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Even with its translation into English, the reading of this book takes a little getting used to It is almost recommended that one read it aloud as there is a certain rhythm and poetry to how it sounds spoken than read Some themes are familiar and take from other sources i.e mythology, the Bible The norms in the content also take some adjustment i.e women s subservience, imperious and violent leadership Upon suspending one s contemporary sensibilities and linguistic style however which some may say is the point of reading 13th century French literature there is a grand beauty to the themes and stories and the sacrifice that one is willing to make for love, be it through battle or a test of faith. [Download E-pub] ☤ Aucassin & Nicolette ♕ Aucassin Et Nicholette Is A Medieval French Chantefable Sung Story Probably From The Th Century Aucassin, A Christian Count S Son, And Nicolette, A Saracen Slave Girl, Desperately Want To Marry, But The Count Forbids It And Imprisons The Lovers, Who Eventually Escape After Many Romantic And Occasionally Farcical Adventures, Nicolette Is Revealed To Be A Saracen Princess And The Lovers Wed Finished Aucassin Nicolette and Other Medieval Romances and Legends translated by Eugene Mason As the title states this is a collection of medieval stories romances, religious tales and other legends, all French in origin It s a wonderful read The first, Aucassin Nicolette, is a classic tale where two young people fall in love In this one, father of the young man, believes that the young woman is not appropriate choice for his only son because she is of a lower class than his son The rwo strive to convince the father that their love is just and right but to no avail Can their love be fulfilled so that they may live out their lives together There are other romances such as Story of King Flolrus and of the Fair Jehane, Lay of Graevlent, and The Palfrey, each of which has its own plot and ending Stories of a religious nature include The Lady s Tumbler, A Jew Who Took as Surety the Image of Our Lady, The Knight Who Prayed While Our Lady Tourneyed in His Stead and the The Story of Asenath Others are about what is just and fair, friendship, and the quirks of life. Illuminated insight into the pastoral life of the Middle Ages Absolutely worth reading It takes you right back into the world of the time. This book I found in an Antique Shop in Maleny It doesn t actually have the published date, but has a signature and an inscription 1918 It is embossed on the front with leafy scroll and the name of the publisher JM Dent Sons Bound in London.Inside the cover, there is a beautiful illustration of leafy scrolls and a fair ladye with a bunch of flowers It says Everyman I will go with thee, be thy gvide in thy most need to go by thy side. A series of short fables, generally from thirteenth century France The title story begins with the elderly Count Garin of Beaucaire reproaching his only son, Aucassin, for falling in love with a foreign captive maid who was reared by a nearby nobleman After Count Garin has a pointed word with the girl s handler, he swears to send her to a faraway country so she won t be the source of any trouble, but he merely hides her in a tower Regardless of the details of her disappearance, Aucassin is so despondent that he initially refuses to fight when a rival count sieges his father s palace He only relents when his father promises him that he can have one kiss with Nicolette if he returns alive from battle Spurred on by this hope, the son kills ten knights, injures seven, and captures the rival count alive, but his father refuses to keep his word So the son declares himself the enemy of his father, and he lets the rival count live on the grounds that he will promise to continue tormenting his father On it goes, with a series of threats of hyperbolic violence, until Aucassin and Nicolette can finally be together.The weirdest interlude involves Aucassin stopping by the castle of Torelore, where the queen hosts company and the king lies in child bed Aucassin s immediate reaction is to beat the king within an inch of his life until the king promises to conform to gender norms and never lie in child bed again Other stories have a strong Christian theme, with titles like Of a Jew who took as surety the image of Our Lady and The story of Asenath. There is something about Mediaeval Romances that modern day romances lack Take for instance, Aucassin and Nicolette On the face of it, the story might look too simple, two lovers and his father doesn t like the girl Yet, there is something fartouching about Aucassin s repeating my sweet friend when describing Nicolette Somehow it makes his love seem farreal I was even willing to forgive him his rather sexists views about women and love I actually wanted to introduce him to Anne from Persuasion and let her talk to him.Most of the other tales are similar to others For instance, there is a form of Marie de France s Lanvel There is a fore runner of Shakespeare s Cymbeline Of an interest, however, are the tale of King Florus and Jehne, which features one of those crossing dressing heroines that Shakespeare so likes Also of interst is the Tal of Asrenth , which is about Joseph s Egyptian wife.