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I usually love Lively s books but this one was a slight disappointment. I need to readof her work I almost put the book aside after the first seventy pages But, just in time, came shooting stars of thought provoking commentary on relationships and singleness, on work and women and culture There are riches of vocabulary and English village sociology Plot, well, not so much. A sixty five year old retired social anthropologist buys a cottage in the West Country where she begins to put down some roots for the first time in her peripatetic life Ironically she singularly fails to read the runes and a horrifying act of cruelty arises In this novel Lively oncecontemplates the tricks that time plays on us all and wonders at how herself and her friend Nadine glad girls at Oxford became their older diminshed selves Lively I think deals very well with this material and it does not become sentimental in her exposition. Retired anthropologist goes to live in the Quantock hills in West Somerset An interesting study in part of village life but also of her past experiences inexotic places Her personal life and that of her best friend are also examined which are fascinating examples of the time They seamlessly weave together. Perfect novels, all of them Just perfect This is one of my favorite book covers of all time. Penelope Lively creates worlds and characters that draw the reader into the most intimate circumstances The irony with this novel is that it is about community and belonging in a disjointed world but a world where the main protagonist, like the reader, is on the outside looking in I wish I knew the real ending. Somtimes I wonder why I read Penelope Lively I enjoy her writing, but evil is always a presence I d rather not face evil in fiction since there is plenty of evil to face in daily life The insatiable need to flee, to not stay in any single place for very long, is not an uncommon theme to me as it has been my own life Moving every five years and never growing too attached to people lest I leave, without a doubt the premise of this novel struck deep However, the intrigue of this novel came when Stella, a retired anthropologist, settles in Somerset, England after years of moving around A quaint cottage in a small town idea for some and yet a stretch for Stella as she leaves her nomadic life behind The core of this novel is the dynamics of a small village and the short look into the lives of a few people who interact with Stella What I found the most interesting is that nothing was held back The horrible neighbor was a horror without any apology The unrequited love was not reciprocated And the nature of people was honest through and through Throughout is flashbacks to Stella s college days with her friend Nadine, who was on quite a different path as it was the 1950 s and marriage was on the mind of many All except Stella, of course, who remained unmarried and found herself drifting apart from Nadine who settled into home life early It was fascinating to read the objective perspective of Stella as she observed her neighbors and reflected on her past with Nadine She observed her life as she observed those she studied anthropologically, and rightfully so as that is simply the way her mind worked Which is also why it was not surprising the way she acted the way she did She bought a dog, since she observed that this was a common thing to do when settling into a cottage in Somerset She attempted to follow the social norms of the society structure there and she couldn t I commend her for sticking true to herself and not attempting to change for the sake of making others happy Stella was a hard character to relate to if one needs an emotional tether And yet, in her lack of emotion, there was a great deal that came from her In each instance where she had to leave, she showed a great deal of pain And yet, knowing that if she stayed, there would have been an even greater pain I commend Stella for remaining herself, even in a time in which she was told she should be another person. (FREE PDF) ó Spiderweb ä At Age Sixty Five, Retired Anthropologist Stella Brentwood Buys A Cottage In Somerset, England, And Slowly Acquires Neighbors, A Dog, And A Professional Curiosity About The Country Village Where She Intends To Settle And Put Down Roots For The First Time She Has Spent Her Life Studying Communities Of People Their Families, Social Structures, How They Welcome Outsiders Into Their Midst Remaining An Observer, Privileged To Share In Their Intimate Life But Not Obliged, And Finally Unwilling To Tie Herself Closely To Any Lover, Friend, Or Social Group In Somerset, Stella Once Again Finds An Opportunity To Become Part Of The Web Of Relationships That Make For Human Society, As Well As A Chance At True Friendship And Love How Will Independent Minded Stella, Lays Reluctant To Make An Emotional Commitment, Respond Written In Exquisitely Nuanced Prose, Spiderweb Is A Captivating And Deeply Moving Novel, A Brilliant Vision Of Our Modern Experience I love Penelope Lively s stories I realized, as I began to write this review, that she doesn t typically write about families Many Most of her books are about women who not involved in marriage or family life This one is about a woman who knows the work she wants to pursue, is brilliant, and independent At age 65 when she is retired not really she decides to settle down in a small town in England What happens is fascinatingboth the protagonist s back story and her present life The life in her small neighborhood felt less convincing,forced that I had expected Still I love Lively s exploration of women s lives in all their variations.My response to another reviewer of this book Katrina, I felt the way you did, that this book didn t match Lively s earlier books But I began to wonder is this the woman she was, or the woman she imagined she could be, or the woman she wanted to imagine she could be Or is she writing a woman who could create her own life and understand the sacrifices it would mean, and embrace them I, like many women, and perhaps men, as well, think that a fulfilled life includes a long term partner For me, it also included children Perhaps, this book asks us, is that necessary I think I used to knowabout Penelope Lively s background So I don t want to assume this is her life I think she may be imagining what this life would be likethe damaged neighbors bothered me at timesbut these neighbors happen to many of us Oh, I could tell you the story of my recent neighbors And the neighbors before them I actually loved the book this time, unlike the first time I read it Odd, how aging helps me understand how many iterations there are to our unraveling.