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Sixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds is a fantastic Biography about Olympic diver Sammy Lee This text is at an independent reading level for 5th grade students however would make a quality read aloud selection for both 4th and 5th graders as well The text described the inspirational life of Sammy and the many different hardships he worked to overcome in his life Reading this text would introduce students to the topics of immigration, segregation, and the Olympics A literary lesson with the use of this text could accompany a study of any of these topics as well as the themes of perseverance, family, and privilege As this is a biography text it can also be used to help study Sammy himself or other historical figures and a comparison of character traits of people we perceive as significant This was a WOW text for me because I found myself in owe of all that Sammy went through in his life Not only did be become an Olympian, which is no simple accomplishment, he overcame the struggles of segregation and family obligations to reach his diving dream and become a doctor Sammy is a inspiration as an athlete, student, and person. Reviewing a classic title This debut picture book biography by Paula Yoo was awarded the 2005 New Voices Award by Lee and Low Books.Sammy Lee experienced racism as a young Korean American boy growing up in California After deciding he wanted to dive as a member the U.S Olympic team, he did what he needed to do while training to excel in the sport, putting it on hold because of the cancellation of the Olympics because of World War II In the meantime, he managed to become a doctor in honor of his father s wishes.Yoo s telling of Lee s life is simple and direct, with a feeling of tenderness and empathy sprinkled in for good measure Yoo does a great job of inserting how Sammy felt when he was treated poorly and how he proudly rose up over the racism She includes an author s note in the back, addingdetail that sets Lee s achievement in its place in history.Dom Lee s acrylic colored paper melted beeswax color pencil technique sounds like a complex process, but results in artwork that looks like a cross between Floyd Cooper and Raul Colon It is very dreamy like a memory and filled with browns, golds and greens.This would be a terrific suggestion for young people looking for a short sports book, a book about self determination, or a book about how hard work helps one achieve their dreams.Highly recommended for grades 3 6. Sixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds The Sammy Lee Story is a children s picture book written by Paula Yoo and illustrated by Dom Lee It chronicles the life of Sammy Lee, a boy who fell in love with diving and became one of the first Korean American to win a gold medal for the United States.May, at least in my part of the world is Asian Heritage Month, which I plan to read one children s book, particularly a biography, which pertains to the subject everyday this month Therefore, I thought that this book would be apropos for today.Samuel Lee was an American physician and diver He was the first Asian American man to win an Olympic gold medal for the United States the second Asian American to win a gold medal overall and the first man to win back to back gold medals in Olympic platform diving.Yoo s text is rather simplistic, straightforward, and informative The narrative dives, pun intended, into Lee s love for diving and the inspirational story of how he overcome discrimination to realize both his father s desire for him to become a doctor and his own dream of becoming an Olympian Champion diver Additional text and references are located at the back of the book Lee s illustrations are drawn and complemented the text rather well.The premise of the book is rather straightforward Growing up in southern California, all Sammy Lee ever wanted to do was go diving As a kid, he was thrilled when the 1932 Summer Olympics were held in Los Angeles, as he aspired to achieve athletic glory However, the odds were against him, as the son of Korean immigrants, he couldn t swim whenever he wanted The local swimming pool was segregated, meaning Lee and his friends could only go on Wednesdays when the pool was open to people of color for International Day and his father wanted his son to become a doctor In the end Lee persevered and became both.All in all, Sixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds The Sammy Lee Story is a wonderful book depicting the long, winding road of Sammy Lee becoming a two time Olympic gold medalist, his military service, and his medical and coaching career afterward. Sixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds tells the story of Olympic gold medal winning diver, Sammy Lee Lee is originally from Korea he and his parents left the country and moved to the United States in search of a better life While at the public pool in the summer, Lee discovers his passion for swimming Lee has to overcome adversity and racial discrimination in order to achieve his goal of making it the Olympic games While this story does a great job of telling about Lee s story, I wish it would have focusedon the discrimination he faces throughout his journey The author, Paula Yoo, skims the surface of the discrimination Lee faces It it clear that racial discrimination played a huge role in Lee s journey, so why rush over it This book would be a great addition to a unit about Civil Rights because it shows that racial discrimination not only affected African Americans, it affected other minority groups, too This a key thing for students to realize. Talks about racism in public spaces and in sports, immigrants and first generation kids and the American dream, and compromise and pursuing multiple careers dreams.The text is pretty focused on diving as Sammy Lee s dream, but there aren t a lot of diving details not a lot of build up to the forward three and a half somersault and only talking about that one dive, for example The details that are there are really cool, though there s a page about practicing by diving in a sand pit and taking gymnastics classes. Sixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds The Sammy Lee Story will fill readers with a range of thoughts and emotions as the book ties together several heartfelt issues including blatant racial discrimination, honoring and understanding your parents, and fiercely chasing your dreams Sammy proves to readers that even farfetched goals can be attained through hard work and determination, but achievement does not come effortlessly as he battles very real internal and external conflicts throughout his life The book s repeated message of, In American you can achieve anything if you set your heart to it is exemplified through Sammy s story and inspires readers who are also dreamers.One of the central messages in this story is the importance of understanding those with different backgrounds and perspectives Upper elementary students who read this story will witness how Sammy and his father tried to understand one another Sammy s desire to dive competitively and his father s insistence on working hard to make a better life as a doctor This relationship can remind students that each person has a distinct outlook, but we can still love, accept, and understand others if we take the time and effort to do so, just as Sammy did to understand his father s perspective Further, students can be reminded of how fortunate they are to be in America where they too can fight for their dreams One activity upper elementary students can partake in is reflecting on their own life and writing a response to this book about what they would like to achieve, how they can do so, and how they would explain their dream to someone with a different perspective Because of the multiple meaningful themes wrapped into one story, I finished this book thinking, WOW to myself On the final page of the book, the themes I am referring to are summed up nicely, I did it, he thought, beaming with pride He had won the gold medal, not only for himself, but for his father, Coach Ryan, and Hart Crum He had also won the gold of this country Someday, he hoped, all swimming pools would be open everyday of the week for all Americans Not only did Sammy accomplish his dream of becoming an Olympian, but he also felt content with making his father proud and reflected on racial equity for all in his country. I found that I really enjoyed reading about Dr Sammy Lee s persistence He never gave up on his dream It s a powerful story I had never heard about him I ve been working on reading all of Paula Yoo s books I read one that I really liked so decided to read her others I am so glad that I made this decision.