The Villain Of The Piece This Time, Or Could He Be The Hero Finding Out Will Be Dangerous, But It Just Might Inspire Her Greatest Story Yet Truth or Dare Sometimes our actions change our lives as well as personal experiences Seeing and living violence in ones family is not forgotten but it doesn t mean that all rumors are true There is no violence in this book but previous experiences and rumors combined can cause changes in people s lives Read this exciting story to see how life can develop into misunderstandings in several lives and how resolutions can change lives There is a villain, a hero, family diverse relationships, mistakes, exciting and brave actions Things are not always what they seem Beautifully written characters and story I m hooked I have to read the rest of the series Thank you Ms Veech Well writtenThe author gives Prue and Robert a fantastic story These characters have depth because of past pain and goals for their futures I love their repartee I appreciate her integrity in pushing him away, knowing that she ll hurt him when he finds out she wrote the story I also appreciated the baron for reprimanding Robert early for not apparently caring for Prue s happiness I liked the story coming full circle with stories Stand alone HEA, with hints of further books to come.Contains sex scenes, swear words mostly the Lord s name in vain , and no violence. Once again Emma Leech steals the plotline from Georgette Heyer here it is Sylvester and does not even change the characters noble station, both times the hero is a duke and the heroine is a cinderella like nobody with a spiteful cousin and aunt and successfully publishing a book about a character resembling the hero.I expected some twist to distinguish it from above mentioned book, but it never came.I am glad it was free on kindle.