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I am so thankful for this author Rhett brought forth emotions, adventure, excitement, and suspense in this novel From beginning to end I was captivated by his words, his opinions, and his act of imagination This book is worth every penny Be prepared for some epic twist and turns. Epub ⚐ The Echo Chamber ☩ Featured On The Verge A Silicon Valley Scandal Sets Off A Chain Of Dystopian Events In This Topical And Twist Laden Thriller About Virtual Heists, Social Media, And Second ChancesMike Is A Silicon Valley Wunderkind Who Stood Idly By While His Company Launched An Addicting Social Media Platform That Made The World Take A Turn For The Worse He Did Nothing When An Outrageous Tech Scandal Pushed A Polarized Country To The Brink Of Collapse Then, After Becoming Trapped In A Loop Of His Own Memories, He Is Doomed To Watch Society Fall Apart Over And Over Only By Crossing Paths With Charlotte Boone Once Hollywood S Up And Coming Royalty Does A Kink Appear In The Pattern With A Daring Heist In Both The Virtual And Real Worlds, Charlotte May Hold The Key To Burning It All To The Ground The Company, The Lying Pundits, And The Echo Chamber Itself Wallowing in our societies advance towards a social media blowout, Evans story is crippled by a cast of lackluster characters I could tell you the exact moment this story came crashing down around my ears I literally put down my e reader, mumbling a disbelieving Is he for real I won t, though, because, well spoiler So let s back up a little and cover the basics first A virtual reality social network.A scheme to digitize the human brain.And Diana, the most open ended AI in the world.In a few months, one of these projects would be mocked as an utter failure.Another project would be hauled as a groundbreaking success.And the last one would bring the nation to the brink of ruin The story follows Silicon Valley programmers Mike and Catalina, Hollywood megastar Charlotte and former Marine oh boy, I forgot his name Okay then, skip the basics for now because to me, this is actually the key problem with The Echo Chamber the characters aren t fleshed out enough to care for them, for their respective relationships with each other and or and this is the most critical part to understand their motivations The main reason is an omnipresent, all knowing narrator who doesn t stay long enough with one character at a time but there s also some clich d extremes yes, there re daddy issues and an evil Nazi.That s all a shame because and we re back to basics here the premise of the book is enticing A new social network called Sharebox and the AI named Diana at its core play havoc with society and bring the whole world to the brink of collapse Our protagonists set out to put things straight and it s actually one of their most relatable traits that they re all portrayed as having been too cowardly for too long in the face of this imminent social media supernova, numbed by their titular echo chambers something the reader might very well identify with So we just let our platform make everyone dumber We let it be a swamp Only the algorithms can be a fair arbiter on these ethical issues , he said with a condescendingly paternal nod We can t let our personal biases get involved Don t you see that our biases are already here that we built algorithms solely aimed at getting users at all costs The reminiscences of todays political and social reality don t end there and although they are kind of in the face like the often repeated conclusion that technology is just another good serving only those who can afford it they still add weight to the tale As does the fact that author Rhett J Evans, a former U.S Army officer now working in the tech industry, writes about stuff he actually has personal experience with, like Silicon Valley or the military Plus, he chooses a cleverly twisted way to tell his story non chronologically.Still, there s this aforementioned twist I just can t wrap my head around Sadly, it turns a lot of the rather grave and criticizing parts into ridicule and in combination with a flat cast of characters corrupted the experience, at least to me, to a point where I can t in good conscience recommend The Echo Chamber unconditionally. An engrossing and edge of your seat thriller with hints of Ready Player One, the Matrix, Arrival, and 1984 I devoured this book in less than a week and loved it SURPRISING That s the word that comes to mind when I think about this book It starts out as just a thriller like The Circle, giving you some insider peaks into a big social media company, and then you realize it s going WAY deeper than what you expected from a tech book Like, what happens in a post awful president world where things don t get better What happens if you re a coward and don t stand up for what s right And then what happens if you have a chance to do it again It s also well paced, lots of action and sci fi elements that I think Ready Player One or Dark Matter fans will enjoy And the book can be read simply as a seriously gripping sci fi techno thriller, or it can be read as something deeper Read as what can happen when someone decides to have courage And what happens when you try to break the echo chamber. BOOK.I LOVE THE CONCEPT One thing that made me pick this book is bec it gives the extreme situation of a world swallowed up by social media which is perfect for today, and yes, after some tabloids are consideredacceptable than regulated news sites but then again, I m also not sorry to say just a sidenote that just bec they re official news sites, they re also, again, regulated and well filtered and this became the start of tabloids being acknowledged by netizens.I m one of those who became active in social media in the early 21st century and also I noticed have seen contemporary folks I know are no longer that active in socmeds today, too, and it s true When you finally understand how controlling it could be, you d really be cautious.I m so glad of this book because finally, the possible ultimate effect of socmed business I ve been so afraid to happen is laid in here Not only that it will change your complacency of being so public TMI , you will again be reminded how your personal information is gonna be used whether it s for research, or even for human race improvement according to Diana, but come on, who are they to decide for us While we re given freedom of speech, people fr behind the scenes are encouraging you to speak up because they re gonna sort you out by your online behavior and in this case, I already found some research using Facebook data and posts while people are complaining about their accounts being suddenly blocked whatsoever.This book also makes you understand how the world could crumble when it is stripped off of restrictions whether of its culture, or privacy, and I don t know why I felt the world so nude along with so much liberty of giving off generously your personal information just because whatsoever.SCENES.It takes a lotter brain compared to the other books I ve read cos of much imagery The transition of before, after, now worlds are awesome but I guess this is better shown in movies Therefore, unlike also some introspective novels common to literary fiction , I guess if this is to be adapted for a film, there are so many visuals to work on and play with, too imagery, and I know like many scifi s, there d be lots of steel and glass and moving images conquering Sharesquare, and sure it would be very captivating.The only area I think that can be improved is the addition of action Perhaps quite the opposite of some reviews here Especially in the first early pages But yeah, while it started a bit slow maybe bec I m also reading thrillers , just continue with the pages and you ll find out how important the early chapters are as build up as you figure out the pieces being put together in the latter chapters So yes, later on you ll love the thrill.Also, I don t know why I see a lot of potential for this book for a movie Diana is an exciting character read it and you ll know why lol , Boone being an epitome of Hollywood can be adorned with all Hollywood glamour esp in the Before chapters , and if this could be given a sequel, then it would be great.So many things to say but I don t wanna spill the spoiler beans yet Maybe I ll have the time to edit this review someday, but overall, I m recommending this book.Social Media ultimatum Yes One word esp to those who are too TMI in SocMeds, whether this sounds weird cos it s a novel rather than a philosophy book, but it is somehow ENLIGHTENING.PS Darnell s and Alexi s opinion about trusting people online is quite impressive, though they re only one liners.QUOTES It was clear then that new technology is always a reflection of users worst habits, not their best instincts Nostalgia becomes a drug, and all the broken people of the new world will be addicted Darnell Listen, I was just a soldier I was a good soldier I helped ensure the dead got the military honors they earned and the families they left behind were treated with dignity It was not an easy job, but it gave me purpose It was not my role to question why people were dying That s not a soldier s place But that doesn t mean I didn t have questions then Or now It doesn t mean I don t wonder about things And I m not a soldier any.