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Awww dang Cynthia you really pulled on the heart strings with Doc s Orders I so wasn t expecting it I m so glad he got his HEA and with such a fireball or should I say Firefly DocDoc has to co.e to grips with the fact that it is ok for cyborgs to be imperfect while saving g his mates people #Free Ebook ⚢ Docs Orders (Cyborg Space Exploration #2) ⚣ She Wants Both Sides Of Her Cyborg The Medic AND The Beast A Fully Functional Cyborg Is Balanced His Machine Half And His Organic Half Work Together To Produce The Perfect Warrior Doc Isn T Fully Functional The G Model Operates At The Two Extremes When His Machine Is In Complete Control, He S The Logic Driven Medic, Saving Lifespans Once His Organics Take Charge, He Becomes The Savage Beast And Beings Die Both Sides Of Doc Want To Be The First To Claim His Female Allinen Is One Of The Few Beings In Her Small Settlement Who Wasn T Born With A Fated Mate Determined To Belong Somewhere, She Has Crafted A Plan To Leave The Planet That Plan Doesn T Involve A Huge Stormy Eyed Male Who Alternates Between Cool Seduction And Out Of Control Ravishment Doc Isn T Her Fated Mate Allinen Knows That But His Dual Nature And Forbidden Embraces Tempt Her To Forget Forever And Indulge In Immediate Delights Neither Side Of Doc Views Their Relationship As Being Temporary Her Conflicted Cyborg Is Prepared To Battle Her Family, Her Planet And Death Itself To Keep Her Doc S Orders Is A STANDALONE Cyborg SciFi Romance Set In A Dark, Gritty, Sometimes Violent Universe It Is The Second Of Five Core Stories In The Cyborg Space Exploration Series BookChoosing Chuckles BookDoc S Orders BookDominance And Dissent BookNorth Bound BookTesting Truth Enjoyable book The differences between them Doc and his female , the cultural do s and don ts for the indigenous people made for an interesting story anthropologically speaking I really love these cyborgs and their females. I m always giddy when I wake up to find out Cynthia has had a new release.Doc thinks he s damaged but Allinen thinks he is perfect and falls in love with both sides of him Allinen doesn t fit in with her people She is ready to leave the planet But first they have trials and tribulations to get through Go get this book and find out what happens. Romanceopoly Heartbreak Hospital hero or heroine is a doctor What a thrill Allinen is such a unique being imagine living on such a toxic planet, and how that could change a group of people over time I enjoy getting a taste of her unusual abilities it would be fun seeof them over time Doc He s amazing The two sides of his character are extremes He makes full use of both to get the outcome he wants The best part His mate loves him just like that no need to fix what is damaged Aside from lava pits, things don t blow up, but that doesn t mean it s easy for everyone Be prepared.I love seeing Dissent and Truth in this story Truth takes such pleasure in all his tasks one of the most enthusiastic beings I ve encountered I did see a being of interest to me I wonder if this one will feature in future stories it seems like that will be so Do read it, awesome writing I laughed so much It is a very emotion filled book WonderfulI like Doc, a lot He might think that he s broken, but I think he is much less broken than he thinks he is, otherwise he wouldn t care about his brothers as much as he does I like Allinen, she truly cares for all her people,no matter what Plus I think she is really brave She s definitely clever too. Doc and his brethren are sent down to the planet to take samples and get data from the species that live there Allinen is learning about the new comers but her dialect isn t all that great All Doc knows is that she is his and no one is taking her away from him When I was first reading what she said I was a bit confused till she explained Then I understood that she had no idea what the strangers were saying when she was observing Thank goodness Doc was correcting it Now the story was starting to make sense on her side UGH Allinen is tough, brave, and funny Her people really don t understand what a Cyborg is and thank goodness our guys have a big heart And the difference in anatomy, well it was shocking I thought I read it wrong in the beginning but nope I didn t expect the turn that happened in the book I was shocked Cynthia, yours Cyborg never cease to amaze me I love them. Sad, interesting, and entertaining Doc and his little female whose name I can t spell haha are perfect for each other Both are damaged in some way, both need to learn how to accept or overcome those damages, and move on from them This story was fast paced, funny, sad, and entertaining exactly what I expect from this author Awesome story